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The Men With The Plan

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Frank, Gerard and Bob...

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A/N: For some reason, I enjoyed writing this chapter so much. I hope you enjoy reading it, too.

3. The Men With The Plan

Frank’s greenish-hazel eyes were glued to the screen of his laptop as he searched the website for his latest obsession. He scrolled down the page slowly, his eyes scanning through the unnecessary content ready to detect what he wanted. A victorious grin spread on his childish face when his eyes finally stopped on the tiny link. He adjusted himself more comfortably on his seat and clicked on the link.

He sighed in adoration at the sight of this baby. He was in love…

… with a bus…

But it was no ordinary bus, dammit! It was a work of art. It was the masterpiece of the motor vehicle industry.

Frank sighed again, leaning toward the screen, unaware of two pairs of eyes watching him curiously.

The upholstery was of black leather, the couches looking oh-so-comfortable. The whole interior design of the bus was done in black, white and shades of gray with dark wooden furnishing. If he knew any other word than bus that suit the beauty before him, he would have called it that, because classifying it as a mere “/bus/” was just not fair!

He paused on the photo that showed the “entertainment center”, taking in the L-shaped couch, the booth and the most important of all – the huge plasma! His eyes shone with contained-excitement. Right next to the entertainment center was a little room that could easily be turned into a studio.

Gerard chose that moment to clear his throat and lean in towards Frank. His friend jumped in his seat, not having heard him come into the room, earlier.

“Gerard, what the fuck! How long have you been there?” yelled Frank, startled.

“Long enough to notice you drooling over the keyboard.” said Gerard, a smirk settling itself over his beautiful features.

Frank’s eyes got huge and he turned to the older man, his smart-ass remark at the tip of his tongue. The movement made him realize that Bob was standing right next to Gerard and the thing he was going to say flew right out of his mind. Had he been so transfixed on the bus that he hadn’t realized not one, but two people come into the room? He shook his head and addressed his friends.

“Just look at that thing on the screen and tell me you guys wouldn’t be drooling if you were me.” he said, almost begging for empathy.

“Sorry, Frankie, but I wouldn’t give that type of reaction to something on a computer screen, not even porn.” said Bob, chuckling to himself and slapping the back of the guitarist’s neck lightly.

“Yeah, I know” said Frank “You reserve that reaction specially for playstation games.” Bob shot him a dangerous look, leaning over his left shoulder to gaze at the screen.

Gerard, who was leaning over Frank’s right shoulder, scrolled down and saw a photo of the bunks. “Wooow” he muttered dreamily “Those bunks look so comfy… Are they bigger than ours or what?” he asked.

Frank nodded in excitement. “The whole bus is sooo big!” he said. “Look, the corridor is really wide. We wouldn’t bump our heads anymore while wandering around sleepily… And it’s so spacious, maybe Bob here wouldn’t even be able to catch me when I run away from him, huh?” he added giggling.

But Bob wasn’t listening to him. His eyes were glued to the screen, now.

“Holy shit!” he cried “It has a plasma, too?”

Frank’s giggling got out of control. It sounded high-pitched and girly. His face had scrunched up in that cute childish way and he was clutching his stomach.

Gerard couldn’t help but laugh, either. Only Frank would think a spacious bus was good for running around and it was only natural for Bob to stare open-mouthed in sheer joy at the idea of a plasma in their tour bus, thinking of all the possibilities.

He, himself, had liked the extra booth, thinking he could turn it into his drawing table. He grinned and noticed the room that could clearly be turned into a studio. Oh, Ray would sure love this…

His perfect little flipped-up nose scrunched as he asked his friend.

“Umm, Frankie, this bus is really perfect but… Isn’t it too big for us?”

Frank stopped giggling madly and clicked to look at the floor plan of the bus.

“I don’t think there is a term such as “too big” that counts for a tour bus, Gee.” he said “The bigger, the better. Size does matter after all!” he giggled again.

Gerard grinned at him and scanned the floor plan. “It has 12 bunks! What are we going to with 7 extra bunks? We could as well tour with another band in this bus…” he muttered quietly, frowning.

Then an idea popped into his head.

At that very moment, the same idea occurred to Frank, too.

Bob? Bob took hold of the mouse and started scanning the pictures, trying to find out more about the “entertainment center”.

Frank and Gerard shared a moment, staring into eachothers’ eyes. And slowly, identical toothy grins appeared on their faces.

“You thinking what I’m thinking?” asked Frank, raising his eyebrows for emphasis.

Gerard nodded slowly. “Brian wouldn’t be so mad if we were two bands touring in that giant bus.” he said. “It would probably be easier to persuade him to buy this thing…”

Frank nodded frantically, eyes shining with triumph. He wanted to jump up and down and congratulate himself and Gerard for coming up with this brilliant idea. He was about to go hyper.

Then Gerard frowned again and spoke, his tone slightly defeated.

“But, we don’t even know these guys… I mean, sure they said they’d be glad to tour with us but tour in the same bus with us? I don’t think they even thought about it. And I can’t believe we’re seriously considering this. We don’t know if –”

“Shut up, Gerard!” said Frank, his excitement starting to wear off with his friend’s wise words. “They seemed cool.” he continued. “A promising band.”

Bob had finally examined every single picture and had come to the logical decision that they had to have that bus! He chimed in the conversation:

“And if you’re scared that they’re gonna find out you stink, Gerard –”

Gerard huffed. “Like you don’t!” he said, rolling his eyes.

Bob smirked and continued. “Well, we all kinda stink. But any normal human being stinks on tour, so that means they stink, too. You just don’t worry. We’ll get Brian to buy this bus for us.” He let out an evil grin.

Frank was slightly bobbing on his seat. “Oh, and who knows? We’re gonna have a girl amongst us. Maybe she would tidy up after us and we could actually live like real human beings.” he said.

Gerard shook his head. “Just one girl against nine guys? I don’t think she’d succeed. Actually,I don’t think she’d even try. I wouldn’t…”

And his thoughts drifted off to the girl in question. He pictured her shiny hair and her dark eyes. The coy little smiles she shot to the audience. She wasn’t the type of girl that you noticed instantly in a crowd. She was more like the cute shy little sister of your best friend – when you imagined her without the make up, of course (and if you ignored the fact that he had seen such anger, hatred and pain on that innocent face – even if it was just for a moment, he still remembered).

He sighed, unintentionally. They were supposed to meet the members of Soul Purpose that night. He was unwilling to admit it but he was looking forward to the meeting. Something deep within him was just telling him he had to meet her; he had to get to know her. Somehow, he already had this feeling that he would like her.

He shook his head to clear his mind. What the hell was he thinking? He had only recently gotten out of a relationship. It still stung that he had to end it with Eliza. He thought he loved her, maybe he really did – he could never be sure of his heart these days. But she was just… She just didn’t click. When he had realized she couldn’t make him feel right, he knew she wasn’t /the one/. Sure, she had made him happy but… what he had felt was something indescribable. Or what he hadn’t felt was something indescribable. Something thousands of people had tried to describe over the centuries, but couldn’t.

Sometimes words just failed their purpose… And sometimes he really thought he’d die alone…

But, he didn’t think he was ready for that type of thing, yet. He didn’t want to rush it, anymore. First, he had to erase the memories of his fallen relationship. Then, he would turn his eyes outward, once more. Sure, he was going to turn thirty, soon. But he tried not to care about it. Really, aging was all about the experience. Aging? Nawww, growing up!

And he didn’t even know her name… What was he thinking, anyway?
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