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Fear, Itself

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Finally, the first chapter of my first story. Basically, MCR takes a new band called Soul Purpose as their front act on their next tour.

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A/N : Reviews would be encouraging. A beta would be great. I guess I would feel more confident... Any volunteers? Oh, and the lyrics quoted are actually mine. I wrote them a while back. I don't think they're very good but again my first attempt at writing lyrics so... umm, I guess it's okay to borrow them if you want but please ask for permission or at least credit me as the writer =)

Disclaimer: I just remembered that I should have a disclaimer for this story so yeah, I'm adding it here. Obviously I don't own MCR. I've never met them or anything. And this is purely fiction - nothing else. Though, the original characters, the original song lyrics, the plotline - those I do own!

1. Fear, Itself

Her eyes scanned the crowd before her. She could see faces, lots of them... Nearly all of them gazing up at where she was standing. Adrenaline was pulsing through her body, making her forget about her exhausted state. The only thing she cared about at that moment was to sing, sing for the people in front of her, sing for her bandmates, and sing for her band, just sing... for herself. Grabbing the microphone stand, she let her weight rest on it for a moment, trying to catch her breath. Her red lips curved into a sincere smile and she spoke:

"Well, I guess this'll be the last song of the night. I'll take care to screw it up reaaall baad...You guys gonna join me?" As an answer, the little crowd screamed at the top of their lungs.

And the lead guitarist began the intro to the song everyone had been expecting to hear all night. She walked to the far corner of the small stage and started tapping her foot to the beat as the drummer started beating the hell out of his drums. Her voice was deep but clear, bringing out something, which had been asleep for so long, back to life inside of everyone.

"Don't follow me
into the shadows
I didn't forget
that you're afraid
of everything dark..."

She screamed all of a sudden, her voice ringing, echoing from the dark walls of the little club, her face twisted in pain. She tossed her head back, sending her long dark hair away from her face in a gracious, almost dance-like movement. Her eyes were closed.

He opened his eyes, tucked a loose strand of jet-black hair behind his ear and stared at the stage intently. The singer had this unexplainable presence on stage. She wasn't tall or anything, actually she was rather small, 5'4" maybe. She had straight black hair that fell down to her waist and danced even with her tiniest movement. Some would call her fair-skinned, some would just say she was pale. Her face was shaped like an oval with sweet full cheeks and a dainty little mouth. Her eyes were dark and just slightly uptilted - giving them an almond-like-shape. She could have looked homely and sweet if it wasn't for the make up that made her look dark, dangerous, sexy and a little bit dead all at the same time.

She had a black velvety vest that showed her milky pale cleavage, her breasts rising and falling rapidly with the breaths she took to scream out her lyrics.

"But I'm not scared
not of the dark
not of the unknown
I'm not scared
cause all my friends
are here in the darkness
with me..."

He just couldn't help but be mesmerized by her. She was captivating... And their music was so intense. It reminded him of a cry, so frustrated, building up in the back of your throat, slowly making its way upward and out of your mouth to ring forever in the silence of the night. Breaking. Tearing. Slashing.

Someone leaned into his ear and yelled to make himself heard over the loud music.

"Gee, aren't they amazing?"

"Yeah... yeah, they are." he said, prying his eyes from the enlightened stage and turning to look at his best friend. Frank was smiling but he also looked slightly disheveled. He was drunk and still holding onto his glass of liquor for dear life. Gerard grinned at him and put his arm across his friend's shoulders. Frank swayed for a moment before leaning onto Gerard. All Gerard had so far had been diet soda - he was secretly proud of himself about that - so it didn't give him any trouble to help his friend catch his balance.

"Mmmm, her voice is beautiful..." murmured Frank while Gerard nodded in agreement. "I can feel it caressing my insides, it tickles..." he went on.

Gerard gave him a look, raising his eyebrows. "I think that's to blame on alcohol." he said smirking.

"Nooo" Frank said "It's her voice that tickles. Like yours... Uh-huh, her voice tickles me like yours does."

"My voice tickles you?" Gerard asked shocked. Though his friend was clearly drunk, that didn't mean he had completely lost it. Frank nodded enthusiastically and voiced the-most-wonderful-drunken-thought-to-ever-be-announced.

"I think... I think it would be soooo awesome if, if... you two could sing together." he said.

Gerard stared at him for a few moments in amazement then fixed his eyes back on the stage. She was banging her head during the guitar solo, her hair flying around everywhere, making her look like some sort of mythological creature. And then everything went silent. She took a deep breath and her rich voice alone filled the room.

"Don't act like you care
You wouldn't shed a tear
for me
And I won't shed a tear
for you."

The instruments roared back to life and her voice rose.

"Cause I don't care
I'm in the dark
I'm in the unknown
But it's only unknown for you
Because I know it
better than you could ever do"

"Cause I live here
I live in the dark
I live in the unknown
I'm happy here
Because I live far far away"

The guitarist screamed at that point, his rough voice mixing with her clear one.

"I managed to get out before it was too late..."

Her head was down, her hair hiding her face, her chest still rising up and down. She looked at the audience, her eyes flashing wrath and hatred for the briefest moment. And bringing her head up, exposing her delicate white neck, she screamed for the last time that night:

"And I don't care about the rest!
I won't shed a tear if you all die!"

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