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Broken or not

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"You went out with Heather?" Brittany asked. Pete sighed and sat

beside her.
"Yes, I did. And yes, we had sex. But it was 2 years ago, and since

her, I havent dated anyone else." Pete said, taking her hand.

"Brittany, I know you dont like her, but you have nothing to worry

about. I realize how much of a mistake she was. I dont want

anything to do that bitch anymore." He assured her. Brittany

"Pete, I dont think any less of you because you went out with her.

I....I just want you to know, that..I'm not willing to take that

step with you, yet anyways," She giggled. Pete blushed, kissed her

cheek, and went back to cooking. He finished the pancakes and put 3

on Britt's plate. "Um..."
"You're eating a least one and a half of those. No arguments." He

said, giving her a fork and knife. She sighed and began eating, her

bites small and tedious. Pete wolfed his down in a matter of

minutes, then began clean up.
"So what do you want to do today?" Brittany asked as she sipped her

"You, missy, are supposed to be resting until monday. So nothing

major." Pete said, shaking his bright blue hair out of his face.

Brittany sighed.
"Fine." she grumbled, putting her dish in the sink. She ate one of

the pancakes, and fed the other two to Pandora while Pete's back

was turned. "I also, have no clothes." She said.
"No worries. You can steal mine until we can get over to your place. Come upstairs with me?" He asked. Brittany nodded and followed him into his room. It was covered in toys and posters of bands. Soccer balls and hoodies covered the floor. Britt heard the door shut and then felt Pete's arms go around her. She tensed up as she felt his breath on her neck. "Do I make you nervous?" He whispered, stroking his fingers accross her stomach. She shook her head as he kissed her earrings. "Tickilish arent you?" He laughed as he let go of her and took a seat on one of the double beds. she sat beside him, nudging his foot with hers.
"Pete?" She said quietly.
"What if I don't?"
"Dont what?"
"Dont get better?" Brittany turned to look at Pete. He sighed and rested his forehead on hers.
"Broken or not, I still love you."
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