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my best freind is an amazing kisser /Blood 'reletives' 6

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welding class criteria: running after the men u love, telling your best freind you dont love her, and takeling people. sound fun?

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WEEEEEEEE!!!! more drama!!! yay! lol

“what do you think you were doing?!” he asked furiously, slamming his door as he walked in. we told him what happened and said we were just trying to freak the preppy girls out when they returned. We got detention for 2 days but its better than suspention I guess. We went back to art class to a very disgusted class.

“ok everybody. You can stop glaring at us unless you wanna start something!” I shouted to get them to stop. Andy was too sensitive and had never face too much of the whole name calling and stuff before because I always saved her from it but she was a pro when it came to physical fights. Gerard must have heard about the incident cause he wouldn’t look over at usthe rest of class. When the bell rung, I grabbed andy’s arm and led her to our next class, welding. We didn’t have to do really anything in that class so we could just sit in the back of the shop and talk. I led her over to a table in the back.

“are you ok?”

“yea I guess. Are you?’

“yea. Im just worried about you. I know ican deal with them. I don’t want you to be depressed or anything”

“Ha that wont happen as long as I got my best friend”

“and who would that be?” I asked in mock surprise.

“well shes about 5 foot 6 inches, long black hair, has multiple peircings, umm lets see. She likes music, writing, and reading. Her favorite color is midnight blue, she wants to write books when she gets out of this hell hole, OH and shes an amazing kisser”

“hmm I’d like to meet this friend. Sounds like the awesomeness” I laughed. Andy sighed.

“she is. That’s why ive been in love with her for so long”

“how…how long” I wisperd.

“since our first con” the teacher was gone and the class was back in the classroom. They didn’t notice our absence. Plus we were so far ahead of the class we didn’t even need to come for the next 3 weeks.

“why then?”

“it was our first kiss. The fangirls saw us together and thought we were TOGETHER so they basically forced us to kiss. It was funny too. It didn’t seem to bother her which was weird to me. but I knew I wouldn’t be able to look at her tha same.”

“Andy. Im sorry” I wisperd as I reached up to brush her fringe from her face. Gerard walked into the lab but turned and walked out when he saw us.

“chase him?” I asked.

“lets go!” she said excitedly and ran after him down the hall. He was half way to the door leading out of the building so we broke into a silent run, catching up with him in seconds. I tackled him and pinned him down for questioning.

“why are you avoiding us?”

“I uhh well ya see I uhh”

“you heard we were making out in the bathroom didn’t you?” Andy asked bitterlty.

“well yea but that’s only partly why I cant be here”

“then tell us why!” he seemd to debate on wether to or not for a few minuets before answering.

“because I liked you Des. But your with Andy so ill leave you 2 alone” he pulled me of of him and sat me down on the floor, as easily as if I were a small child.

“hey! Get back here!” he kept walking though. “guys are so weird!” Andy agreed.

“why do you think I don’t like them most of the time?” she laughed.

“because your in love with me” I said teasing her


I let out a sigh. “looks like were back to just us 3 then”

“looks that way. Oh well who needs them. We have just as much fun with out them”

I laughed. “yea but I did like Gerard. if he hadn’t just walked off like that we coulda talked.” Andy wraped me in a hug.

“well if you want him ill butt out. I don’t want to make you decide who you want. Ill be your Best friend and only that”

“thanks Andy. But don’t think your getting away with that kiss from before”

“ugh cant we just drop it? Im trying to let you go after Gerard, so go! Go find your man.”

“ I just want you to know that I love you to but as my Best friend. I couldn’t date you just because of that. It would ruin us if it didn’t work out.”

“wait. I thought you were strictly straight?”

“nope. Ive been gay, straight, bi, and other all my life. It doesn’t matter to me what the label is. Love is love.”

“well go then! Run after your dark knight! Before he does something stupid!”

“thanks Andy” I pressed my lips to hers slightly then ran after Gerard who had to walk because he rode the bus here.

“Gerard!?” no answer. I tried again, running throught the small town of boone. I finaly found him in the allyway behind the broken apartments section of town.


“what?!” he spat venom in his answer. I sat next to him and sighed.

“do you still like me?”

“of course but I wont sit there and watch you kiss Andy”

“well what if I kissed you instead?” I leand over and pulled his face out from his long hair that was shielding his pale face.i found his lips with mine and sat there for what felt like hours just kissing him in that alley. He pulled his face back first and smiled.

“I guess then I could look” we both laughed and kissed again.

haha thats what u been waiting fer and now gets it XDD next chapter is posted after 10 vewis of this one or a reveiw ^_^

X-victoria venom-X
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