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Heather the hoe?

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Pete's sister reveals a shocking bit of truth.

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The next day was saturday. Pete was up early for once, and queitly slunk down the hall to see if Brittany was awake. He creaked open the door to see her sitting on the window seat, staring at the rising sun. She turned and smiled when she heard the door open.
"Good morning." Pete said as he joined her.
"Morning." she yawned, unzipping her hoodie. It was warm in her room. "I could hear you snore from here." Pete rolled his eyes at her comment, rubbing the back of his neck in embarrasment.
"yeah, well. Do you feel okay?" He asked her, fiddling with the hem of his shirt. He didnt want to admit how much he liked her, or how much she had scared him. She shrugged, and Pete could almost see her putting up the wall behind her eyes. He put his hands on both sides of her face, forcing her to look in his eyes. "Answer me, Brittany-Lyn Cooper. Honestly, answer me. We are in our last year of high school, and I will not let you go off into life, like this." Pete said sternly.
"I'm.....I'm fine." She said meekly. Pete shook his head.
"No, no you're not. But you're going to be." He kissed each cheek before letting go of her face and getting up. "My dad's away on business, and Mom's already at work, so it's just the two of us, plus my brother and sister. Come downstairs and eat breakfeast with me." He held out his hand, which she took.
Walking into the kitchen, they found the dogs jumping all over a boy who looked like pete, with curlier hair and a less striking smile.
"Britt, Andrew, Andrew, Britt." Pete said, making introductions. Brittany smiled, as did Andrew. "Im about to make pancakes, go see if Hil wants some." PEte instructed his younger brother as he set about getting frying pans and ingrediants. Brittany sat at the table, petting Pandora and taking in her surrondings. the kitchen was average, yet homey. It wasnt anything fancy, but she could definantly tell it was full of love. Much better then her mum's new place. Pete started to whistle as he flipped the pancakes. A girl a few years younger then them stomped into the room and threw herself into a chair, scowlling at Britt. "And this cheerful little lady would be Hilary, my sister." Pete said as he set a plate down in front of her.
"Who's she?" Hilary asked rudely, indicating to Brittany with her thumb.
"This is Brittany, she's gonna be staying with us for a while. Be nice." Pete added, noting the glare on his sister's face.
"So are you fucking him?" Britt nearly spit out her orange juice, and Pete dropped the spatula.
"N-no, nothing like that." Britt sputtered.
"Hilary, seriously, what the fuck?" Pete shouted, obviously embarrased at his sister's brashness.
"Well, everyone knows you used to fuck Heather, I was just wondering if you were doing the same to her." Hilary said, rolling her eyes and exiting the room. Pete's face drained of colour at the deadly silence that was now between them.

*Okay guys, theres 14. Sorry It's short, Im super busy with it being christmas in 3 days! Merry Christmas, Happy holidays!*
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