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I'm all over you.

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Ryan is a little too close for comfort.

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“Ryan,” Spencer warned, his fangs already beginning to emerge.

“Jesus, Spence,” he made a motion at me, and I felt Spencer’s hand grab my shoulders launching me into his arms. Ryan’s fangs shed from his gums, “don’t give me that look, Spencer.”

I felt my hair stand up on end as I watched Spencer’s eyes grow coal black. He was breathing through his mouth and Ryan was as well, both of them were sweating a steady cold and I shivered. My teeth chattered and my heart beat increased.

“There’s two, and you know what that means,” Spencer snarled, “You leave my mate alone.”

Ryan snarled loudly, almost laughing. He closed his eyes and a smiled crept on his lips, I felt my stomach give a hurl, and I clasped a hand tightly on my mouth. His scent was trigging a reaction within my mind; I shot forward in Spencer’s arm.

“Let me taste,” he whispered and with that he jumped on Spencer.

I shot up in bed, startled. What had I been dreaming? Ryan chuckled in the darkness and I jumped. My body smacked against Spencer’s and he groaned rolling over to face his back to me.

“Seems I can show you the future,” he said quietly.

I looked to the direction of the voice. He eyes were glowing in the light, a soft red. I could smell his scent creeping over me. I opened my mouth to breathe.

“Is that what would have happened if you answered my question?”

“Violent, isn’t it?”

I saw the eyes look towards my mid section. It seemed he was listening to something, and then his eyes grew to amber as the orange of curiosity smoked his orbs. I pulled my blanket higher on my chest.

“Is Pete going to get me?”

There was a sigh,

“Not for now, but I think soon.”

I shivered; again his eyes fixated themselves on my stomach, lower than before. I pulled my knees up to my chest and his vision broke. He got up from the chair and came next to me sitting in front of my knees; his hands rested themselves on my ankles.

“How does he do it?” Ryan asked staring into my eyes.

“Do what?”

“Not eat you?”

I shrugged my shoulders,
“How does he sleep through this conversation?”

“He’s not sleeping.”

I looked down to Spencer,

“Cause I’m here, planning on feeding, or at least the vampire in me is.”

I gave him my worst look, which caused Ryan to chuckle.

“He’ll jump up when I do this,” and Ryan grabbed my chin and roughly pulled me into his lips; he grabbed my breast roughly.

Ryan was thrown against the wall and Spencer had him pinned.

“What the fuck are you doing!?” he snarled.

I slowly crept away as they fought; I locked myself in the bathroom. When it was 6 in the afternoon, Spencer crept into the bathroom and lay down next to me in the steam shower.


“I’m sorry about last night,” Spencer said slowly, he ran his over my navel and I felt a familiar tingling, “Is their bruising on your breast?”

I lifted my shirt and showed him the hand mark, he looked down and it slowly taking it into his hand. Spencer sent my abdomen shooting with warmth, I felt wet and his hand traced down my hip.

I leaned up kissing his mouth, taking his bottom lip and pulling lightly. When he licked my lip and I lunged into his mouth tasting the cinnamon. My thigh gently pushed into his member, pulsing against my leg.

“I want you,” his voice was husky.

“I want you too,” I breathed, pulling my shirt away from me, “take me?” and he helped pull my bottoms from my legs.

He removed his boxers and pushed himself into me, holding my thighs. This time wasn’t so full of awkwardness, I felt more comfortable. I placed my sweats behind my head and Spencer’s eyes ignited into purple.

When we finished, I had come first, then him. He lay on me breathing in my ear, he seemed to be listening. My heart rate raced more and more.

“I want you,” he slowly mumbled.

I smiled and shifted to look in his eyes,
“You had me; I think you’re too tired for a second time.”

“No,” he said through closed eyes, “not like that.”

I looked away from him, and I felt his grip tighten on me.

“I’m still not sure yet,” I said slowly.

His hand traced to my navel and rested there,
“You have make a decision soon… I wish I could tell you what I’m hearing.”

“What are you hearing?”

But he couldn’t bring himself to tell me, he just kept his hand on my navel
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