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candy mountain is off limits /Blood 'reletives' 3

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UPDATED:ficwad cut it off last time. this is a repost!! "can we go to candy mountian gerard?"

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hey srry. last time ficwad was being retarded and cut off the story then it closed down and wouldnt come back up so i could repost it. so here it is now. hopefully not cut off ^_^

“Good morning this is your daily announcements. Today is the 12th of December and as you all know school will be letting out early…” that’s all we listened to and continued our discussion.

“Dude I’m sorry I called you a girl” Frankie, now sitting in a seat, apologized.

“No dude. That’s what I want. I’m a crossplayer just like Des and Andy. We dress up as the opposite sex from movies, anime, and manga. I’m glad I could fool someone that wasn’t at con.” He laughed.

“A convention.” I answered automatically.

Class started and it was sooo boring. I decided to write Gerard a note so I wouldn’t get him in trouble on his first day.

-Gerard, where were you before you came here?-

-new Jersey. Me, Mikey (my little bro), frank, bob, and ray all moved here just a week ago-

-oh. Cool! Do you miss ne thing from there?-

-nope. We were all made fun of in school. I got sick of it and jumped around when I heard we were all moving. Even if it was to Iowa lol-

-its not all bad. now you have more friends! Lol. So whats your next class?-

-english. U?-

-SWEET! Yea I gots English too. After that we go to lunch and since were juniors we can leave campus, legally. But that didn’t stop us sophomore and freshman year lol-

-HaHa. So… tell me whats for lunch?-

-you’ll have to wait. Allthought I don’t think frank will like part of it but oh well more for us lol-

-Well if you tell me ill know if Frankie likes it or not-

-Nope. Ur just trying to weasel info out of me-

-fine then.-

-lol. I know we only just met like an hour ago but can I ask you a question?-

-depends on what ur gunna aske me-

-Ok well are you and Frankie uh… well gay?-

-well, Frankie I know is Bi. But I can assure you im not gay. Frankie just like to think hes an exception and hang all over me. don’t worry if he does it to ne one else cause hes just like that, very affectionate. Lol-

-ha ok. Just wondering. Srry if u didn’t want to talk. I saw ur reaction to the question and thought you were mad-

-not mad. Just everyone at my old school thought I was. They thought me and all my friends were having vampie orgies in our spare time-

-oh im srry. Ill shut up now so u can take notes-

-notes? When in the hell would I take notes? Lol. Plus class gets out in 10 minuets-

-oh. Well in that case, screw notes lol.-

-you did what to your notes O_o –

-haha very funny Mr. way. U better watch it or ill tell the mafia you’re here-

-but then ill have to leave and never see you again. Ill have to run off and change my name and face. Maybe cut off my hair and dye it, move to LA and wear polo shirts so they cant find me-

-EWW! You cut your hair and ill have to kill you myself. You would loose the whole vampire look!-

-well then maybe I should cut my hair so no one thinks im a vampire-

-pssh why would you do that? Youre already hanging out with the weird kids. Your in too deep already, the first time you answerd my question in gym class. That right there marked you as weird by everyone else.-

-hmmph. Well isn’t that perfect. More crap to deal with.-

-Who said you were gunna deal with ne thing? you forget already? We scare everyone around here. we move wrong and they flinch-

-wow so u run the place?-

-Ha hardly. They still think they own the place but that’s ok, we try to stay away from them. And neways if anyone pulled anything on you or your friends just let me, Dereck, and Andy hadle it and they’ll never touch you again-

-lol ok.-

The bell rung and we all packed our stuff up.Dereck and Andy left to go to pottery and frank had English with Gerard and i. I walked the boys to Mrs. Hesser’s English room and sat in back. The boys followed suite and Gerard pulled out another piece of paper to write something.

-so, do u pay attention in any of ur classes?-

-YES! This one! I love english class.-

-haha ok ill stop with the notes then-

-its ok. Hesser likes me, she wont notice if I slack off. Im already half way thru the boojk while everyone else is on page 20.-

-lol. So were do we go for lunch?-

-follow me-

-to the end-

‘did he just write that? No it must be my imagination’ I turned back to hesser and didn’t look back at him till class was over.

“were are we goin Gerard? candy mountain!?” Frankie asked eagerly.

“no Frankie. Candy mountain is off limits. Were are going to meet bob, ray and mikey and get the hell outta here. Des and her friends invited us to lunch”

reveiws and ratings loved and rewarded ^_^

X-victoria venom-X
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