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Classes continue

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The bell rang. I said goodbye and rushed to my locker. I grabbed my books and headed off to math class. Jon was in this class thankfully. I grabbed the empty seat beside him.

"Good afternoon young peoples. And how are we today?" Our teacher, Mr.Hiene asked. There was the usual collective "Fine, thanks." from the class. Mr. Hiene's eyes fell upon me. "Ah ha." He said. "I see we have a new pupil amongst us. Please, stand up and tell us a few things about yourself." I groaned and stood up. Jon gave me a sumpathetic look.

"Well, ummmm, my name is Brittany Lyn. I moved here from England, and I hate math." The class gave a ripple of agreement, and Mr. Hiene smiled.

"Well, thank you for letting us know where you stand. I hope you won't let having to seat next to Mr. Walker be a problem." He laughed.

"No, she's my friend." Jon said. I smiled greatfully at him.

"More like fellow freak." Someone whispered from behind us. I turned around to find myself facing- Who else?- Ms. Soccer slut herself. The royal bitch from my gym class. I flipped her off and turned back around, paying attention to what was being written on the board.

"Don't let her get to you." Jon whispered. "Her name is Heather. Head cheerleader, and not to mention giver." He laughed. I put my hand over my mouth to stiffle a giggle. The rest of the class went smoothly. I finished the homework in class. It was algerbra, a subject I had already done back home in Bristol. The bell rang just as Jon and I were finishing our game of tic-tac-toe. On my way out, I managed to knock Heather's purse off her desk spilling the contents on the floor. She gave me a dirty look. I blew her a kiss and walked out, high-fiving Jon. My next class was drama. Jon had Gym, so I said goodbye and started towards the auditorium. When I got there, Kiley was in a conversation with the teacher, so I went and sat by myself in one of the higher-up rows. A girl with bright orange hair was sitting a few seats away from me listening to her Ipod. I pulled out my notebook and started to doodle little bats and cartoon characters I had made up all over the page. The bell rang, and everyone went to find their seats. Kiley saw me and waved, but before she could make it up to where I was sitting, the teacher told her to take her seat where she was. She rolled her eyes and sat down, turning around to mouth "What a bitch". I nodded in agreement.

"Ok students. Listen up. We are starting a new project today. You will be reciting a scene from Romeo and Juliet in pairs. Boy-girl, if you please." I slumped further down in my chair. Great. I would have to pretend to be in love with someone I didn't know. Perfect.

"Need a partner?" A voice said from behind me. I looked up and saw Pete standing there.

"Dude, you are such a life saver." I told him as he took the seat beside me.

"Hope I'm cherry flavored!" He said. I rolled my eyes and smiled at his lame joke.

"Since when are you in my class?" I asked him.

"Since the beginning of the year. YOU are the new kid. It's you thats in MY class." He teased. I smiled. A couple kids came around passing out scripts. We had to do the kissing scene! I groaned. One kid asked the teacher, Mrs. Blumenthal, why we had to do THIS scene.

"A few of you are too shy. This will teach you to open up!" She cried, thrusting her arms out for effect. I rolled my eyes and sighed. We sat there kind of akwardly for a moment.

"Well, should we just get it over with?" Pete said unsurely. I nodded. We started saying our lines. We were about halfway through when Mrs. Blumenthal yelled

"Line up in front of the stage! You will be preforming your scene to the class!" I started at her in disbelief. It was going to be hard enough kissing Pete when it was just the two of us. Now I had to do it in front of the whole class?

"Hey, you ok?" Pete asked, snapping his fingers in front of my face.

"What?" I said blankly. Pete laughed.

"You do that alot, don't you?" He grinned.

"Not usually, just today." I said quietly.

"Let's go people!" The teacher bellowed. I sighed and stood up with Pete. We walked to the stage and took a place in line. When it was our turn, we said our lines well. I started to get nervous when we were about two lines away from the kiss.

"Alas, my love, parting is such sweet sorrow. I bid you goodnight, until it be marrow." Pete said. Then he leaned in and kissed me softly on the lips, placing his hands on my hips. I did the same. There were a couple cat calls and whistles from the audience. We broke apart and jumped off the stage. Kiley grinned impishly at me.

"Way to go Wentz! Scoring with the hot new chick!" Some guy yelled. I put my hood up, my cheeks burning.

Pete laughed at me as I dove back into my seat, slouching down as far as I could.

"You really didn't like that did you?" He asked. I shook my head. He laughed again. "Was kissing me really that bad?" He said.

"The kissing part was fine. Kissing in front of a whole room full of people? Not even close to cool." I said.

"You sure are a shy little thing." Pete said. I didn't respond. The kissing part was MORE then fine. I had....liked it. But I had just broken off with Jacob. I still loved him, didn't I?
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