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Tryouts and Sellouts

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Pete's POV

I watched Britt as she wrote. We were sitting in drama class a few days later. We were supposed to be writing scripts, but I was too excited for the soccer tryouts that afternoon. We had convinced Brittany to try out along side Kiley. Not to mention I was also trying out for the boys team today! Britt scribbled something out vicously and chewed her lip ring, her eyebrows knitted together in concentration. I couldn't help but laugh quietly. She looked up at me. I grinned.

"What?" She whispered.

"You're funny when you get pissed at yourself." I answered innocently.

"Whatever." She smiled, shaking her head. After a few minutes, she closed her notebook and slid it under the auditorium chair. "I give up. I can't write Shakespear. Why is Mrs. Blumenthal so obsessed with him anyways?" She hissed.

"Her first ever major role was some chick in 12th night or something." I explained vaugely. Britt rolled her eyes and yawned. I heard someone humming the Mission Impossible themesong quietly. I turned to see Kiley darting down the row towards us. She took a seat beside me. "Ummmm, what the hell?" I laughed.

"I had to sneak up her so Mrs. Bitch wouldn't see." She explained.

"But why were you humming MI?" I asked. She shrugged and grinned.

"More fun." She said. Britt laughed.

"Right.." She said. Kiley stuck out her tounge. Britt stuck out hers in return. I pulled both their hoods down over their eyes laughing.

"Jerk." Kiley muttered, fixing her hair.

"But you love me, so it's ok." I said.

"True." Kiley said. Just then, the bell rang. "Tryouts!" Kiley yelled, dashing out of the room. Britt got up slowly and waited for me. I walked her to her locker so she could put her books away before going to tryouts. She was chewing her lip ring again. I knew enough now that it meant she was nervous.

"Worried?" I asked. She nodded as she closed her locker. I brushed her hair out of her face, but it just slithered back into its place. She laughed and hugged me lightly. I put my arms around her, pulling her into me. We stayed like that for a few seconds, but then she pulled away.

"I better go." She said. "Good luck!" She kissed me on the cheek then ran towards the gym. My tryouts were on the other soccer field, at the toher end of the school. I walked into the changerooms and put on my gym uniform. I grabbed a number and headed out to warm up.

Two hours, 10 suicide runs, 20 goals, 4 out of 5 headers, too many drills to count, and a hell of alot of dirt later, tryouts were over. Tomarrow after school we would fins out who made it. I wanted to find Brittany and Kiley to find out how they did, but my mom was already in the parking lot. About halfway home my cellphone started to ring.


"Pete! How'd it go?"

"Pretty good, Kiley. How'd you and Brittany do?"

"Well, I did amazing, of course."

"I expected no less. Continue."

"And you have found yourself one talented girlfriend. She can kick the ball harder then her petite frame would suggest, and shes fast as hell. She cranked in more goals then some of the returning players!"

"Sweet! I'm so psyched for tomarrow now!"

"I know! Me too!"

"So, where is Brittany?"

"Right here."

"Can I talk to her?"

"She says she's too good for you now." I could hear Britt say something and Kiley answer back. The line went kind of staticy, then Britt's voice came over the phone.

"I SO did not say that!"

"I figured."

"Kiley says if I dont hang up the phone I'm getting ;eft behind cause we have to run for the bus. I'll see you tomarrow, 'Kay?"

"Ypu. Bye babe."

"Bye Pete."

I hung up the phone. We pulled into my driveway and I went inside, throwing my dirty uniform into the laundry room and walking upstairs to my bedroom. I threw my bag onto thr floor and laid down on my bed. I was tired, but it felt good. Just like awlays, after a good hard practise. My mom walked into the room.

"So, who's you're babe?" My mom asked, a knowing twinkle in her eye.

"Mo-om." I groaned.

"Come on." She said.

"Fine. You know Brittany?"

"The girl that was here a few days ago? Lots of piercings, bright pink hair, very shy?"


"Oh, Petey, that's so nice."


"Sorry sweetie, I'm just glad your dating again. After Heather....."
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