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What we've done

by closet_vampire

Emma answers Spencer's question while asking one of her own.

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It had been a few days since Spencer asked his question, I was in total shock but I’d made my decision. And now coming to him was harder than I thought, but I walked into the kitchen at 4 am.

“Ok,” I said slowly, “I’ll give you my blood.”

He looked up from the blueprints of his basement; I leaned on one of my legs as he stood. Spencer tried to catch my eyes, but I kept my gaze at the floor. I felt arms gather me into a hug, the warm scent of cinnamon flushing my nose. Here in this home that we both shared we felt like strangers. I began to cry.

“Shh,” Spencer soothed.

I pulled my hair from the crook of my neck.

“Okay go,” I whimpered.

Spencer chuckled.

“That would hurt,” he lowered his tone, “come.”

We entered a small room with a large chair; I looked towards the Biofridge as Spencer readied a kit. My arms broke with Goosebumps.

“Take a seat, I’m only going to draw a pint,” he stated calming holding an arm out for me.

I sat trying to remain calm; he tied my arm and soon a deep vein pushed its blue self up in my pale skin.

“Ok,” Spencer mused as the needle grazed into my vein with ease, “Alright. How yea doing?”

My eyes locked with his and I watched the maroon flicker towards violet. He kept his focus on my vein.

“Spencer?” I asked hoarsely, “Can I ask you something?”

He took a deep breath and filled another cap-cell of my blood; I had four more to go. His eyes were glowing a deep rich violet, I leaned in to his face and both our foreheads touched.

“You always smell like earth,” he said trying hard to avoid his eyes from mine, “just after it’s rained.”

“Spencer,” I mumbled, his cinnamon coating my mouth.

“Your eyes are so green like the trees and plants, I always assume you’re happy,” he tilted his head as he finished up with drawing blood, he closed his eyes, “but you’re not always happy, are you?”

Our lips were so close.

“I know what you’re going to ask,” He said slowly, “I can sometimes read your emotions in your face, but not always.”

“Spencer, I,” stuttered and he pulled the needle from my arm and untied the bandage.

He turned in his chair and threw the waste in a bin, for a moment I had a chance to look away. Then I turned back to see Spencer standing directly in front of me. He grasped my head in his hands and kissed me.

“Are you sure?” he asked running his hand down my front.

I simple nodded. Spencer grabbed my legs pulling them up to his hips and then he carried me, while he tried to keep his eyes from turning crimson. He sat me on his bed and slowly unbutton his shirt, letting it slide from his arms. I pulled my own from me. His hands took my shoulders and he peeled the straps of my bra from them.

Once we were both free of our clothes, he gently pushed me down to the bed and covered my chilled body with his warm one. I kissed him deeply and traced a hand down to my abdomen, his fingers pushing inside me, feeling the wet of my womanhood. I felt pain and slowly pulled myself to his side and grasped his arm tightly.

“I know it hurts,” he whispered so lowly I questioned if I heard it or not.

His thumb placed itself above its brother fingers and rubbed lightly the pain washed away. I grabbed Spencer roughly and rolled onto him straddling his hips. For a moment I stared into his eyes, the room was lit darkly, I could really tell his color.

Spencer rolled me over and now lay on top of me again, he held himself ready and then he entered. I pushed against him and what was always described as a crazy experience flashed through my mind. I spread my toes and bit Spencer’s shoulder in attempt to stunt my moaning.

The sweet taste of his mouth coated my neck and mouth, his sweat and mine combined and I pushed him to a sitting position. We continued, but now I could see the color of Spencer’s eyes, they flashed purple in total spectrum. I felt up building to a climax and I pushed myself against Spencer’s pelvis to reach it with him at the same time.

“I’m,” I had tried to moan but it happened, we both hit our buttons and I stared into his eyes as they blew into every color.

We held each other breathing deeply grasping one another to stare into our eyes… what had he seen in mine?
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