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Casting Call!!!!

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I need people

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Hey All There Out There In Mibba Land,

Ok, so I have a story idea in my crazy mind.
I need guys and gals.
Here are the bands and the members in them:

Panic! At The Disco(main band at this point):
Brendon Urie
Ryan Ross
Spencer Smith
Jon Walker

Hayley Williams
Josh Farro
Zac Farro
Jeremy Davis

And a new band(i need people to be these people):
a singer(if you pick this, tell me alto, soprano, tenor, bass, or baritone. and if you have any recording of any sort I can listen to give me a link)
anything you can think of I am open to new things the meat (or fake meat) of things:

I need a name, I really don't care what it is real or fake.

Personality, just give me something so i know how you act.

Hair, is it pink, purple, blonde. I need to know.

Clothes you like to wear.

Make-up you like to wear.

When the need to wear formal things what do you like to wear.

did anything happen is past that might come and bit you in the butt, might harm you later on, or anything i need to know.

Are you vegan, vegetarian, meat eater, anything about food.

Can you cook?

Job? if any. I do need some people who work for the music company.

Do you mind if anything happened to you? Like something bad? tell me know.

Pick a guy or girl from the list above. (I don't care if u are straight or gay or what ever. Just tell me who you want to be with.)

Or in you want to be in the band. If you in the band, I would rather you not have guy or girl from the list above, but if that person is left you can have them I want everything to be fair. But if you choose to be in the band pick someone up there and put someone of ur wish if u wish to have boyfriend or girlfriend.

Umm...anything else you think I should know.
oh and if you have a picture of something you want to look like.
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