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haha so yea u guys read the last one pretty fast lol


Gym class the next day wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I got called a whore a lot during the day but that was ussula when you kissed 2 diffent people in one day. The words cut worse than I could have imagined. I knew I was a freak like they said so it didn’t bother me when it was said but when they would walk past me and say whore or slut ot tramp or skank it cut deeper than they could have known. It didn’t help that I kept my razor blade for more than just our daily ritual. My stomach sported multiple scars from the nights following the incident. it was now the day before valentines day and Andy was getting anxious. She didn’t know if I was till up to our tradition.

“so uhh tommarows valentines day….”

“yep. You got your costume ready?” her face brightend at this.

“of course!”

“good. Caus ei have a surprise for everyone tommarow
_________next day_______________

“OH MY GOD! DES! What did you DO?!?!” Andy was running her hands throught my now super short hair. I told them I had a surprise. I got it cut just like sasuke and since it was valentines day, I was in full sauske cosplay.

“its called a hair cut hun”

“well DUH! But still!”

“you don’t like it?” I was afraid of this.

“NO! if anything it makes you hotter but still it’s a big change” I smiled at this and wrapped her into a hug.

“I just needed change. Pluse if I was gunna cosplay I figured I’d do it right this year”

“gerards gunna flip you know”

“and… he can get used to it. Now come on we have an awiting public.” I grabbed her arm and led her into history class. They all knew what today was and looked at us with disgust. ‘you would think they would be used to it by now’

Classes went on as usual. Andy was right, Gerard did flip but said if I wanted it he woulf love it cause I did. It wasn’t until after school that God decided he had given me enough of a good day, he had to turn the tables.

A big muscle head bumped into me in the hall and push me away like I was a leper.

“watch were your going FAG”

“what did you calle me?” I growled back at the 6 foot tall football all-star.

“didn’t hear me? oh well I called you a FAG” he spat as he talked and some landed on my face. That was it. I couldn’t take it anymore. I charged at him and jumped as high as I could, landing a kick straight to his chest. He staggerd back and almost fell but quickly regaind his composure and grabbed my wrist. Slowly, he began lifting me by that one wrist, streaching my bones to the point of dislocating something.

“ha! Not so tought now are ya, FAG!’ he threw me across the hall and into some lockers. “think you run this place don’t you!? Well I got news, I own it. Not you and your gang os freaks.” I cradled my limp arm with my left to keep it from moving. If it moved that ment pain and anymore pain would mean passing out from it. “got it freak?!”

“sure whatever just back off”

“Ill do what I want freak. What are you going to do about it”

“nothing. But I don’t think my friends would be happy to see me like this, exspecially Andy and Gerard.”

“what are they going to do? Cast a spell on me?” he roard laughter at his stupid attempt at a joke.

“no. but think about this. Why would Gerard, who lived in new jersey, come to a small town? He grew up with violence. You think he didn’t learn how to beat the hell out of guys like you living like that?” the football player backed up a little thinking of being stabbed by Gerard. “just leave” with that he walked off towards his class like nothing had happened. I sat there debating wether to go to the nurse or the hospital. I knew I would have to ask Andy to drive me there, Gerard couldn’t go near needles without freaking out. slowly, I raised myself so I couls walk and started towards class, holdin my arm. I reached andy’s after school science class and looked through the window. She saw me and question passed across her face. I motioned with my head for her to come out here. without hesitation she got up and asked for a bathroom pass. When she got out of the room she made sure to close the door all the way so she could talk without being heard.

“whats up?”

“I got attacked by sonme football player I need you to drive me to the hospital” anger crossed her face and it looked like she was about to lose it.

“calm down Andy. Go back to class and when its over we can talk.”

“fine but don’t expect me to let this go”

“Andy please” she tried to pull me into a hug but I stopped her and explaind that I couldn’t let go of my arm.

“ok but class has 20 more minuets till its over. What are you going to do?”

“ill hide in the bathroom then meet you in your car ok?”

“yea” she pulled me forward, cautious of my arm, and kissed me like she did that day in the bathroom. “im so sorry I wasn’t there ot protect you.”

“its not your fault. Its my own. I should have let it go when he called me a fag”

“he what?!”

“he said fag and I blew up on him. I should have shrugged it off but I couldn’t take it anymore. I charged at him.”

“Desdemona listen to me. no one should be called that. You shouldn’t let him call you that. You were right to protect your name.” her eyes filled to the brim with worry and sorrow.

“thank you andrea. Thank you” I whispered to her.

“now, im marching in there and telling him im leaving ill be right back” she slipped out of my sight into th room and told the teacher some excuse about a family emergency and it wasn’t a lie. Andy is my family.

so yea pace urself cause i wont post till like the 21st. so yea
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