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Chapter one

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Gerards heart is broken when Mikey refuses to let him meet Alicias family. Based on the movie The Bird Cage, staring Nathen Lane and Robin Williams

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The tinkle of braking china sounded in the kitchen, fallowed by a muffled curse and the clatter of the phone against its battery base.

"Are you all right Gerard?" Frank asked. He tentatively pushed the swinging kitchen door open to find Gerard standing by the stove and staring at chards of porcelain at his feet.

"Mikey called, he's getting married." Gerards voice cracked with a sob and Frank looked on, confusion marring his face. A marriage is something happy. Gerard should be jumping up for joy and rushing over to Alicias apartment to help her plan the wedding. For a second Frank imagined what it would be like if Gerard was allowed to help plan it. All pinks and reds and blacks, with lots of frills and lace, and Gerard wearing that one teddy that would make Dr. Frankenfurter jealous, instead of a simple little white wedding at the church were Gerard and Mikeys parents got married. Frank was pulled out of his day dream when Gerard gave another sob.

"That's great."

"Of course it is, but he doesn't want me to meet his fiances family. He's ashamed of me. My little brother is ashamed of me." The tears were coming full force now, diluted black streaks of mascara and eyeliner rolling down Gerards boyish cheeks. It was a ridiculous display really. A grown man sobbing in the middle of his kitchen wearing nothing but a pair of white cotton panties and a faded floral dressing gown. Frank found a broom and dust pan in the pantry and began to clean up Gerards mess. It was the third tea cup that month.

"Calm down sweety. Did he say why?"

"I already know why." Gerard swiped a shaking hand across his cheek, smearing the watery trails of make up into a gray blob. "I'm a fag. I dance and sing in a mini skirt at a night club. I'm the bitch!" The dressing gown had come undone while Gerard flailed his arms around in his usual over the top manner. It gave Frank a nice view and his cock twitched a little as he tried to get the image of Gerard bent over the breakfast table, panties stretched tight across his ass and begging for Frank to take him, out of his head. Now wasn't the time for that. Maybe later once Gerard had calmed down. Frank reached out a hand to rub his shoulders in sympathy but Gerard jerked away and ran out of the kitchen, crying and sobbing about being the bitch as he locked the bedroom door and shoved a chair against it for good measure. With a heavy sigh Frank dumped yet another smashed tea cup into the trash can.


"It's not that I'm ashamed of my brother Frank. It's Alicias parents. Catholics as strict and conservative as they are will never accept him. They think homosexuality is a sickness, imagine what they would think of Gerards life style."

Frank massaged the bridge of his nose with his index finger and thumb. "They're going to wonder if they never get to meet him you know."

"I know, I know. It's just that..."

"Just what?"

Frank had to press the phone closer to his ear in order to hear Mikey properly. "What if we invite Alicias parents over and Gerard answers the door in his best dress and offers to make them lasagna? They'll freak and call off the wedding."

"But Alicias marrying you not Gerard. Why should it matter to them?"

"I don't know why. I just know that it does matter to them and if they see Gerard being himself I will probably never be able to see Alicia again. We love each other too much to let that happen."

"What do you propose we do Mikey?! They have to meet him, he's your only living family!"


Frank never caught the rest of what Mikey said. He was too distracted by Gerard when he sauntered into the room wearing his stage out fit and fiddling with his hair, using a small green Covergirl compact to make sure it was just right before dabbing at his chin with the little puff aplicater.

"We'll talk about this later," Frank whispered into the phone, and not even listening for a reply, he flipped it shut. "You look beautiful baby."

"Can you tell that I've been crying?"

Frank shook his and Gerard gave him a sad little smile. With arms linked they left their apartment and made their way to the end of the block and took a right. The night club that they were going to was called Showgirls, a small hole in the wall place that put on drag shows and offered Bellvilles homosexual community a place to meet people and have fun. All types were welcome, transsexuals, cross dresseers, lesbians, fags, and the occasional bicurious. It was also where Frank and Gerard met. A few years ago, when Frank was fresh from bar tending school, he got a job serving mixed drinks and made a hobby of watching Gerads preformence. He just couldn't get enough of Gerard and the way he moved so flawlessly across the stage in four inch heels, his black garter belt just visible at the hem of his so tight its should be illegal mini skirt, and his voice, oh god his voice. Frank just had to meet him.

"Doing anything special in the show tonight?"

"I was planing on it but now I'm not in the mood."

"Wanna talk about it?"

"I'll cry again and fuck up my eyeliner."

Frank just nodded and held open the clubs side door for Gerard like the perfect gentleman he was.
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