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Christmas teaser

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Just a little sneak preview of the next chapter for a christmas present

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The rest of the weekend, Brittany and Pete hung around his house.

It wasnt until sunday night that Brittany finally broke down and

realized she had to call her mom.
"Peter?" She said quietly, not sure if he was asleep. They were

laying on one of his beds, the TV on some mindless show but neither

of them were really watching.
"Mmm?" He rolled over and kissed the back of her neck.
"I cant wear your clothes forever, and I need my stuff. But...I

really dont want to go to my house alone." She sighed. She hated

feeling this vulnerable and needy. Brittany was used to being so

strong and independant.
"Okay. so let's go." Pete said, sitting up.
"It's really not that simple. I mean, if I go, she's going to try

and make me stay!" Britt whined, putting her head in her hands.

Pete sighed and scooped her up, throwing her over hs shoulder. she

"Mom, I'm borrowing your car to go get Britt's stuff okay?" Pete

called as he walked out the door. He set her down in front of the

passenger's side, opening her door for her. He walked around and

hopped in, starting the ignition.
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