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Ed and Winry admit their feelings for each other when he comes home for just a few days. More interesting than it seems, I suck at summaries!

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Loving a Dog of the Military

By: Brynn Parker

Author's Note (!!PLEASE READ!!): OK, just a few things...first, I don't own Full Metal Alchemist. If I did, there would be more Winry and Ed stuff and more romance in general. Second, this is my first FMA fic, so I take CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM please, no flames. I don't understand why anyone does those anyway. If you don't like it, why are you wasting your time reading it? Third: This thing is going to be some of the fluffiest fluff ever, and if you don't like fluff...then no flames if you read it. I mean, HELLO, it's romance!! So go read something violent.

Oh yeah, I welcome compliments too, if there are any out there. Which there probably aren't because I just...don't have the talent of writing. Sorry.

So go ahead, read and enjoy!!

Winry woke with a start and realized that she was in bed. 'I must have been dreaming,' she thought. She shook her head, trying to smile, but the terrible images from her dream wouldn't disappear: Edward Elric bleeding on the ground from all the places her automail couldn't protect him.

She looked at the clock in the dim light and sighed - it would probably be at least another couple of hours until Ed and Al arrived for another short visit, but she walked to the room where Ed would stay anyway, sitting down on the bed. She balled up a loose thread from the old blanket in her callused automail engineer's fingers and smiled, knowing that Ed had slept in this very place less then a year ago, when he and Al had last come to visit. She could almost smell that masculine, metallic scent that belonged to him, hear the click of his metal foot on the old wood floor.

She realized that she wasn't imagining it when Ed's voice jerked her out of her thoughts. "Winry?" he said in surprise, "What are you doing in here?"

She blushed, immediately getting defensive and standing up quickly. "It's my house Edward, I can go where I want!" she blurted out. 'Great excuse Winry...'

"Oh..." What was that she saw on his face? Disappointment? "Goodnight then."

She relaxed again and walked towards him when she saw the defeated, sad look in his eyes. This was not the proud, arrogant Ed she knew. "No, I'm glad you're back," she said as she got closer to him. He didn't look up, and she started to look a little annoyed.

"It's been too long," he said quietly. She felt his flesh hand brush against hers and looked down. This was really strange, but almost...comfortable.

"Edward, are you OK?" she said, gazing straight into his eyes. She realized he was about the same height as her now, different, just like everything else about him. When had he ever been as tall as her? When had he gotten so sexy...

"It's been too long, didn't ya' hear me?" he said, giving her a cute half smile.

"Been too long...away from me?" she squeaked.

"Yeah...Winry..." he leaned forward...

And that's when she woke up. Again. She rolled over on her stomach and growled into her pillow, aggravated. It seemed like every time she'd had that dream she woke up right when he was about to kiss her. Why couldn't she just sleep long enough to get to that one part?! WHY?!

She looked at the clock and sighed. The Elric brothers would be here already, and judging by the time, it was already too late for her to go to his room and find him asleep. She laughed at herself a little, realizing how extremely stalker-ish it was to watch him sleep. She didn't know when she'd started having these...different...feelings for Ed, but she did know that they were there and they were strong. 'I guess it started about the same time as these stupid dreams,' she thought, rolling over onto her back and getting out of bed.

She pulled on some jeans and her traditional black top and pink button-up shirt, then quickly brushed her hair and put it into a ponytail. She checked her reflection in the mirror, which she would usually never do because of her amazing amount of self confidence, then slowly went downstairs. "Good morning," Granny Pinako said, "I'm guessing you already know he's here." She smiled that knowing smile of hers and Winry laughed weakly when Pinako said "he" instead of "they".

"Yeah...I'm gonna go say hi...." she shuffled out, blushing. How did that old lady always know?!?!

"Winry!" Al called from where the brothers were sparring. Ed's jaw dropped but he quickly hid his face. 'Has she gotten even prettier since the last time we came...?' he thought.

Winry had some trouble concentrating on talking while she was staring at topless Ed. Had he gotten taller? She remembered her dream from last night and shook her head, forcing her eyes from Ed's chest to Al's armor face. "Hey Al," she said as she made it all the way to where they were. She gave the big suit of armor a hug and blushed as she noticed Ed staring at her. She blinked in confusion. 'He's me?' The stare was gone as soon as she noticed it though, and a smirk decorated his face.

"So I don't get a hug too?" he asked slyly. She was suddenly smirking as well.

"After that stare you were giving me...I'm too tall for you anyways," she flipped her hair dramatically and he glared at her immediately.

"WHO ARE YOU CALLING A SPECK OF DUST SO TINY THAT NOT EVEN A FLEA COULD SEE IT?!!" he said, waving his arms dramatically. Al sweatdropped and Winry smirked more. This was exactly the reaction she had expected from him.

"Brother..." Al sighed.

"I didn't call you that, you big baby," she said, laughing a little, then stopped and stared at him, "Actually..."

He stood proudly. "I'm not so short after all, see?" He sighed dejectedly when she immediately walked over and started inspecting his automail leg.

"We're gonna need to give that leg an extension," she said, pulling some tool out of her pocket and measuring the leg, "Hmm..."

"Uh, Winry..."

"What?" She blushed, realizing that her hands had settled on his thighs as she stared from leg to leg. "Oh...sorry Ed," she said, quickly pulling her hands away from his legs. They were all blushing and Ed and Winry were giggling uncomfortably when Winry abruptly stood up and walked towards the workshop. "So let's go get that extension, Edward!" she said.

"I'll....go help Pinako," Al said, running towards the house before Ed could stop him.

"Al, wait!" he said, sighing, and then starting to trudge up the hill towards the workshop. He couldn't be alone with Winry for too long or he knew...he might do something that she would hate him for.

"Sit," Winry said shortly, motioning to the chair in the middle of the room and then going over to a table and pulling out some tools. She came back and knelt by his leg, "This shouldn't hurt a bit."

"I know," he answered as she got to work, "You've only done this, I don't know, a thousand times?"

"You haven't grown that much you moron," she said, laughing gently. He smiled at her laughter.

"Winry," he sighed, "It's been too long."

She stopped abruptly. "What did you just say?" she asked.

"It's been..." she stared up at him and he gulped, "It's been too long?"

He'd known this wasn't a good idea, but he couldn't resist. He pulled her head to his and kissed her. She dropped her tools in shock, but soon found herself returning the kiss. 'She...she wants this?'

He pulled away from her quickly, staring into her eyes. She had a kind of hazy look on her face. "Am I dreaming?" she said, blinking slowly.

"Winry, I'm sorry," he said, blushing and looking away from her.

"For what?"

"I don't want you to be burdened with this...with me," he said, "I'm sorry."

"You think you're a burden to me?" she looked down too, her emotions abruptly swinging from dreamy to upset. She bit her lip, "You don't think I'm strong enough to take care of be with you?" She quickly picked up her tools and stood, putting the tools back on the table.

"Winry, wait, I didn't mean it like that..."

"I'm done with your leg now," she said, "I'm going back to the house." She immediately turned around and ran back to the house. He got up just as quickly and caught up with her in no time with his stronger legs.

"Winry, wait!" he said, grabbing her hand. She turned around, angry.

"After all you've been through...after all I've seen you go through, after all the time I've been there with you!! Don't you think that you need somebody to take care of you for once?!" She burst out, tears streaming down her face.

"No," he said flatly, "This is my burden...I don't want you to have to carry it too."

"Edward Elric!" she screamed, shoving him back by his shoulders. He fell to the ground, shocked, and she glared down at him, "I love you, you idiot! You're so high and mighty with your 'heavy burden'! It's more of a burden to love you and not be able to help you! Don't you think we worry about you when you go wandering off? And Al? Don't you wonder how he feels, knowing that you suffer to take care of him, when he wants to take care of you too?! How do you think that feels Edward?"

He stared up at her, glaring back just as fiercely and standing up, "It's my duty to get Al's body back, no matter the cost," he said quietly, which scared Winry more than if he'd just been yelling, "And I don't want you to cry when I'm gone."

"Edward, you know that if you sacrifice yourself for Al, that when I die I'm going to hunt you down and kick your ass!" she said angrily. He stared at her, thinking that his little speech would have scared her away. "I'm stronger than you think you pipsqueak!" At that she turned around and stormed off, and he didn't have the heart to follow her. He didn't even know if he should anymore; he couldn't tell if she was mad enough that she didn't...didn't want him anymore, or if she wanted him to go after her and tell her it was alright! He growled in frustration and went off to go punch something.

Winry, on the other hand, was feeling mixed emotions at that moment. She was furious at him for thinking she was weak, but she also wanted him to hold her and tell her it was OK. This was very confusing to Winry, which made her even more angry, and she stormed all the way up to her room, slamming the door behind her.

"Edward," Pinako and Al said in unison, sweatdropping.

Winry didn't come out of her room until dinner, which was a very uncomfortable event. Pinako and Al did all they could to ignore the glares that Winry and Ed were giving each other across the table, but eventually it got to be too much for them.

Pinako was the first to wisely retreat, and Al followed soon after, leaving Winry and Ed to sit in silence.

Ed took a drink of his tea and when he put it back down, the cup shattered in his tensed up automail hand.

"You're so damn clumsy!" Winry yelled, slamming her fork down on the glass plate and chipping it. She turned red and stood, picking up the chipped plate, "And look at what you're doing, making me break things like that. Argh!!!" She growled in frustration then put her dish in the sink, scrubbing it in frustration. Ed followed her.

"It's not my fault you keep on breaking stuff," he said, "You always do. The leg doesn't even feel right yet. And my arm is still too short. And you know, I have to get this stuff fixed before I go back to Central for more orders."

"Alright then, follow me!" she fumed, grabbing his arm and dragging him to the couch. She pulled a tool box out of some cabinets and then went back to his leg, grumbling about "damn men". He crossed his arms and stared across the room angrily. She soon finished with his leg again and took measurements of his human arm. He couldn't help but feel shivers on his skin when she touched him, but he kept still and didn't do anything. She added the extensions to his arm quickly, and he realized that she usually had more consideration for his feelings when she was doing this. And he meant feelings literally, as in she wasn't being all that careful about bumping nerves.

"I'm done," she said, not looking at him but brushing off the automail and admiring her own handiwork. Ed glanced down at her; her face was so close to his.

Winry felt something tickle the side of her face and she suddenly realized that it was Ed's lips softly kissing her. She knelt still for a moment as he proceeded to kiss her forehead and her other cheek. 'Is he really doing he finally opening up to me?' She turned towards him, and held his face in her hands. "Does this mean you're going to let me in?" she asked, smiling weakly.

"I love you too Winry Rockbell," he said, smiling back at her and then kissing her on the lips. She turned it into something more as she wrapped her arms around his neck, and he, in turn, bruised her lips, his tongue requesting entrance into her mouth. His hands found her hips, from which she'd discarded the pink button-up shirt earlier to tie around her head in a bandana, and he ran his hands up the sides of her body, suddenly realizing more than ever how sexy everything about her was: that tiny black top she wore, the low-slung jeans, her alarming level of attitude. He pulled his face away from hers. "Do you...want to go somewhere more private?" He blushed a little as he said this, the thought suddenly dawning on him that he was going "somewhere more private" with the girl that he'd been friends with for all his life, since before he'd even cared how beautiful she was.

The thought crossed Winry's mind that she knew what would happen if they went upstairs, but it passed soon; she trusted Ed with her soul and body more than anyone else in the world. "Yes," she breathed, and they quietly climbed the squeaky wooden stairs, hand in hand.

When they got into a room and began kissing again, Ed shut the door behind them and Winry realized that he really had grown to her height as he pushed her against the door, his body against hers. She also knew that he was a man now, as he had...she scolded herself for thinking this...also grown in other places.

She pushed his coat off his shoulders and peeled his tanktop off of his sweaty skin, then ran her hands over his smooth, muscular chest and abs, her mouth following her hands. She sucked on his chest and knelt down to his stomach, tasting his skin.

"Winry..." he moaned, reluctantly pulling her head away from his abs.

"What?" she asked.

He knelt down so he was at eye level with her, "If this goes any know..."

"I know," she said, quietly, "I'm ready...are you?"

"You know I can't stay here with you," he said bitterly, "I'll have to go back to the military..."

"Never mind that," she said, "I'll wait for you..." she kissed his forehead, "...always..."

At this he picked her up by her thighs and kissed her, sitting at the foot of his bed with her straddling him. Winry had just realized that they were in his room, just like... "I used to dream about this," she said quietly.

"Me too," he said, smiling against her mouth and then trying to pull off her top. He laughed a little, embarrassed, "How do you get this thing off?" he asked.

She undid her hair and shook it out, and then guided his hands to her back, "It's buttoned, you moron," she laughed, but it changed into a throaty moan as his mouth went to her chest. He took a nipple into his mouth and she held his head to her chest, sighing out his name.

His hands ran along her back, and she suddenly realized that his cold automail arm was scratching at her skin. She was surprised to find that she liked how it felt, the part of him that was hers. She kissed the shoulder where his automail met his flesh and he moaned into her chest, then brought his lips back up to her neck, occasionally raking his teeth along her skin, matching the feel of his automail on her back. He pulled off his pants and so did she, leaving them both in their underwear, and he ran his hands along her thighs, one warm and soft, one cold and steel, somehow working together. His fingers crept along the waist of her underwear and she stopped for a moment, "I'm ready," she said huskily, "Please, I'm more than ready..."

He pulled off her panties and she quickly removed his boxers, and he held her hands as he moved into her, but stopped as she cried out in pain. "Am I hurting you?" he asked worriedly.

" keep going," she said, sucking in a breath. She squeezed his hands, hurting the real one, as he went in the rest of the way. Then he started to move in and out of her and she gasped in breaths with him. He started to moan louder and louder and she went along with him until he almost came.

"Kiss me before I..."

"Me too..." he said, and then shoved his mouth against hers as she they let out a scream into one another. She wrapped her legs around him and he soon collapsed beside her before pulling the covers over them both and holding her tight against him. "Winry, I love you, I love you, I love you..."

"I know," she said, laughing. She rolled over to face him, "When you come back, we're going to have a family," she said, her eyes bright.

"What?!" he said, his eyes widening, "You're..."

"No, stupid, I'm not pregnant," she said, "I wouldn't know yet. But...we're going to get married, and we're going to be happy."

"When I come back," he said wistfully as she seemed to drift to sleep. He got close enough to her that his breath moved her hair and then whispered, "You know I won't be here when you wake up."

She flung an arm over him, making him jump slightly, "I'm holding onto you and I'm not letting go until you tell me you'll say goodbye this time."

"Alright Winry...I will."

Winry woke with a start, realizing that she must be in bed. 'Was it all a dream?' she wondered, then realized that for one thing, she was not wearing any clothes, and for another thing, there was a note on the pillow next to her. She picked it up and unfolded it.


I'm not all that great at writing, so I'm just going to tell you exactly how I feel; and how I feel is terrible about leaving you like this. But you know how hard it is to say goodbye. I'll be more careful now that I know that I have people that love me back home and with me. Thanks for forcing me to realize that I have Al, and Pinako, and all the people at Central, and you. I love you so much. But you must know that by now.

I'll write as often as I can, since I'm sure you'll worry about me. Try to convince the old bat that I'm an OK guy if she ever finds out about last night. I can't wait to see you again.

I love you, Ed.

Author's Note: So that's it. How'd you like it? Was it good, cuz I'm very very proud of myself right now!! So remember, constructive criticism please, and I appreciate compliments too.

Hang on to the story, cuz I'm writing an epilogue, and there will be a sequel when I've seen the whole series. I'll thank all of the people that reviewed on the epilogue, because I just feel like I should.

And as an afterthought....I've seen some places where Pinako is thought to be Winry's granny and some where she's an aunt. I have no idea, but I settled on granny. And if there are any mistakes or anything, sorry!! Tell me please!!


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