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I felt a hand on my forearm, it squeezed lightly and I opened my eyes. Spencer pushed freshly showered locks of brown out from his eyes, which were burning a golden wheat color. I slowly raised myself to a sitting position and he took a seat on the bed very close to me.

“I’m going hunting.”

I saw the red seeping into his golden, slowly I nodded. He planted his hand on the top of my head and ruffled my dark brunette hair. I smacked his hand and he replaced it to my shoulder.

“I’m having a friend come and look after you,” he stated watching me look to the floor, “I might be gone for days; he’ll make sure you’re safe.”

“Can’t I come with you?” I heard my small voice ask.

Spencer shook his head,

“No, you could get hurt by me,” his hand ran down my arm to my index finger, “or Pete could come after you.”

“Please hurry back,” I asked, “I don’t feel safe.”

Spencer pulled me into a paternal hug and gave a long sigh. After we finished the hug he stood and helped me up from the bed. Together we walked down the hall and I was given a cell phone.

“This can be used to contact me, please only call if it’s an emergency ok?”

I nodded again.

“Brendon will be here in a few minutes, I’d stay and introduce you but I have to leave now,” He turned and as I looked to the cell phone he disappear through the front door.

“Goodbye,” I called to the empty house.


The voice from behind me caused a scream to escape my mouth. I spun around and saw a young male, puffy lips and deep eyes. He smiled a gorgeous smile and brushed some raven bangs from his eyes.

“You must be Emma, wow Spencer wasn’t kidding you are a looker,” his voice was full and harmonic, “I’m Brendon, you’re baby sitter.”

“You’re younger than me,” my voice spoke for me.

“You can’t be more than 17,” he chuckled coming closer to me, “just a baby.”

“Try 23 wise guy,” I hissed back, “What are you 15?”

“120 if you’re counting the years I spent as a human,” He smiled, and then it slowly slid from his face, “You seem confused?”

I laughed at the situation of meeting a Vampire; the books always did say they were charmers, cocky. As he took a few steps towards me I felt an urge to retreat.

“Didn’t Spencer turn you?”


I bit the side of my mouth and then released it to create a pop.

“Wouldn’t that make you younger than him?”

Brendon took more steps toward me his eyes flashing with green and indigo. I made my own legs move myself away from him, alas Brendon just copied my moves and the distance between us was decreasing more and more.

“No,” Brendon chuckled, “No, I was his first attempted kill.”

“What?” the confusion thick in my voice.

“He’d been a Vampire for about 4 months when he smelt my scent, it was so succulent…just like yours,” Brendon lowered his voice gazing over my body, “Well the first few pints went down okay, then the craziness hit him and he stopped feeding on me,” his eyes had gone red, “his maker was watching, and decided I should be turned seeing as Spencer had tasted,” he paused, “Virgin blood.”

I opened my mouth, only to close it again. Brendon had managed to have me up against a wall, and his scent of lavender flushed over me.

“Spencer began squirming and seizing as his maker rushed to his side, at first I was delirious,” his hands planted themselves against my arms, “but when he, Spencer’s maker that is said “Take your blood back,” I sort of just followed his command and took a strong bite of Spencer, before I could even take a breath I started changing…”

“Into a Vampire?” I asked my voice shaky as his leg slowly moved in between my thighs.

“Yes,” he replied looking into my eyes.

My breath increased as he touched my chin; slowly tracing it down to my collar bone. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears. Brendon smiled as I looked away thinking of something to say.

“You really are a true virgin,” he whispered, “I don’t know how Spencer hasn’t bitten you yet…then again that boy is a mystery.”

“Was Spencer a virgin when he was, when he was,” I stuttered trying to think clearly, lavender was numbing my senses and I felt dizzy.

“Yes, I believe he was,” Brendon brushed the hair from my face, “Only the oldest Vampires can handle virgin blood.”

I slipped forward almost comatose at the smell of lavender; Brendon caught me and threw my legs into one his arm’s while holding the top part of me in his other. His head turned and his eyes began shooting red and flickering with black. He sensed something.

“Pete is here,” his voice coaxed anger, “I’ll have to hide you, and you need to stay were I put you.”

My only thoughts were on the cell phone I had clutched white knuckled. Brendon ran to Spencer’s room placing me on the floor beside a trap door. He yanked hard on the latch and a huge block of wood came up revealing a bunker, I was slowly lowered into the cold basement and the trap door was shut.

Silence was the first thing I heard and it rung loudly in my ears. My hands shook as I tired to dial the only contact in the whole phone. Finally my thumb pressed down on the keypad and Spencer’s number began ringing.

“I’m on my way,” He spoke into the phone quickly and then hung up.

I slowly fell to the floor and tried to get back up. I gathered myself into a ball and Brendon came through the trap door at the top of the bunker. He looked hurt and he collapsed into my arms. My hand seemed to guide itself to his mouth and I broke the skin of my palm on his fang. Blood began to cover his mouth and within in minutes I felt faint.

“Brendon?” my voice asked to the dieing boy lying across my legs.

His eyes shot open, his mouth released terrifying screams and I was thrown to a wall. My ribs made a cringing cracking noise and I felt my breath grow short. Brendon’s eyes flushed dark crimson and he continued to scream. I was so scared that I gathered my legs to my chest and began to rock myself.

I closed my eyes and kept rocking, the screaming grew louder and louder and I kept rocking. My voice began to sing and soon I was belting a song by Keane to keep myself from crying.

“What did you do?” a familiar voice shouted.

As my eyes opened I saw Spencer holding Brendon down, both of their eyes burning red. I couldn’t speak; I held my hand out and showed the bloody mess of my palm. He snarled at me, beyond being human now. All I could do was stand up and run, run faster and harder than I had ever before.

I was upstairs and heard Spencer down below growling and snarling; I kept running and soon I found I had wrenched open the door and I was outside. It was early morning, the sky was becoming a warmer blue and all the plants had fresh dew. My legs were soaked as I ran into an open meadow; I halted as a deer stared at me from the other side. My mouth coated itself with little saliva and I could taste the pounding blood running up my neck. The deer went back to eating as I collapsed onto my knees holding the rest of me up by locking my elbows.

Spencer trampled me, and we fell into the field. The deer clicked and then jumped off into the woods. I was facedown in the grass; I managed to pull my face to one side but my stomach and thighs were crushed into the cold dirt. Spencer made sure he had a strong grip on my arms before pulling me up into his chest.

I struggled a little but he grazed a hand across my navel, and then the other across my chest. Soon my breathing had slowed and I felt warm and tingling all over, the cinnamon wasn’t dizzying anymore.

He was breathing through his mouth and the hot of it was beating against my shoulder. Spencer slowly let one of his hands graze away from my chest and took the cut palm. The bleeding had stopped and had begun to scab. He gave a sigh of relief.

“I’m so sorry, Spencer.”
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