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Love Knows No Age - Continued

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This is just "Love Knows No Age" continued. I'm tired of fighting FicWad. The chapters never go in the right spot! So here continues the story.

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You Got Me - Dec 17th

Jamia looked at the clock once again and tried not to panic. Alicia had been gone for over three hours. She had told Jamia that she was going to speak with the doctor about her test results and that she’d be right back. How long could getting results possibly take? She had tried her cell phone many times but Alicia wasn’t answering. Jamia didn’t know what to do? Who should she call?
She flipped off the television. The noise was beginning to bother her. It wasn’t like she was actually watching the shows anyway. Okay, Jamia calm down, she told herself. Maybe she stopped at her apartment to check on the cats. That could explain why she was so late. “Then why isn’t she answering her phone?” Jamia said out loud. The sound of her voice echoed in the apartment.

“Mom, I’m gonna take Frank out for a walk.” Kelly said walking into the kitchen. She had changed into her sweats and had thrown her hair back into a ponytail.
“I thought you were gonna take a nap?” Monica said looking up from the table she was beginning to set for dinner.
“Tried but couldn’t.” Kelly reached down and attached the leash to Franks collar. He wagged his tail happily. He was ready to take off.
“Dinner will be ready in about 30 minutes.” Monica reminded her.
“Okay” Kelly said as she and Frank went out the deck door.
Monica watched them cross the yard to the gate. She hoped with all her heart that Kelly was really handling all of this as well as it appeared.
“Where’s the brat?” Kara asked causing Monica to jump.
“I didn’t hear you come in.” Monica laughed. “If by brat you mean your sister she just took Frank for a walk.”
“She wasn’t wearing my new hoodie was she?” Kara asked narrowing her eyes.
Monica laughed, “No.”
Kara nodded, “Good. When’s dinner?”
“In about 30 minutes.” Kara started to leave but Monica stopped her. “What do you think about what’s happened with Mike?”
Kara grabbed an apple out of the bowl on the table. “I think it sucks that Dylan’s dead. I didn’t like him but I feel bad. As for Mike I hope he gets what he deserves.”
“That’s harsh.” Monica said softly.
“But it’s the truth. He’s not a nice person. Now his friend is dead cause of his actions.” Kara took a bite of the apple and walked out of the room.

Gerard found a minute to talk to Bob in between the individual photo shoots. “You talk to Kara?”
“Not today. I’m gonna call her after this. Why?”
Gerard sighed, “Mike was in a car wreck Saturday night. Fucker was drunk and hit a telephone pole. He had his friend with him, the kid’s dead.”
“Fuck” Bob said under his breath. “Guess Kelly won’t need that restraining order.”
Gerard realized he hadn’t even thought about it. “Yeah, I guess they’ll arrest Mike for manslaughter.” He shook his head sadly.
“What’s up?” Ray asked walking over to Bob and Gerard.
Mikey saw an opportunity to talk to Christa who was sitting watching the photo shoot.
“Did you talk to Alicia?” He asked taking a seat next to her.
Christa nodded, “I called her yesterday but only talked to her for a few minutes She and Kara where shopping.”
“Yeah, I knew they went shopping. So how did she sound?”
Christa shrugged, ‘She sounded fine. I mean I told her I’d call her back but when I tried she didn’t answer.”
Mike was surprised, “She didn’t answer?”
“No” Christa said. “Mikey you’re gonna be home in less than a week. Stop worrying, okay?”
He gave her a small smile. “I’ll try. Thanks” He walked back over to where Bob, Gerard and Ray were talking.
“What was that all about?” Frank surprised Christa. She hadn’t seen him walk up.
“Nothing.” Christa shrugged. She knew Mikey didn’t want her telling anyone he was worried about Alicia.
“He’s worried about Alicia, isn’t he?”
Christa just stared. Man, these guys were something.
Frank gave a small laugh. “Bet you feel like you need a score card to keep up with who knows what?”
“Sort of” Christa admitted.
Frank smiled, ‘We all know he’s worried about her.” He took the seat Mikey has vacated. “She is having some health problems but won’t tell him.”
Christa was surprised, “Oh”
“Jamia told me.” He explained.
“Wait, let me get this straight. You guys know but he doesn’t?”
“Jamia told me cause she’s worried about Alicia. Ray was with me when I was talking to her.”
“So Ray knows too?”
Frank glanced over at the guys. “Yeah.”
“So everyone knows but me and Mikey?” Her head was beginning to pound.
“Don’t know about Bob and Gerard. I’m guessing Gee doesn’t know cause the girls would figure if he did Mikey would get the info out of him.”
“Wow, it’s like a spy network.”
Frank laughed, “Yeah.” He was about to say more but was called over by the photographer. Christa watched the guys as they were put into position for the next series of shots. She wondered why Ray hadn’t told her about Alicia.

“Come on Frankie, let’s head home.” Kelly said pulling on Frank’s leash. Frank wagged his tail as if he understood. They had walked down four blocks and now stood waiting to cross to the other side of the road for the walk back.
Kelly watched as a car coming down the road suddenly slowed as it approached her. Her heartbeat accelerated as she recognized several guys from school. Guys who were Mike’s friends.
“Yo Kelly. Wanna ride?” One of them said as the car pulled to a stop.
Kelly’s grip on Frank’s leash tightened. She turned quickly and decided to walk back towards home on the side of the road she was already on. She could hear the car drive on. She began to walk faster as she glanced back and saw the car do a U-Turn.
“Kelleeeeee” A male voice taunted as the car drove slowly along side of her.” What’s wrong, Baby? We just wanna give you a ride. You and your little doggie.”
“Hey, look it’s Toto.” Another voice said causing an outburst of laughter.
“Little Kelly from Kansas, come on. You and your little dog too.”
Kelly kept her head down and continued walking. Another car honked and the boys in the car sped past. Kelly heaved a sigh of relief.
“Want a ride?” A voice asked from the car that had honked causing the boys to drive on,
Kelly knew the voice. She turned to see Luke waiting for her answer.
“Uh, I just live a few blocks away.” She answered.
“I know where you live. I just thought you might want a ride home cause the ass holes are turning around again.”
Kelly glanced up the street. Sure enough their car was turning around. Kelly paused only a moment then walked up to Luke’s car. “You don’t mind if Frank gets in?”
Luke smiled slightly, “He aint’ gonna hurt this piece of shit. Come on.” He reached across the seat and pushed open the passenger door open. Kelly picked up Frank and slid in.
Luke put the car in drive and took off. The carload of boys passed yelling out insults that could be heard without the windows being open. “Stupid fuckers” Luke muttered.
Kelly sat nervously looking foreword. Finally she spoke. “Uh, you have a license?”
“No. This is my brother’s car.” He said. “You gotta get home right now?”
Kelly looked over at him. His dark hair was in his face and she wished he would push it back so she could see his eyes clearly. “No” she answered softly.
He nodded then proceeded to drive past her house. “Where are we going?”
Luke reached across to open the glove compartment. His sudden movement towards Kelly caused Frank to growl. “Easy boy.” He said in a soft tone. He pulled out a pack of cigarettes then pushed the glove compartment door closed. Kelly watched as he lit one. His fingers were long, an artists hand’s she thought.
“I want to show you something.” He said finally answering her question.
They drove in silence for several minutes. Finally Kelly spoke, “Thanks for giving me a ride.”
He simple nodded. Frank crawled off Kelly’s lap and inched across the seat towards Luke. Taking his hand off the steering wheel Luke reached down and scratched him on the head. Frank happily nuzzled into Luke’s side.
“Cute dog” Luke said before taking a drag.
“Have you smoked long?” Kelly asked. When he didn’t answer right away she added, “Not that it’s any of my business.”
“Couple of years. It’s a shitty habit I wouldn’t suggest you take it up.”
Kelly began to feel more comfortable, “How do you know I don’t smoke?”
“I just know.” He answered as he threw the cigarette butt out the window.
“Aren’t you afraid you’ll get caught driving without a license?”
Luke laughed, “No, I’m a good driver. Been driving for a couple of years.”
“Me too” Kelly said happily. “Back home I drove all the time.”
“Back on the farm in Kansas?”
Kelly frowned, “You think I’m a hick cause I’m from Kansas?”
Luke glanced over at her. “You think I’m in the mafia cause I’m from Jersey?”
Kelly laughed, “No.”
“Well then, no to you to.”
He pulled the car onto a small side road. The drove a few more minutes then he turned again and shut off the engine. Kelly looked around confused. “Why are we here?” They were on a little used assess road with woods on each side. She realized they hadn’t passed another car for a while.
Luke turned in the seat to face her. “I want to show you something.”
Kelly looked around. She tried not to sound nervous, “What?”
Slowly Luke reached under his seat. He pulled out a flashlight. “Come on” he said opening his door and getting out.
Kelly watched him come around to her side of the car. He pulled open her door, “What about Frank?”
“Bring him along.” Luke said with a shrug.
Kelly got out slowly. “Uh, how far is it?”
Luke looked at her, “You scared?”
“No” she denied. “I’ve got Frank to protect me.”
“And you got me.” He said it so softly Kelly wondered if she’d heard him correctly.
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