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Brittany's POV

I woke up the next morning very tired and very sore. I dragged myself out of bed and over to my closet. I grabbed a hoodie, jeans, and a t-shirt, and got changed out of my Manchester United pajamas. I brushed my hair and teeth, put on my eyeliner, grabbed my bag, and left. I walked to bus stop. When I got there, a bus was waiting. I jumped on and rode to school. When I got there, I didn't see anybody so I went into the school. I was at my locker getting my stuff togther when two arms snaked around my waist and pulled me backwards into a warm muscular body.

"Good morning." A voice said in my ear. I turned around and rested my cheek on his shoulder.

"Hi, Petey." I said, letting his warmth and body engulf me.

"So soccer went good?" He asked. I nodded.

"You?" I asked, my voice slightly muffled by his hoodie.

"Pretty good." He said non-chalantly. He pulled away, resting his hands on my shoulders, then letting them slide down my arms and grabbing my hands. "Did you sleep well?" He asked pleasantly. I sighed and shook my head. He pouted. "No? Why?" He asked. I shrugged.

"I never do, to be honest." I told him. I turned back to my locker and grabbed my books. Pete went to his locker and did the same.

"We have history, right?"Kiley asked, coming to her locker. The bell had just rung. Her eyes were red. I nodded.

"Were you just with Joe?" I asked. She grinned and nodded.

"Is it that obvious?" She ased worriedly.

"Chill. It's paranoia." Pete told her. She grabbed her books and we headed towards class. We walked in to find Mr. Wenler at Ms. Divia's desk. Brendon, Ryan, and Spencer were already at their seats. I looked at Brendon in confusion. He shrugged. We took our seats in silent confusion. Mr. Wenler looked up at us as if he just realized we were there.

"Oh! Kids! Did the bell ring?" He said. A few kids mumbled a yes. "Oh, well, err, umm, yes. Well, I-I hate to inform you, b-but Mrs. Divia won't be returning." People shouted their confusion and anger at this news. I stayed quiet.

"Why?" Spencer yelled at Mr. Wenler.

"That is none of your concern, Mr. Smith. Now, there are pages for you to read on the board, and from your english marks, it'll tske you a while to understand them. So I'd suggest you get started." Mr. Wenelr snapped. He sat down and pulled out a newspaper. He dissappeared behind it. We all started to whisper amongst themselves.

"What d'you think happened?" Ryan said. My stomache growled. I crossed my arms over it and hoped no one noticed. It's been seven days, I thought, How much longer can I go? I pushed the thought from my mind and tried to focus on what people were saying.

"Maybe she's pregnant?" Ryan suggested. People considerd this option, then dismissed it.

"She would have gained weight." Brendon said logically. The rest of the class went this way. People giving ideas, others thinking about it, then shooting them down. The bell rang and I walked out of the classroom. Pete grabbed my wrist and spun me around.

"We're skipping, you coming?" He asked.

"Do you ever go to a full day of class?" I asked him.

"Only on days when you're in all my classes. You have gym next, I have music. We can ditch." He explained. I nodded and followed him, along with Spencer, Ryan, Brendon, and kiley towards the library.

"We're meeting Joe, Andy, Jon, PAtrick, and Steff there." Ryan said. I nodded again. We got to the library. No one else was there except some grade 12's doing last minute homework. I got really dizzy climbing the stairs to the second floor, but I shook it off and kept going. When we reached our usual corner, I collapsed onto one of the chairs. I saw Kiley and Pete above me, then nothing


Short again. Sorry. Not much time.

"Mama, we all go to hell. it's really quite pleasant except for the smell, Mama we all go to hell"
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