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there just jealouse cause your mine

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Dereck got up and reached for his bag that held the alcohol. He always brought a bottle of wiskey to lunch. He pulled the Jack Danieles from the bag and placed 3 shot glasses down.

“sorry didn’t know you guys were coming till today. But we’ll take turns I guess” he filled the glasses and handed Andy and I each one, saving the last for himself. When we downed the shots her filled them again and passed the glasses around till everyone but mikey had a shot.

“mikeys not drinking” Gerard growled.

“how come you get to then!” mikey whined.

“because im already screwed up. your not.” That ended the conversation. We got off the table and opend out bags and began eating the hamburgers and fries. No one dared talk, all the guys were afaind of us now. i guess we freaked em out too early. I pulled out my watch and it said we still had half an hour. Most of us were done and mikey and ray seemed to be whispering to themselves. Andy, the dork she is, decided Gerard wasn’t weirded out enough and scooted closer to me, wrapping her arm around my shoulder.

“did you do the history homewok Des?” she asked kissing my cheek.

“no Andy. You know I suck at history”

“yea, you kinda do. But you rock at English!” she said trying to make me feel better, but also tried to get Gerard to make a face as she pulled her arm around my shoulder and puled me close.

I wanted to see gerards face too so I played along like I do at con. I layed my head on her shoulder and wrapped my arms around her waist. “yea its not the only thing I rock at” I said just loud enough for Gerard to hear. He must have because coke shot out of his nose as I said that. He grabbed the napkins off the table and held them to his burning nostrils.

“GOD! AH!” he blew his nose and tried to make it look like he just drank wrong but Andy and I knew the real reason. When he stopped shouting that his nose hurt we apologized.

“Gerard we’re sorry. We didn’t mean for you to shoot coke out your nose. We were just trying to weird you out” Andy explained.

“oh is that all?” he asked with sarcasim laced in the sentence.

“gerard were sorry. If your not comfortable with us messin around like at con we’ll stop.”

“im not a homophobe Des. I shouldn’t have acted the way I did”

“its alright. We’ll quit.” I say pulling andys arm off me.

“but Des! I love you!! Are you leaving me?!” she dramatically threw her arms aound my neck and cryed.

“Andy, stop. the jig is up.”

“so. Know what. Im dressing up as naruto tomarow and your going as sasuke.”andy stated, well commanded.

“I thought that was only for valentines day” I laughed.

“well I don’t care. We’ll break tradition” she crossed her arms.

“fine, but no dog collar and chain, just regular crossplay. The last time I wore that you ended up giving me marks for weeks” I got a few weird looks from the guys then as i rubbed my neck, remebering last years incedent. I stood in mock anger “oh come on! Just cause we dress up as guys and act like gay guys doesn’t mean were weird!”i yelled as i threw my arms up in mock anger. I couldn’t help but laugh like everyone else.

“nope that’s perfectly normal around here love” Andy said, pulling me onto her lap. “there just jelouse cause your mine” she said sticking her toungue out at the guys.

“no they just think were crazy cause we dress up like guys, trade blood on a daily basis, and act gay” I said trying to act as pouty as I could without laughing.

“who said I was acting” Andy smiled and kissed me on the nouth, hard. Frankie jumped up and snapped his phone open taking pictures like crazy. I pulled away from Andy and jumped up, glaring at frank.

“oh crap” he wisperd and took off running. I didn’t bother chasing him but he kept running till he decided it was ok to return. I waited till he sat back down to smack him over the head.

“OW! What was that for!?!?” I grabbed his phone and deleted the pictures. “Hey! That’s MY phone!”

“I know. You cant just jump up and take pictures of people”

“yes I can. Especially when its 2 girls” he grinned.

“you’re a perv frank” I threw his phone back at him and tried to sit back down but ended up on the concrete. I tripped over my own feet, again.

“HA! Serves you right. Plus, what guy isn’t a pervert?!”

“Gerard” bob said, his first words since we had met them. Mikey seemed to agree cause he was shaking his head yes furiously.

“well your right about that but hes like the only one” frank argued.

“lets just drop it. Class is going to start soon we have to get back”

“no thanks. I have pottery and I do not feel like playing with clay” Gerard sounded disgusted, like pottery wasnt art.

“well fine smarty pants, Andy and I will go play around with clay while you sit here wallowing in your thoughts”

“you have the same class as me, again?”


“no its just weird.”

“I told you hun. We are all weird. Beyond what you want to belive.” With that Derck stood and took Andy by the arm. The 3 of us walked to our cars and got in, waiting for the guys to follow suite. When we were loaded up, we raced back to school. Naturally I won and dereck had to take the dare I gave him.

dun dun dun

what will the dare be??


check out the next one to see

X-victoria venom-X
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