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Oh Ryan where art thou

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The safe house before the sun rise Emma and Spencer tuck in, but she still has questions.

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A/N: (again i hope this bolds) Thank you so much for the reviews, they're inspiring and oxygen

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The safe house was located in the Upper East Side, a famous “Fifth and Madison Avenue townhouse”. As we dashed in quickly to escape the early pink of the morning sky I found Ryan presence to be less likable by the second. Every mirror we had passed in the lobby was visual grounds for primping. Vainity was a light breeze compared to his gale of an ego.

Spencer and Brendon dithered away at what “order in” place they were going to get dinner from. I slowly left them half and hour ago to be in peace of the constant fussing, in fact I needed some air.

I stood on the small balcony watching New York wake up, my arms were taking in the sunlight and I grew sad that I’d been closed out of it for so long.

A month was pretty long, wasn’t it? My body warmed and I gently smiled. The air was clearer in the Upper East Side, not so smoggy and dank. My lungs took in as much scentless air as it could, and then I heard the glass door slide open behind me.

Spencer stood under a dark navy umbrella fearing for his skin. I turned and gave him a nod which he repeated back to me.

“Hungry?” he spoke quietly, watching my pale skin respond to the light.

I shook my head and then took deep breath of his cinnamon scent; I never felt dizzy around his anymore but Brendon’s lavender mixed heavily with Ryan’s lilac. (I had laughed too when I got my first good whiff.) Both boys also seemed to notice my scent, which had changed according to Brendon but Spencer hardly notice, or so he said.

“So why can’t you go out in the sun?” I jetted as he leaned against the glass.

“Evolution of the Vampire,” he replied, smirking at my expression, “The first Vampire’s could go and frolic all they wanted in the sun, but soon were forced to keep feeding to a night time ritual,” he waited till I stepped away from the balcony edge, closer to the shade of the early summer morning, “after a while, Vampires used the vitamin D and other supplements from the blood they drank to survive. Their skin and body became dependant on the supplements from victims blood,” he cleared his throat, “And then eventually they lost all means to get supplements from other sources.”

“Oh, wow, so theirs no devil thing or any involvement?”

“The devil only exists to Vampire’s who believe in him, just like humans.”

I looked out into the city and I felt a hand on my shoulder.

“Why do you have weird scents?”

Spencer lightly chuckled and went silent for a few moments; I turned to look at him. His bangs hid half his face and his lips curled, he looked very attractive in the shade.

“Why we have weird scents?” he repeated.

“Yeah,” I smirked.

“I suppose it’s a kill tactic,” he looked away from my green orbs, “You get dizzy from the scent so that Vampire’s can attack you with little struggle.”

There was silence between us for a while; I hardly noticed the tap on the glass. Spencer slowly pulled me inside. Ryan was pouting in the large hall mirror as I past him with Spencer’s arm around my waist. I heard Ryan scoff as I entered our bedroom.

I lay down next to a shirtless Spencer hold could hardly hold his eyes open. He was stroking my hair, and speaking lowly a sonnet of Shakespeare in attempts to put me to sleep. Yet the sun had sparked my non-nocturnal human and I was wide awake.

“I forgot humans strive on sunlight,” he brokenly whispered with his eyes closed, “I haven’t been one in so long.”

I curled up next to his cooling body, cooling more and more as he took more time procrastinating on feeding. I shivered at the thought of being turned; my writing career was already on hiatus but being turned would shut it down for good.

“How long ago?” I asked into the darkness of the bunker shuttered room.

Spencer gave a low heavy breath, which told me he had fallen to sleep and my question was a waste. Or so I thought.

“Longer than me.”

I jumped at the voice, as did Spencer. He was out of bed in a second standing protectively over me. Ryan came forward into a light coming off a digital clock, his eyes were glowing a soft red but then again so were Spencer’s. Both males looked very territorial.
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