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art class in the princeples office

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ok so this chapter gets....weirder.

“what do I have to do now?” he asked grudgingly.

“hmmm I don’t know yet. Lemme think and ill tell you at the end of the day”

“cant I just wear lipstick or sumthing?”

“You’re already wearing some dear. And, it’s on your teeth” I pointed out to him while grabbing Andy’s arm and walking to pottery class.

At pottery class, Andy took a seat next to me and began spinning her wheel aimlessly.



“Can I talk to you?”

“Of course Hun what’s wrong?” I asked alarmed.

“It's nothing of alarm, just I wanted to tell you…” she was cut off by Gerard taking a seat next to me.

“Tell me what?”

“Never mind. I’ll tell you tonight at the fire”

“fire?!” Gerard asked alarmed.

“Yea we have a fire every Friday”

“Ooo can I come?” he asked eagerly.

“You still wanna be around us?!”

“Yea but if you don’t want me there I won’t come”

“I thought you would gone done run back to New Jersey”, I laughed.

“Ha. Nope. I guess I just can’t stay away from the weirdoes”, he laughed. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Andy hang her head, looking hurt. ‘What is up with her?’

“Well yea. You can come. And bring any of the guys that still like us” I smiled. ‘Stop flirting with him! Off limits!’ I turned back to Andy and rubbed her back. She looked up and tears were in her eyes. I instantly pulled her into a tight hug, not asking for an explanation. I knew it had to do with what she tried to tell me before. Mrs. Kalmoe came over when she saw our little predicament.

“Is she alright?” Mrs. Kalmoe asked in her mousy voice.

“I think so. Can we go to the bathroom, get her cleaned up. She was wearing mascara”

“Oh of course. We’re not doing anything. Go right ahead” I pulled Andy out of the classroom, hugging her close to me and keeping her from looking at the glances we were getting. I glared at everyone that met my eyes which forced them to look away afraid. The bathroom was right next to the art room so it wasn’t long that we had to walk. When we got inside, I sat down, pulling Andy into my lap and rocked her back and forth.

“Shhh. Whats wrong honey? What happened?” I wisped into her hair.

“I…I can’t do it anymore” she sobbed into my chest, staining my red atreyu shirt with makeup but I didn’t care. I pushed her long black hair that was identical to mine, out her face.

“Do what Andy. What are you having to do?”


“Hide what?” I turned her so she faced me and got the hair that was sticking to her face.

“This” she whispered and pressed her lips to mine. It wasn’t as if she hadn’t done this before. We had always posed for pictures as a gay sasuke and naruto at conventions but this was different. She wouldn’t make a scene out of it if she wasn’t serious. She pulled back and saw my frozen face.

“I’m…I’m so sorry Desdemona” she had used my full name, now I knew she was serious. She started to get up but I stopped her.

“It's ok Andrea. I was just surprised”

“No. now you won’t be able to look at me the same way. I have to go” she tried breaking free again but I pulled her back and enclosed her in a bear hug.

“Now you have no idea how I look at you Andy. So just calm down and sit” she did what she was told and looked up at me when she got a hold of her breathing. Her face was covered in mascara. It looked so…beautiful. Like a bleeding angel. I wanted to hold that face there forever. It was better than any painting I have ever seen.

“Andy? Did you know you should wear your makeup like that more often?” she looked at me like I was crazy and waited for an explanation. “well it’s just…you look better than any painting I’ve ever seen”

“your not making this any easier are you? I know your straight. You went out with him for 2 years!”

“how do you know I wasn’t pretending?”

“I know you. You wernt you were in love with that boy till the day he broke up with you”

“well…uhh. Fine, be that way”

“be what way? BI?!”

“your BI?”

“yea. That’s what I wantedto tell you earlier but Gerard showed up”

“well then. Umm Andy?”

“yea?” she sniffed.

“I cant date you. You’re my BEST friend. I don’t wanna ruin it”

“I understand. I guess our days as sauske and naruto are over then?”

“pssh hell no! we gotta give the fangirls what they want right?!” she laughed and pulled me into a hug. After she let go I pulled us both up off the floor and grabbed some toilet paper from the nearest stall. Andy was already trying to fix her makeup in the mirror so I just grabbed her shoulders and spun her around fast.

“hey! What wast that for?! Im all dizzy now!” she yelled angrily.

“sorry” I wrapped my arms around her to help her stop from stumbling but ended up losing my balance as well and we both fell to the floor laughing. She landed on top of me and was still laughing. But, just at that second 2 preppy plastics walked in and saw us and automatically thought the worst. They ran out screaming and yelling for the principle.

“oh no” I wisperd. Andy jumped off me and started pacing.

“they are going to belive them! They wont take our story. GOD! Why!?!?!” I got up and pulled Andy into a hug.

“so what. Every one will think were gay. Who cares? I don’t” she smiled at that and started wiping at her makeup again in the mirror. I took the toiliet paper I had and started wiping her face. She closed her eyes and waited till I was done to speak.

“principles gunna think we were soin tha nasty in the bathroom” she said laughing.

“well then were gunna have to make it convincing as possible” I leand in and kissed her on the mouth as the preppies came back into the bathroom.

“SEE! I told you I wasn’t lieing!” I just grinned and pulled back from Andy.

“excuse us we hae to go back to class” I say grabbing andy’s hand and trying to push past the principle. He stopped us and glared down int our eyes.

“my office now!”

“aye, aye captain” I saluted and marched down the hall still holding andy’s hand. We got to his office and waited till he got there.



hope u liked it

X-victoria venom-X
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