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A Dream Within A Dream

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Soul Purpose meets My Chem at the loong last...

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4. A Dream Within A Dream

Defne stared at herself in the mirror. She had picked out a blood-red tank top to go with black skinny jeans that hugged her hips. She pulled on a faded black denim-jacket and huffed. She was nervous.

She didn’t know what to expect from the night. She didn’t know what to say, what to do... It felt like the first time she set foot in the US, all over again. She felt like her body could do nothing but invade space. If only there was a hand-book to tell you what to do in situations like these.

Taking a deep breath, she ran her hands through the dark hair that framed her face. She had put on some eye liner and mascara along with dark-red lipstick. Staring in the mirror, she realized her weak efforts at making herself presentable had failed, miserably. Her skin looked too pale, her eyes too big and her lips too thin. Why was she feeling like she was about to go on her first date?

She was just supposed to meet a few new people. It didn’t matter that she had the songs of those people on repeat in her iPod… They were just a bunch of guys after all, right? And she wasn’t gonna be alone or anything, her friends were all gonna be there.

She closed her eyes to gather herself together. She took another unnecessary deep breath. Her nerves slowly began to cool down. She could do this.

She was stuffing her keys and some money in her pockets when her cell phone rang.

It was Zack.

“Hey, Deff, you ready to go? We’ll be there in about 10 minutes.” She smiled at his casual tone.

“Yeah, I’m ready. See you in a bit…”

“Okay, see ya!”

The lead singer took one final look at the mirror and decided she was as ready as she could ever be. Sighing, she left her little apartment to wait outside for her friends’ arrival.

They were supposed to meet MCR in a club downtown.


They all stepped into the little club and started looking around. It was dim and all the cigarette smoke added to their loss of eyesight.

The loud banging of the techno rhythm immediately started to bother Defne. She was feeling as if she was being hit on the head with a brick at every beat while her eyes wandered around clueless, hoping to see someone familiar. Familiar?

It was Chris who finally spotted the members of My Chemical Romance piled up in a dark corner, on a huge couch. He quickly gestured for his friends to come along.

Defne walked slowly to their destination, trying her best to be herself although her legs seemed to be quivering slightly. Beside her, Zack, sensing his friend’s discomfort, put a supporting hand at her back, smiling down at her reassuringly when she looked up.

She smiled back at him and thought how grateful she was to have him. To feel his warm hand on her back, leading her safely through her fears and worries. He was the greatest friend anyone could have, she honestly didn’t know what she would have done without him. For three years, Zack had been her solid rock, the one who taught her how to fly but also the one to call her back if she went too high. The one to always put a smile on her face. And he had relied on her, too. She had made him hold on to life when he was so willing to let it slip through his fingers. She had been his portable life support unit, for some time…

It was hard to believe they had gone through so much and formed such a beautiful friendship in only three years. Three years – it was easy to say.

In her thoughtful state, she had slowed down. She saw Devon introducing himself and shaking hands with Ray. Matt, being the sociable person he was, seemed to have already set up a conversation with Bob. Mikey was smiling shyly and nodding at something Chris was saying. They all looked pretty casual.

And Frank was walking toward where she was, followed by Gerard.

The guitarist bravely commented on her outfit. “Wow, I guess I was really drunk the other night, or I would have noticed how hot you were. Or maybe it’s cause you’re all in reds?”

She chuckled. “I don’t know. But I’d like to think that you were drunk. I’m Defne, by the way…” she said extending her hand.

He took her hand. “Frank” he said, smiling sweetly. “Nice to meet you, finally.”

“Umm… you, too.” she said, not sure what he meant by “finally”, and smiled hesitantly. She had the nasty tendency to smile when she was nervous.

Zack shook hands with Frank and spoke pointing at her.

“Don’t mind her. I know she’s behaving like her brain doesn’t function well but really she’s just a bit nervous.” He grinned.

The petite brunette scowled and punched him on the shoulder, taking care to actually hurt him a little. “I’m not /nervous/!” she exclaimed.

Zack let out a little yelp and bumped her hip, causing her to lose her balance for a moment. The singer shot a glare at him.

Frank giggled. “Hey, Gee, looks like we’ve got ourselves a real tough girl, here!”

Gerard let out a little smile and nodded. “Yeah, I see that. I’m already scared!” he joked.

And he looked at her for the first time real up and close. Although he stared at her for just a moment, he took in her appereance thoroughly. He had thought her hair was black, but it wasn’t. It was such a deep shade of brown without actually being black and it framed her face perfectly. It wasn’t exactly straight, unlike the night he first saw her. She had a layered cut so that her silky locks were slightly curled up at the ends. Behind the dark bangs, her eyes were shining and they were even darker than her hair, if possible. On the contrary, her skin looked so pale and smooth against the crimson of her top.

His eyes slowly made their way to lock with hers and unintentionally he let out a smile. He noticed her cheeks were flushed – /probably from temperature/.

Defne tried her best not to stare but she didn’t really know if she succeeded. Right in front of her stood Gerard Way, the man that could capture your soul with his lyrics, with that voice of his, which rang with sorrow. And he had such beautiful big doe eyes. She thought she could drown in that unique shade of hazel as he blinked back at her innocently. His hair was all messy and dark, a few strands falling into his eyes, bringing out his pale skin. His nose was cute and little and as he smiled at her, his cheeks lifted up a little, making him look younger and if possible, cuter. /No teddy-bear could ever be able to compete with him/.

She blushed at that silly thought that popped into her head.

She felt like she had been basking in the glory before her for quite a long time but actually it had been just a moment. Hard to believe, it was.

Finally, he extended his hand toward her and talked. “Gerard…”

“Yeah, I know.” she smiled again, nervously and took his hand – neither could help the illusionary feeling of sudden electric shock. “Defne.”

“Pleasure to meet you, Defne.” Gerard shook her hand while his free hand went to the back of his neck and scratched. /A nervous gesture? Maybe/. He looked down for a moment and then stared right into her eyes when he spoke again. “I was really looking forward to this, after seeing you on stage the other night… You, umm, you were incredible, really…”

Defne couldn’t pry her eyes from his. He just had such an intense gaze. “I-I.. I don’t know w-what to say…” she said. She could literally feel the heat in her cheeks; she must have been blushing hard… “Thank you.”

It felt like a dream.

/Is all that we see or seem
But a dream within a dream?/

Edgar Allan Poe
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