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Return to the 4th Kingdom

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Wolf and Virgina go back through the mirror to visit Tony and Wendell with their daughter.

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Virgina woke up the next day with her alarm clock and then went in to wake up Kara. Wolf was still there from the night before.

"Wake up." She shook Wolf on the shoulder and tried to wake him up. "WAKE UP." He didn't move, she punched him in the arm.

"What," it worked. "is it time to go already?"

"No it's just time to wake up." Wolf got up from the chair he was in and walked into the kitchen. Virgina made coffee and Wolf made bacon. They woke up Kara and started off for the mirror. It looked a little weird to see two people with their daughter in the middle of centrel park with suit cases. Virgina had not been in the 4th Kingdom or any of the 9 Kingdoms since she first met wolf.

"When did Wendell say he would be turning the mirror on?"

"I think about 11. What time is it now?"

"It's 10:30, lets leave our suit cases here, behind the bush and walk around some more." Wolf hid the suit cases in the gournd and they walked around the park for about an half hour. When they got back to the spot where the mirror would be they waited for the bushes to get distorted. In a few minutes they could see a blur in one spot on the bushes.

"Are you ready to see grandpa again? Last time you saw him he came here to see you when you were born. You've never been to the 9 Kingdoms have you?"

"No I haven't mommy." They all steped through the mirror and in to Wendell's bedroom.

"Welcome back all." said Wendell hugging Virgina and shaking Wolf's hand."And you must be Kara, well i've heard a lot about you. You take after your daddy don't you. Well would like to go over there I have some past birthday presents that I thought you would want. Kara squelled with joy as she ran to the pile of handmade teddy bears and rocking horses.

"Dad," Virgina hugged here dad as he walked in the room. "how have you been?"

"Well the back is a little bad but it's been good. The food here is acctually very good,the only thing that I regret is the not being able to see you more often of Kara."

"Hey Ton, what about me you miss me?"

"O, hi Wolf. How have you been latley?"

"O just fine I have been working at the restraunt a lot with Virgina, ya know it's are second year running we are doing pretty well for a small restraunt in the big city." After everyone caught up they went into the conference room to talk.

"Now for the reason that you are really here. The 9 Kingdoms are in trouble again."
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