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haha i updated biotches XDD

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haha so i updated before the 21st XD yea i decided you needed it XD (yea right like ne of us NEED these stories od mine lol) here ya go neways

We basically raced to the emergency room. I told her it wasn’t neccasary, that we could just go to the doctor but she was the driver. I kept my arm close to my chest and wrapped in my hoodie to keep it from moving. When we reached the doors, there wasn’t many people there. Most must have been on break. The doors opend automatically to allow our entrance and we were greeted by a smiling nurse. It almost made me sick to look at her perected fake smile. It was the smile she gave everyone, just an act. She told us to wait in the small chairs that were set near the television and kiddy playarea. Within minutes a doctor of about 30 walked up to us and asked to see my arm. His shaggy blonde hair swayed when he looked down at my arm. He pressed on various parts of my injured arm, surveying the damage. It took forever for him to stop pressing on my arm, sending spasems of pain shooting through my body. We were told to follow him to the examination room were to took out a small kit from the cupboard.

“looks like you’ve broken your arm there but we need xrays to be sure” he said, pulling on gloves.

“kay” I followed him in the next room and had to change into one of those ugly stupid gowns. The table was like ice when I layed my body down in it but it felt so goo against my throbbing arm. After 20 minutres we fianly whent back into the room, me fully dressed.

“well looks like yous fractured it. You have to wear a cast for a while till it heals. So, what color do you want?”

“white. Im going to decorate it black and stuff later anyways” I laughed. It took about an hour from the time we arrived till we left. “thanks andy, I owe ya one”

‘no ya don’t. were cool”

“well then ill buy your lunch tomarow”

“fine by me” she chuckeld. We got back to school to grab andy’s and my books from our lockers. I reached my locker to find a crowd of guys blocking my way. They turned around, haing heard my feet dragging on the floor as I walked, and I heard a collective gasp at the sight of my arm. Gerard was the first to speak.

“Des! What happened!?”

“its nothing. I just need to get some books and go home.”

“your nto driving. Not with a cast on your arm. You cant” mikey pointed out. I stuck my toubgu out at him and got the same from him. We looked like we were 5 again, fighintg on the playground. Only, it wasn’t mikey that this happened with. ‘man ive known them for such a small amount of time but it feels like we grew up together’

“ill drive” Gerard voulenteerd. I was about to argue but he pressed his lips to mine, silencing any argument I could come up with. He wrapped a warm arm around my waist and pulled me towards the car.

“wait I have to get my books” I say, turning around to my locker and twisting the lock open. I swung my black coffin shaped backpack off my back and started pulling out books, only to refill it again with my writing notebooks and my DEATHNOTE book. When I finished, I moved to close it but a hand stopped me. the hand belonged to the black haird boy next to me.

“Gerard, come on im done in my locker” I tried to pull it shut some more but he kept it open.

“I wanna see your notebooks. Please des? Ill show you my art book if I can look at your notebooks” he asked softly. ‘his art must be like my writing, personal and his way of letting it out. just like I do with my writing.

“fine. Pick one book without looking inside, then well go and we can trade books”

“yay!!” he picked me up and twirled me around. He kissed me sweetly before setting me down to pick out a book.

“why are you so intent on reading my books?”

‘because I want to know everything about you. I want to feel what you feel.” He said, looking up at me smiling. ‘he is so much different that alex, my one boyfriend. Well exboyfreind. We were together all throught middle school and out freshman year at high school. He ran off with a plastic during the summer and I hadn’t gotten over it till recently. It still hurt to think of his name though.’

“you don’t really want to know whats going on in a mind this warped.” I chuckeld.

“yes, des, I do. I want to know what its like to be you and I belive its expressed through your art.” He said, standing from the crouched positon he was in while choosing a book. He took out a black one with a taterd cover, like a sword had been taken to it. That was my book right after alex left. The most inside book he could take. “is this one ok?” he asked holding it up.

“yea. But ill warn you I was pretty messed up while I was writing that. It may take you by surprise how… how bad a person can think” he wrapped his arms around me in a tight hug.

“des, I don’t care if you plotted to kill the president. I will always love you”

“well its not that bad. its just that book was written right after a break up” I couldn’t hold the tears any longer. The memories were enough to rip open fresh wound through my heart and to reopen the old ones. The ones I thought that I had sown up. he hugged tighter and kissed the toip of my head, letting me cry into his chest.

“shh its all ok now Desdemona. You have me, I wouldn’t leave you, even if my life was at stake”

“you cant say that. You’ve known me for like a month or something” I tried to pull away but he held tighter.

“des, ive never said anything more true” the words hit me,hard. He wasn’t going to leave. It was ok to let him in. he wouldn’t levae like alex did. He hates the preppies as much as I do. I sighed and dropped everything I was holding. He looked at me confused. I jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist, holding myself there. He was surprised at my sudden outburst that he just stood there till his mind unfroze, which took him forever. he wrapped his hand protectively around my back, rubbing up and down as he leand in again and kissed me. tounges roaming each others mouth, we forgot we were still at school and were yelled at by a passing teacher.

“hey! Save it for later when your at home!” I jumped at this and immediately slipped from gerards arms and landed on my feet, grabbing my coffin bag. I took his hand with my non-injured one and led the way to the parking lot.

oooooooo damn teachers XD
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