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School Daze

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Brittany trudges off to school to meet some pleasant surprises.

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"Here goes nothing." I said to myself. I pushed open the doors of my brand new high school. It was way huge compared to Ernastdale back home. I felt so small. There were a billion people. I got stares, which I was used to. Having snake bites, a nosering, 16 ear piercings (8 on each ear) and hot pink hair kinda made people look at you. I pulled the hood of my Jeffree Star hoodie lower over my eyes and followed the signs to the office. I chewed on my right lipring while the secretary, Ms. Rosewood, babbled on about how her grandparents were from England, school proceedures, and the forms I had to fill out and return. Then I was directed to the guidance councillers office for course selection. I took adavanced everything except math, in which I took applied. I was the pits in math. I was given my home fourm and locker assignements, a map, and my scheduale. I had missed about three quarters of first period (Thank you, Ms. Rosewood) so I headed straight for the gym. The current class was outside playing Soccer. I took a seat on the bleachers and watched. Hopefully that was what my class would be doing. A bell clanged, signaling the end of a period. I walked over to the teacher.

"Ahh. New student. From England, right?" She asked. I nodded. "Cool. I'm Ms. Narulea. What's your name and what's your game?" Ms. Narulea asked brightly. Oh great. The cheerleader type. Just what I needed.

"Uhh...Brittany Lyn. And I play Foot- I mean, soccer." I mumbled.

"Really? Did you play in a leauge?" She asked as we walked back inside. I nodded again.

"Very cool! Soccer tryouts are in a couple days. You should come." She said, handing me a gym uniform in the school colours, pink and black.

Another bell rang, and a stream of girls walked past us and into the change room. I followed them. As usual, there were stares and whispers, but I ignored it. I whipped into my uniform and walked out of the changeroom. Once everyone else had re-entered the gym, Ms. Narulea gathered us in front of here in a circle and made us sit down, just like kindergarden. Oh boy. This was going to be an interesting day.

"Ok class. We have a new student thats moved here from England. Brittany Lyn, why don't you stand up an introduce yourself?" She said. I could feel myself blush as I stood up in front of everyone. I was hella shy.

"Umm... My name's Brittany Lyn. I moved here from Bristol England." I stuttered, sitting down quickly. A couple girls laughed.

"Ok people. We're playing soccer today. I need two captins." Ms. Narulea instructed. She picked two preppy-looking girls who picked all their friends first. I got picked last, of course. We jogged outside. "Cathy's team, Shirts, Martha's team skins." Ms. Narulea yelled. I grabbed a black pinnie with the number 13 and jogged into center forward position. Another girl walked up to me.

"Excuse me, but you are in MY position." She said snottily. She had long hair which had been dyed blonde (her brown roots were coming in) and green eyes. She had fake acryllic nails with flowers airbrushed on them. She had rolled her gym shorts into bootie shorts.

"First come, first serve." I shot back just as rudely. I wasn't playing nice if she wasn't.

"Whatever loser. Just move." She huffed, buffing her nails.

"Get lost, you foolish cow. Go slutty up the other end of the feild." I said. She opened her eyes wide in disbelief and stomped away. I chuckled to myself. Looks like America had its whores too. At least I'd feel at home in that sense. I played my hardest, scoring 5 goals, allowing my team to win 5-0. A few of the girls from my team smiled and said bye as we all headed off to our next classes. A group of girls, surronding the one I had insulted earlier, stormed passed me, shooting my dirty looks. I smiled and waved back at them. I checked my scheduale. I had English next. I walked towards the direction the map said room 214 was. This school was so big! It was so confusing. I wasn't paying attention to where I was walking. I crashed into someone. I looked up to seea girl a few inches taller then me, with short brown hair that had blue streaks in it. "Ohmygosh. I'm so sorry!" I said. The girl laughed.

"It's ok. I'm a spaz too. Everyone knows to move out of my way when I'm coming down the hall, or else risk personal injury from my fallinn on them." I laughed too. "I'm Kiley." The girl said. I noticed she had her tounge peirced.

"Brittany Lyn." I said.

"You're new here. Where you from?" Kiley asked.

"England." I answered.

"Ahha! That explains the supercool accent!" Kiley grinned. I smiled back. "What class do you have now?" She asked me.

"Advanced English. 214 with someone named......Mr. Wenler." I said. Kiley was wearing black skinnies, a purple tank top with black polkadots, and a plain black hoodie with blackk and white checkered Vans. I took a look at what I was wearing. My Jefrre star hoodie (The one with the pink, orange, and yellow stars with a white backround) tight dark blue skinnies which had writing all over them (Courtesy of the friends back home) and my white slip-ons that had the british flag painted on them.

"No way! Me too!" She said. We started to walk to class. Kiley filled me in on Wenler. "He's really super old, and practically deaf, so you can listen to your Ipod in class easily enough. He barely gives homework and all he does is make you read to yourself quietly from the textbook while he reads the paper at his desk, so it's pretty much a free period to sit and chill with friends." She said laughing.

"Sounds like my kind of class!" I said. Kiley nodded her agreement. We entered the class and took a seat at the back. After I did the hwole intro thing to the class again, Mr. Wenler did exactly what Kiley said he would do. Assigned pages to read, and then went back behind his newspaper. Kiley and I spent the class getting to know each other. So far my first day was off to a good start.
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