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The rest of the drama class was fine. I talked with Pete about soccer, stopping only to cheer on Kiley. Class was almost over when I noticed one of the girls Heather had been talking to this morning after gym was staring at Pete and I. We were whispering our conversation in each other's ears so that Mrs. Blumenthal wouldn't hear us. Pete had his arm around the back of my chair as he was talking to me. I wondered why she was staring at us, and then I realized what it must look like. Oh well, I thought, Let's give them something to gossip about.

"What are you doing after school?" Pete asked me.

"I dunno. Why?"

"Well, everyone's coming over to my house, and I wondered if you wanted to come?" He whispered. I smiled and nodded. When the bell rang, we walked outside and waited for Kiley.

"You two did the best job!" She exclaimed. I blushed again. "Seriously! It was so cute!" She said. I smiled polietly and muttered a "Thanks." Heather and her friend from my drama class walked by. Heather gave me the finger and whispered something to her friend. The both laughed as they walked off.

"What was all THAT about?" Pete asked. I told him and Kiley what had happened that day as we reached my locker. Turns out Pete's was right next to mine, and Kiley was three down. "I wouldn't make an enemy out of her." Pete warned. I shrugged.

"Nothing I haven't dealt with before. A skank's a skank. They're all disgusting and bitchy, and dangerous in high school." I said.

"He's right, Brittany. She's bad news with a capital B." Kiley said.

"And I'm trouble with a capital T, so things should get interesting." I said. Kiley giggled as she closed her locker, slinging her backpack over her shoulder. I didn't have any homework, so I left mine at school. Once Pete was done, we walked over to where everyone else's lockers were.

"Brittany coming too?" Brendon asked. I nodded. He smiled. "Cool. Our crew's going international!" he yelled. I laughed.

"Ohmygod, you guys should've been in drama class. Pete and Britt had to kiss!" Kiley exclaimed. Everyone teased us for the rest of the walk home. We walked into Pete's house and were greeeted by his two huge black dogs, Pandora and Marley. Marley jumped up on me, putting his front paws on my shoulders.

"Marlye! Get down!" Pete yelled.

"It's ok. I'm used to big dogs. My dad has two huge german shepards. I grew up with them." I explained. Pete's mom came walking into the lliving room.

"Hey everybody." She said. She looked at me. "Well, hello there! I'm Mrs. Wentz. And you are....?"

"Brittany. She just moved here from England on saturday!" Pete explained.

"Ahhh. Jet-lagged?" She asked.

"Yeah, a little." I admitted. She laughed.

"Well, if your like the others, this will become your second home. I think Andy might even have a key." She joked. Everyone laughed.

"Come on you guys. Let's go to the basement!" Patrick said. We all paraded into the basement. I shivered. We all grabbed seats. Everyone was talking about what had gone on that day. I sat there quietly and listened. My mobile went off in my pocket, blaring Marilyn Manson's "This is the new shit" as my ringtone. Joe air guitared before I picked it up. Brendon threw a pillow at him.


"Brittany! It's mum! Where are you?"

"At a friends house."


"A kid I met at school today." ("And kissed!" Andy yelled. Pete jumped on top of him, and they started to wrestle.)

"What was that?"

"Nothing mom. I'll be home later."

"Well, ok. I might not be home I have to work late. Low man on the totem pole, and they need skeleton staff."

"Ok. Bye."

"I love you."

"Whatever." I hung up the phone. She wasn't gonna win me back that easily.
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