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Meeting the gang

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It turned out that Kiley was in all of my classes except French (I was taking two languages, French, because my dad was french, so I already knew some of it, and Spanish because it was required.) Gym, and Math (She was good in math. I was not.) We went to lunch together. Kiley introduced me to a few people. One boy in particular, Ryan, seemed just as shy as I was. Once we were finished eating, we had about 45 minutes before we had to go to class. (I didn't eat. I hated eating in front of people that I didn't know very well.)

"Why don't we go sit in the library? There's no one ever there!" A boy named Brendon suggested. Everyone else agreed, so off we went. I noticed Kiley flirting with a boy named Joe, and he seemed to be flirting back.

"What's up with you and Joe?" I asked her. She grinned secretivly.

"Nothing." She said coyly.

"Doesn't look like nothing." I teased. She just grinned and went and jumped on Joe's back. Joe laughed and piggy-backed her the rest of the way to the library.

"So you're from England?" A voice said from beside me. I looked up and saw Brendon walking beside me. I smiled and nodded. "That's cool. Do you like Chicago?" He asked.

"Well, it's only my third day here, so it's kind of hard to tell." I said politely.

"You flew in on Saturday?"


"Cool. I'm from Las Vegas originally. I moved out here about 3 years ago. Ryan's from there too! So is Spencer. Ryan and Spencer both live with me. Ryan's dad was an alcoholic and abusive, and Spencer got kicked out, so when my parents and I moved down here they made those two come with us." Brendon explained. I was kind of surprised that he was so open the first day he had ever talked to me. I wasn't sure if I liked him yet. He seemed kinda flakey.

"Brendon! Quit scaring the new kid with your big mouth!" A kid named Pete laughed. He was the same height as me, with hazel eyes and bright blue hair that fell in his face slightly.

"Yeah!" Spencer yelled. Brendon and Spencer started to play fight, which left me walking with Pete.

"Kiley said you used to play soccer back home?" He asked me.

"Yeah, I did. Center forward." I said. He smiled.

"No way! Me too! Did you play for a Rep team?"

"Mmmm-hmmm. I had just made the Bristol Battlestars. You probably haven't heard of them." I said smiling. Pete shook his head.

"Yeah, I have actually! I have a buddy that lives in England. His sister used to know a girl that played for them a long time ago. Aren't they like, the best in the country or something like?" Pete asked.

"Summat like that." I said. No sense in bragging and looking like a jerk.

"That's awesome. You've gotta try out for the team. If you were good by England standards, you'll be great here!" Pete laughed. I laughed too. We reached the library and, just as Brendon had promised, there was no one else there. We took seats in a corner that had couches and overstuffed armchairs. I sat on a couch with Pete and Ryan, Kiley and Joe were sitting on a two-seater, and Jon, Spencer, and two boys named Andy and Patrick were all sitting in armchairs.

"Ok! Time to get to know Brittany!" Patrick announced, I sunk lower in my seat and groaned. "Here's how it works. We all get to ask a question, and Britt- wait, can I call you that?" I nodded. "Ok. And Britt has to answer truthfully." Patrick explained.

"Like 20 questions?" I asked. Patrick nodded. "Ok. Shoot." I said.

"Me first!" Andy yelled. "Do you have a boyfriend?" Everyone laughed.

"I did, back in England. But we agreed it was stupid to carry on when I was halfway around the world. We're still friends and all, but I didn't think it was fair to him to make him stay faithful to a girl he might not ever see again." I explained, surprising myself. Usually I didn't tell anyone anything about myself.

"Ok. Who's next?" Patrick asked.

"I will!" Kiley said. "Do you play an instruments?"

"Yeah. Bass, guitar, acoustic and electric, piano, violin, cello, trumpet, flute, and I sing, but not very well." I laughed. Everyone looked at me.

"Whoa." Pete said.

"Well, it rains a hell of a lot in the UK, so when I wasn't skateboarding I didn't really have much else to do." I said quietly.

"That’s so cool!" Andy exclaimed. I smiled.

"Ok. My turn. There is no way your mom gave you permission to get all those piercings. How'd you do it?" Patrick asked.

"My dad's a tattoo artist and the shop he works at does pericings too, so whenever my dad would get drunk or high I'd convince him to give me permission." I said. "Awesome!" Patrick said, grinning. "Can I meet your dad?"

"Not unless you go to England." I muttered.

"Your parents are divorced?" Patrick asked, sounding shocked.

"Hey! You are only supposed to ask ONE question Patrick." Pete said. Our eyes met and he nodded, letting me know he understood.

"I wanna ask one! Do you have any tattoos?" Joe asked me.

"Yes." I answered.

"Where?" Spencer asked.

"My lower back." I said.

"Can we see it?" Jon asked excitedly.

"It's nothing that exciting. Just a black heart." I told them.

"So! We wanna see!" Jon said. I sighed and stood up, lifting the back of my shirt up to show them the black heart.

"Dude that’s awesome!" Joe exclaimed. I sat back down. People started to talk about what kind of piercings and tattoos they wanted, so at least the spotlight was off me. I sat there without saying much the rest of the time.

"Did it hurt?" Pete asked me.

"What? Sorry, I kinda zoned out there for a second." I apologized, blushing. Pete laughed.

"You are so shy. It's cute. But I don’t know HOW you're gonna handle drama." He said. I blushed a deeper shade of red at his comment.

"I'll manage, just like I did back home." I told him. "And yes, getting the tattoo and all my piercings hurt like a bitch. Except the ear piercings. They don’t hurt. My nose wasn't that bad either. But the bellybutton was the WORST!" I said.

"You have your bellybutton pierced as well? How many is that?" Pete asked me.

"Ummm, let’s see. 16 ear piercings, two lip piercings, one nose, one bellybutton and a toungering. That’s 21." I said, doing the simple adding in my head. I may have been bad at math, but I wasn't THAT bad.

"I never noticed you had your tongue pierced!" Pete said confused. I stuck my tongue out to show him the silver ball in the center of my tongue.

"How could you? She doesn't talk enough to show it!" Kiley laughed. I smiled.
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