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And The Choice You Made To The End

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2. And The Choice You Made To The End

“You’re kidding, right?” She asked, her eyes wide.

“No, I’m not! Would I joke about such a thing? I’m telling you, My Chemical Romance’s manager just called me!” Abigail shrieked.

A tall boy with tangled blonde hair walked to his short friend’s side and put his hands on her shoulders. “Defne, I really don’t think Aby’s kidding.” he said with a sincere tone in his voice. “She might have been hallucinating, though…” He was smirking, now. That girl had always been so easy to tease… and he was having fun.

Abigail shot him a deathly glare and nearly stomped her foot on the floor. “God, why don’t you guys react like normal human beings and be happy with the fact that this great rock band wants you to tour with them? Somebody finally noticed you for God’s sake!” she yelled.

Defne blinked. “So… you say he said his name was Brian –”


“And they saw us performing and thought we were good?”

Abigail nodded helplessly. She was about to start cursing the day she accepted to be their manager.

The lead singer pulled the sleeves of her hoodie down to her fingertips and stared at her shoes. “Wow…” she muttered. She felt someone squeeze her shoulders encouragingly so she craned her neck and her eyes locked with big bright blue eyes. He was smiling. She blinked at him with huge eyes. She was slowly grasping the importance of this. It was too good to be real… could have been a dream…

The guitarist nudged her a bit. “You still can’t believe it, can you?” he asked, eyes twinkling.

She shook her head and stared up at him. “Well, Zack, can you believe it?” she asked.

He nodded. “Yep, I believe it, now. You’d better believe it, too! Cause we’ve gotta celebrate this real soon, right guys?” he asked the other three boys scattered randomly around the small room. They, too, were still looking slightly dazed.

Defne’s face finally broke into a giant grin and she threw herself on Zack, wrapping her arms around him and laughing madly. She felt like she was drunk or high or something. Her mind had finally wrapped itself around the amazing news and there was a pleasurable mass down in her stomach slowly making its way toward her chest, making her heart beat faster and her limbs shake like she was having a seizure or something.

Zack staggered a bit under the impact of her small body but wrapped her up in a big bear hug. Soon, all five of them were hugging each other, jumping up and down with excitement. Then they all pounced on Abigail and she started giggling like a school girl.

Finally, she yelled at them for ruining her precious hair and everyone had to calm down and untangle their limbs from eachothers’ (their pretty little manager had turned into a monster!).

“Okay, now” said Abigail, taking a deep breath to calm her nerves “I guess this means you’re gonna do the smart thing and accept the offer. In the end, you guys made a good choice. You’re too good to stink in this hellhole, anyway…”

They all stared at her happily, eyes shining with excitement.

“I’m gonna go call Brian and tell him that you’d be so happy to go on tour with My Chem. I’ll try to get all the necessary details about this thing so sit here and await my return!” she said winking and walking outside to find some place quiet to talk on the phone.

Devon, the base player, spoke and broke the peaceful silence.

“Guys, I don’t wanna kill the good mood and all but I’d rather not spend another year trying to stay away from a drooling, dozed-off Matt and get some sleep at the same time… So, wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t tour in that shitty van of ours this time?” That earned him a punch on the shoulder from the pissed off drummer.

“I don’t drool, you fucking idiot!” he boomed. And then he smirked and added. “But you coo in your sleep –”

“I don’t –”

“Yes you do, little baby!” And with that last comment Devon tackled Matt and they started rolling on the floor, both of them trying to dominate the other.

Defne cleared her throat and addressed them. “Guys, stop fooling around! Matt, we don’t care if you drool or Devon do you think we give a shit about your constant cooing? There are more important things to discuss.” she stated crossing her arms under her breasts.

“Like what?” one of the wrestling figures asked. It was hard to tell who had spoken.

She grinned evilly and said “Like the fact that you both stink!”

They stopped immediately and glared at her. “Honey, in that van, we all stink.” Matt said.

“I agree.” said Chris, the rhythm guitarist. “We really need a bus-type thing this time. At least we could have some space for ourselves.”

Everyone nodded in agreement. Defne frowned and tossed her dark bangs away from her eyes. She quickly did a mental calculation and announced that they could probably afford a lousy bus if they sold the stinky van and added their money on top of it.

After that, they started talking again, about what it was gonna be like to play in front of real crowds and whether they’d be able to finally record an album…

During all that time the lead singer had a smile on her pale face, half of her mind scanning through all her dreams. This was the real reason she left her home, her family and her friends. The reason she escaped, the reason she acted so selfish just for once in her life. After all, she had thought, you only live once. And she had been determined at that moment to fulfill her dreams. And now, she had taken a great step toward her biggest dream. The dream, in which she sang, poured her heart out on stage forever.

It hadn’t been easy to come to that point. It hadn’t been the least bit easy, at all. She had had to work hard; she had had to stand feeling so lonely and lost in a foreign country where she knew noone. She had been depressed for a long time and her music, her lyrics and her dreams had kept her going. Her faith in herself that she could make a difference, had made her stand up again and again when she fell down. And that took courage… and strength. And she had always tried to be strong.

/“Stand up fucking tall
Don’t let them see your back”/
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