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This doesn't represent my heart

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Spencer, Brendon and Emma pack up to leave for New York.

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A/N: (i hope this bolds) Hey i'm back! I got put on suicide watch.I think I may put suicide into the story in later chapters to help with my coping. But for now i'm back and with JIST! or GIST I can't tell. ENjoy, I love you guys!

I opened my eyes to Spencer calming sleeping next to me, his arm slung across my shoulders protectively. I sat up slowly letting the arm slide to my waist. At first I groaned; feeling the inner of my thigh. I pulled back the covers and saw bruising everywhere; Spencer slowly opened his eyes and looked up at me.

“I’m sorry about that,” he said quietly, “I’m way too strong for my own good.”

I noticed claw marks that were almost healed on his arms, my hand traced over the deepest one. Spencer took my hand in his and kissed it, he pulled me down to his chest.

“Yeah, turns out you can take a lot out of a guy.”

My lips parted slightly but I closed them, Spencer leaned in gently touching his to mine and I felt a small buzz between out contact. It felt like he was nervous for me, if I had really wanted what had happened. A voice caught our attention.

“Well you finally did it; god the sexual tension was killing me.”

Spencer shot up grabbing me and yanking my small frame into his protection. Brendon sat on Spencer’s desk chair drinking a glass of blood from the biofridge. He smiled as we both relaxed and I pulled Spencer’s shirt on, lying back down.

“Jealous Brendon?” I smirked.

Brendon didn’t reply instead he just shifted in his chair. I looked over to Spencer his skin glowing.

“Spencer?” Brendon asked changing the subject.


“Why has her scent intensified?”

And that’s when I realized that both males were breathing through their mouths. I slowly sat up and took a better look into there eyes. Brendon’s where a dull red because he was feeding; Spencer’s seemed to battle magenta and red.

“Look,” Spencer reassured trying to take me into a hug, “We’re going to consult with my maker, figure this out, ok?”

I just nodded.


“Yes Spencer?”

“What is Pete planning?”

Brendon shot a look at me and then back to Spencer. I felt like a small child again, my mother had often done this when she needed to have a grown up conversation. I slowly slid back the covers and they both watched me intently.

“I’ll ah,” I paused and tugged at Spencer’s shirt, “I’ll let you boys speak in private.”

“You’re the reason Pete is gallivanting around the mansion every two hours. He won’t attack till we move you, or I leave again.”

Spencer’s words came at quickly and I stared at him, my human brain seemed to see what his Vampire’s could not. I was weak, and strong but not powerful enough to stand on my own two legs; the whole indictment was enough to pull my waterworks out. I refrained and looked to Brendon as his embarrassed and bruised ego recoiled.

“You’ll need to know what Pete is planning as much as we do,” Spencer said quietly taking a reach for my hand.


So here was the plan.
1) Get me out of the house in Spencer’s robe (blocking my scent and such)
2) Book red eyes to New York
3) Get to Marilyn before Pete can get off the flight
They seemed calm when discussing rental plans and flights. I sat there watching them, eating a small bowl of cereal. Eventually once Pete had been killed, I wouldn’t be needed as bait any longer…then what would become of me, would I be harvested?

“So we leave tonight at 1 am?” Brendon questioned looking to his watch which now read 11:34pm.

“Yes,” Spencer nodded and then both turned to me, “you ready?”

I half nodded and slowly stood; I left my bowl at the table and carried my sore body to the bathroom. My shirt was half off my body when Spencer slowly crept in.

“What are you doing?”

I leapt up,
“Fuck me, what are you doing?”

“I’m here asking why you’re going to take a shower,” his voice was toneless.

“Well,” I said sarcastically, “I lost my virginity a few hours ago to a Vampire, who happened to make it quite the work out,” I looked into his eyes as the magenta swirled, “I’m covered in dried fluids, I need to shower.”

He stepped closer as I pulled my shirt away from me and let it fall to the floor; I could hear my heart beating in my ears. He touched my skin and I felt the same buzzing from the gentle kiss earlier.

“When you were sleeping I drank your blood,” he said quietly.

At first my reaction was to look over my body, but Spencer stopped me. He came closer to me and my whole bodied seemed to buzz against his. His eyes seemed to burn with mine, he touched my collar bone and I could feel my knees go weak.

“I drank the blood I drew from you, the blood that was still virginal,” he paused and leaned in to my ear, “I didn’t go crazy, liked I thought I would,” the hot of his breath made my mind race, “I think we are meant to stay with each other. When you’re ready, I will turn you.”

Almost instantly he crashed his mouth against my ear biting it playfully, my abdomen seemed to buckle and I pushed myself against him. For a second his hands were pulling at my clothing but he ceased when I gently pushed his shoulders from me.

“Spencer, why can’t I shower?” I killed the mood.

He took my face in his hands and gently kiss me nose, he smiled as I blushed.

“Because Emma, you’re covered in my scent, Pete won’t smell you at all.”

New York was a bustle of lights; I’d been here before but only for business. Now as I sat watching intently at the buildings I got a better sense of what New York was. Brendon sat on my one side while Spencer was across from me, our limo slowly stopped at a red light.

“Well come get you,” Brendon spoke into his cell quickly, “No, Ryan stay there, Ryan, no, Ryan!” Brendon groaned, “George Ryan Ross the third, wait there!”

My eyes wandered from Brendon as he snapped his phone shut; I glanced to a smirking Spencer who waited for Brendon’s word.

“We need to head to the Chrysler Building,” Brendon pouted and shrunk down in his seat.

Spencer tapped the glass of the limo and it slid down, he mumbled the destination and then the screen closed again. With my eyes I asked about Ryan.

“Ryan’s joining us?” Spencer asked staring at my neck, “Is Jon with him this time?

“No, Jon’s in Seattle with his mate, god knows what there doing.”

Both males laughed and then the Limo door was wrenched open.

“What’s so funny?” The boy who’d entered the cab was tall and very thin, his lips were glossed and his hair lightly tousled.

“RYAN!” Spencer jokingly called, “Any fresh kills, and you look a little worn out, drive please.”

The limo started moving again, and I felt myself shrink lower into my seat. Ryan and Brendon were laughing with Spencer till he stopped sniffed a few times and then glanced towards me. His eyes glowed a dull red.

“Is this the human?”

“It’s Emma,” I hissed.

We both knew, this was going to cause problems.
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