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Chapter two

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Gerards heart is broken when Mikey refuses to let him meet Alicias family. Based on the movie The Bird Cage, staring Nathen Lane and Robin Williams.

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"God damn it Mikey," Frank growled as he yanked Mikey behind the bar by his arm and shoved him the corner farthest from the stage. "If Gerard sees you here..."

"He'll have a coronary, I know." Mikey yelled over the music as he rubbed his now sore bicep. "I just wanted to tell you that Alicia and I were talking over our situation last night and we might have a solution."

"Oh really?"

"If we get Gerard a nice suite and tie and he drops his voice a couple of octaves he might be able to pass as straight."

"He'll never agree to that." Frank scowled and tried to imagine what Gerard would look like in mens clothing. Frank was doubtful. The only time Gerard ever wore an idem of mens clothing was when they went swimming. The rest of the time it was all skirts, blouses, tight girl jeans, and the occasional thong. "He would hate it."

"I know he would Frank, but it's the only choice we have if he's going to meet Alicias folks."

"You try to convince him, not me, I already know that it won't work."

"Fine," Mikey answered as the crowd gathered around the stage started to cheer, catcalls and whistles mingling with the small uproar of noise. On the stage Gerard had just finished his last number for the night and was stepping off as he smiled, waved, and blew kisses to his admirers.

"Oh shit Mikey, you gotta get out of here right now!"

"Huh..." Mikey turned towards the stage and spotted the problem. "Fuck! I'll call you tomorrow." Frank couldn't help but laugh at the way Mikey clambered out from behind the bar and made a run for the door, only to be delayed when a boy, dressed in pink from head to toe, took interest in his ass. He escaped the boys groping hands however, and got away in time.

"Hi baby, you were so awesome up there."

"Aren't I always?" Gerard giggled as he stepped behind the bar and tugged at the front of Franks shirt. "Let's get out of here."

Frank grinned and twisted around so he could catch the attention of his fellow bar keep. "Hey Jack, I'm leaving now. Batten down the hatches for me will ya."

"Aye aye captain," Jack saluted.


Gerard breathed a long string of un lady like curses as he untangled himself from Franks sleeping form and stumbled out of bed. The door buzzer was sounding quite impatiently in the distance and Gerard wondered who the fuck would be interrupting his beauty sleep. Making sure to plaster the most annoyed expression that he could muster upon his face he tied his dressing gown around his waist and opened the door.

"Hi...Oh shit!"

Mikey nearly dropped to his knees with the pain that radiated from his nose and made his eyes water. He glared at the door through his tears before twisting the doorknob, only succeeding in leaving a smear of blood on its polished brass finish.

"Fuck off!" Gerard screamed on the other side. "Go back home to your girlfriend and new family. It's obvious that you love them more then you love me!"

"Gee you know it's not like that."

Gerard was crying now, and the noise of that coupled with the commotion that Mikeys appearence at the door had caused roused Frank from the bedroom. "What is going on in here?" he asked as he unlocked the door and pulled it open. Mikeys bloody nose and the stain on the door where it had collided with his face told Frank every thing.

"Don't let him in here, he's not welcome," Gerard screeched.

Like many times before Frank ignored Gerards tantrum and helped Mikey into the kitchen. "Is it broken?"

"I don't think so but it hurt like a bitch." With a nod of thanks Mikey accepted the damp dishtowel that Frank offered him and sat at the breakfast table. "He's given me bloody noses before, I can deal."

"Why are you here?" Gerard asked from the doorway as he brushed tears out of his eyes.

"I came to apologize," Mikey answered and lifted the dishtowel away to examine the crimson blotch of blood. "I also wanted to tell you that Alicia and I have thought about it and we've decided to invite her parents over to our apartment for dinner so that you can meet them."


Mikey nodded. "Yes but you're going to have to wear a suite and tie."

"No I'm not."

"Yes you are. If you don't Alicias parents would never let me marry her."

"But what I wear shouldn't..."

"Her dad is practically a catholic minister. It would matter a whole lot to him if his daughter is marrying the brother of a transvestite."

Gerard was torn between throwing yet another fit and agreeing. The way that Mikey was looking at him with wide pleading eyes and a trickle of blood collected at the slight bow of his uper lip was chiseling away at Gerards rock hard stubbornness.

"I guess I could wear a suite and tie for one night."

Mikey smiled and Frank stared at Gerard in shock.
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