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Can I ask you?

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Spencer asks Emma a very important question, will she say yes?

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Spencer left for only a moment in the woods; he had dashed after the deer we had come across. I sat under a thicket covered in Spencer’s sweat and my own. His eyes were a rich ruby the last time I had a good chance to look into them; I was terrified of the tone change in his voice. My hands still shook at the attack and I attempted to steady them by pulling grass from my clothes. Alas with all the grooming I attempted, my skin was stained a hard bronze from the impact I’d made with the dirt.

I heard a bird to my left and I curled up smaller in the thicket. I tried to take another deep breath, but the pain in my chest had manifested and it became harder and harder. The bird flew away and the forest grew deathly silent, I could barely gasp when I heard Spencer come up from behind.

“You s-scared me,” I voiced hardly audible.

Spencer’s mouth had no sign’s of blood nor did his clothes, but the yellow in his eyes told me he had been feeding. His hands now glowing intensely warm touched my back, his strong fingers dug in where I ached.

“Owe,” I whimpered and he retracted.

Spencer replaced his hands on my back but felt around lighter than before, his hands came to my front just under my breast. He placed his head with his right ear directly on my heart listening to the beating. I felt my stomach shooting a tingly sensation all over my lower half.

“You’ve broken two ribs,” he said quietly and then pulled his head away from my back.

I turned and looked into his yellow eyes becoming a pumpkin in color; he pulled his legs to Indian style and then took a deep breath closing his eyes. My own breath was slowing with his and then he opened his eyes staring directly into mine, they glowed a dull red.

“What’s going on?” I asked as he slowly moved closer to me.

“Turn around,” his voiced was raw again.

For some odd reason I obeyed his command and turned my back to him again. He lifted my shirt just above my shoulders and unclasped my bra. I felt my skin ignite with Goosebumps and then my skin felt grazing teeth.

“What are you doing?”

“Vampires have healing enzymes in their mouths, they can make skin that is broken heal within a few hours,” he paused and I could feel his breath hot against my shoulder blade, “Internal injuries can also heal within a few days, ever wonder why a bitten human isn’t ever discovered?”

“The wound goes away?” I asked changing my question so that I could turn and face him, “You’re going to heal my back by biting it?”

“Yes,” he slowly whispered his eyes were shooting with indigo again, “It’s going to be painful, so I’d just bite my hand while I am biting you.”

I felt his hand drop from my shoulder down my back, I saw a sliver of violet and then it was beaten back. I shifted in his lap and slowly placed my forehead against his, both our breathing increased.

“Couldn’t you just kiss me?’

“Yes,” he looked away.

“It wouldn’t be so painful,” I reassured, “I don’t mind.”

He brought his eyes back to mine and the color was hard to tell, I didn’t know what Spencer was thinking. He closed his eyes and I copied. His lips were soft and they slowly spread mine, I placed my hand on Spencer’s face slowly moving into the hair. I pushed myself against Spencer and felt his tongue graze along the bottom of my lip. His mouth tasted of cinnamon, rich and sweet.

I could feel his restraint; he was trying so hard not to kill me. Before I could even take a breath the kiss was over.

“That, um…,” he fumbled on words, “I think I gave you enough.”

I looked to his eyes which battled violet and indigo, I wanted more but somehow I knew that I couldn’t. The books always make relationships seem to be either really bad, or really good…no middle ground and certainly nothing like this.

Two weeks had passed since the kiss and Brendon was less and less crazed by the day. Spencer had sped up the process by diluting the blood and having young Brendon restrained. My hand had completely healed and there was no sign of a scar, my ribs were also reconnected and fixed.

My sleep schedule was completely nocturnal, which also helped when people phoned during the day. Spencer had unplugged the phone permanently now, as my publishers would call all day long.

The whole outside world, my family, people in the town, they all assumed I was working on my next best Zombie thriller. Truth was, even though I was working on something new it just that it wasn’t Zombies. Spencer laughed when I mentioned my next book would be based on him and how Vampires actually were.

Spencer enter the kitchen late in the evening almost midnight, he looked tired and exhausted. I took a long sip of my tea and continued on my rough outline. He leaned over me pressing his head against my shoulder, he sighed.

“Brendon has started talking normally again.”

“Oh,” I said over my shoulder, “What else?”

Again he sighed.

“He’s getting strong enough to break through his lead chains,” Spencer spoke quietly; “I need to ask you something.”


“I would like to have some of your blood.”
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