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razors in your whiskey/ blood 'reletives' 3

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a surprising lunch hour. {WARNING: weirdness and....more weirdness}

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hey all my awesome readers! heres ur reward fer getting 10+ readers on the last chapter. have fun!

“WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” I looked at frank like he had just killed someone. ‘he is wayyyyy to hyper’

We walked to my locker which was right by the English room and I opend it reveling the coverd metal that was the interior of my locker. There were pictures upon pictures of NARUTO characters and bands. At the bottom was a 3ft pile of books, most of them written in my me. Gerard and frank stared at the pile and began trying to push my legs out of the way and grab the books. On top was my DEATHOTE book from the anime DEATHNOTE. It looked scary to any one who didn’t know what it was.

“come on guys we don’t have time. You cant look at thouse books”

“why? They got porn in em or something?”

“HA you wish frank. They are MY books, ones im still working on. Now come on don’t you have friends to round up?”

“yea” they said in unison, dejected.

We walked up to the front entrance and there strood 3 guys. One had an afro that looked very soft, another had glasses and looked kinda shy, and the other stood with a cigartett in his mouth, flipping his blondish hair out of his eyes.

“hey guys whats up?” I ask, wrapping my arms around Andy, giving her a tight hug.

“ive missed you teribly my dear DES!” she joked and kissed my cheek.

“I know! English was pure torture my love!” the guys, excluding Dereck, stared at us in amezment.

“so…. Uh yea. What are we doing?” the guy smoking the cigarette asked.

“were going to the woods just a few miles away. I have something for us in my car. But we can stop and get sumthing to eat first if your hungry” Dereck told the guys.

“well I think that every one should know each other before we go anywere” Gerard spoke up, finaly out of his confusion about Andy and i.

“ok well my name is Desdemona but u can call me Des, this is Andrea but she likes Andy, and this is Dereck” I pointed to each of us in turn.

“this is ray, mikey, and bob. You guys already know frank and i.”

“ok so we all know each other? Good. We gotta go or we wont have time for anything”Dereck said hurriedly. We walked to the back parking lot and piled into 2 cars. Dereck drove in his car with ray, bob, and mikey in the back and passenger seats while I drove with Andy and Gerard in my car. My car was small but I liked it and it could only hold 4 people, if they had short legs which none of us did so we could only fit 3. Were as Derecks drove a van and could fit all the guys into it. Andy rode up front with me and Gerard took the backseat. My car had a bench seat in the front and back so Andy decided to try to confuse Gerard even more and slide over to me.

“you know I missed you DES! I thought I would collapse from the distance!”

“I know Andy but youll have to get throught the day.” I sighed, playing along. I glanced at in the rearview mirror to find a very wide eyed Gerard looking back at me. I laughed internally and kept driving, following Dereck down the main road to McDonalds. We went thru the to go lane quickly and sped to the wooded area near the end of town. When we reached the parking spot we all jumped out and Dereck led the way to our usual shelterd area below an expanse of tall oaks. Dereck had a bag with him and the other guys were carrying the food.

“so whats the surprise?!!?!?!” frank and Gerard asked eagerly.

“ok fine you’ve waited long enough. But I have to warn you, if you leave now your walking back to school. And we wont blame you. Sara, the last girl we brought out here ran screaming” I laughed remembering her face when she saw the booze.

“well ya know how people take an R&R? well we take a B&B. blood and booze.”dereck said, trying to freak someone out. none of the guys moved but ray and mikey looked around franticly.

“we understand if you want to leave. Its just a tradition we have had since forever. it bonds us so we are all family.”

“so you drink each oters blood?!” franky screamed.

“NO! its like the “blood brothers pact, but weirder.”

“how weird” ray finaly spoke.

“just sit down and you’ll find out” Andy grabbed my by the waist and pulled me toward s the table and Dereck followed. We sat in a loose circle, giving the guys room to sit if they wanted to. The guys stood close together away from the table and waited.

“we aren’t going to bite your neck you dorks now sit down” they each climbed up onto the table and sat crosslegged like us and waited. Dereck, Andy, and I took a small case from our pockets and poped it open reveling a razor. Together we each cut a small line on our index fingers were scares had already formed. We passed the razors around and if anyone wanted to they could do the same. Only Bob and Gerard cut their fingers while the rest just sat there.

“ok those of you who DIDN’T cut, scoot out of the circle so we can continue.” Andy said with a slight disgust at their chickness. I shot her a glare and she hung her hand and mouthed “sorry”

The others scooted out of the circle quickly nad we all scooted closer. I was between Andy and Gerard so I took gerards hand and placed it against mine. Bob placed his hand against Andy and dereck and dereck took gerards other hand. Blood was falling from our fingers but it didn’t matter just so long as it mixed with the other persons. We sat in silence for a minuete before breaking hands. I licked my hand out of habit which earnd me a few weird glances so I pulled my finger out of my mouth.

“see I told you that you were hangin with the weirdoes now” I grined at Gerard.

“oh well. Like you said we’re in too deep now”


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