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There's Always Tomorrow

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Delilah always did say that she wouldn't go out with Julius for she thought it would effect their relationship. But, now, she's Too Late after the 'incident'. One shot, so I finish it.

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"De, why won't you go out with me?" Asked Julius, fusterated.

Delilah sighed. She was in Julius' room, her hands in his, and refused to look into Julius' eyes. She didn't want to say the real reason, but she knew that she couldn't lie - for Julius was starring her in the eyes. Eyes tell no lies, he would knew she was lying in a second. She really didn't want to hurt him. She thought she better go get the mop to mop poor Julius' broken heart off the floor, as she said,

"Julius, I'm sorry. But...I really don't want to effect our relationship."

CRACK. Delilah could see in Julius' eyes as he looked down that his heart broke. He dropped her hands.

"But it won't!" Cried Julius, but when he looked into Delilah's eyes, he said, "Erm, so maybe it will, but for the better."

"Give me time, Julius!" Delilah cried, "there's always tomorrow."

"I'm sorry, Delilah."

"For what?"

"For loving you too much."


Delilah sighed. An oridnary day for her and Julius. Dr. Dismay and Nurse were in front of them. The Nurse's eyes were furious, and had her scapels out, ready to strike. Dr. Dismay was laughing, on how he will get lots of money by threating to unleash a deadly posion all over Canada. He had a syringe in his hand with green liquid.

In it, was Clurium disulfide. (a/n: don't know if that's posionous or not, lol)

"You never give up, do you?" Asked Delilah, raising his eyebrows.

Dr. Dismay laughed. "Why give up when I'm having so much fun?"

"Well, I'll END IT! Pony up!"

Delilah did a jump kick, but the Nurse was ready for her. She kicked her in the stomache, causing her to fall to the ground. She moaned in pain, as Dr. Dismay put his foot on Delilah's foot, threating to squish it if she moved. He then put the deadly posion near Delilah's arm. Julius froze.

"Don't do anything stupid," warned Dr. Dismay, "or you'll make Dollface regret it."

Delilah closed her eyes in fear. So did Julius. He grunted in fustration. Then, you could tell Julius got an idea. You could tell for his eyes squinted with determanation and were on fire. He ran up to Dr. Dismay, and kicked the syringe out of Dr. Dismay's hand, away from Delilah. The Nurse grabbed it before Delilah and Julius could get to it.

"Let's end this..." Whispered Julius.

Delilah was fighting with the good doctor, while fighting furiously with the Nurse, the Nurse hit Julius with the syringe in the neck. She was about to inject it into him, but Julius was too fast - he kicked her in the chest, getting her out of breath. But the funny thing, was the whole time, the Nurse was smiling - smiling though she was losing. Julius never took this into concideration, until the next day why she was smiling...


The next day...

Delilah and Julius were in fencing class when it happened.

"You okay, Jay?" Delilah questioned him during pratice, "you don't seem like yourself today...And you're pretty pale."

"Nah," Julius said stubbornly, "just...Tired, that's all. Tired."

"If you say so," said Delilah, shrugging as they both put their masks on.

"Okay, Children, this is your exam for this course, so do your best. The Big Man and me will be watching," said Scarlett, smiling. "ENGARDE!"

Delilah and Julius were at the same level at fencing, they were both really good. But it seemed Julius was having a terrible time with balance. Sometimes, he would catch Delilah off gaurd, but be too off balance to take advantage of it.

Delilah gasped as she heard Julius' deep breathing. She dropped her sword, and let Julius' weight against her. She held him under his armpits.

"What's wrong, man?" Asked Al, "why did you stop?"

"Something's wrong," Delilah said panicly.

"What?" Asked Scarlett.

Delilah was right. Just then, Julius went limp in her arms. She took of his mask, to see him full of sweat, and unconscious. He had fainted.

"Get Nurse Lang!" Cried out Delilah.


"There's something in his blood stream," said Nurse Lang after many tests.

She looked at Julius in the bed, struggling for each breath. He had a pulse and breathing, but unconscious. He was hooked up to IV's, heart monitor, and other things Delilah had no clue what they were. She only heard his heavy breathing and the oxygen mask.

"What's in his bloodstream?" Asked Delilah.

"...Posion. Clurium disulfide, to be exact. This is not good. I give him about five hours to live. I'm sorry."(a/n: not sure if that's posionous, but pretend, LOL)

Clurium disulfide...Where did she hear that before?

Then it hit her. The Nurse had touched Julius with the needle. She almost had injected it. Was it...Contamination? Or did she get even a little bit of posion inside him?

Julius Chevailier was dying. And Delilah's heart was dying with him.

What seemed like hours, every decided that Delilah needed her time alone with Julius. She heard him grunt back to life.

"Julius...?" She said hesitately, as she tightened her grip on his pale hand.

"De...Delilah..." Said Julius weakly.

Delilah was crying. "I'm here, Juls, everything will be okay now."

Julius starred in her eyes. Eyes never lie, do they, Delilah thought.

"You're lying, De, please don't lie," Julius said, "I'm dying. I know I am. I can feel Him..."

"Who's Him?"


Delilah was shocked by his words. It's not everyday you see your friend.

"It was the Nurse, wasn't it?" Asked Julius. "She's the one who killed me, isn't she?"

"You're not dead, Julius," Delilah said patiently.

"No. Delilah, I know I'm dying. Don't lie. I know she got some posion in me...I felt it..."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"...It hurt too much..."

"What did? The posion?"

He shook his head. "No. My love for you."

Silence. Now Delilah was in tears. "I kept on saying no to you because I didn't want to lose you, Julius. But I am anyways. I always said they'd be tomorrow, but there isn't tomorrow. Tomorrow's never going to come!"

She noticed Julius was losing consciousness. She knew his time was drawing near the end. She placed herself on the side of Julius' bed, and held him like a child. "I love you, Julius. I love you. I will wait for you until the day I die. Wait for me, okay?"

"I will wait forever for you, Delilah," Julius whispered.

He was in pain. She could feel his body tense and a hissing pain from his lips.

"I love you, Delilah."

They had their first kiss. They had a second one, but weaker.

But the third kiss...Was the last. Delilah felt his lips gone cold, and he was deathly pale. He went limp in her arms.

Delilah cried her heart out. She didn't cry for help. For she knew that...

Julius Chevailier died in Delilah Devonshire's arms. There was no tomorrow.

Julius' funeral was a week later. Delilah didn't show up - she was too heart broken. Literly. Her heart was shattered, and she was tortured with regret untill she took her own life with a blade. Their funeral was together, under a beautiful maple tree. They died together, side by side, for Delilah forced tomorrow to come. She couldn't wait. She put fate into her own hands, and did Death's job for him.

Tomorrow did came. For both of them.


xxDarkness' Kidxx

Erm, highly ironic, since today is Chrismas Eve for this story, isn't it? You were expecting a Christmas story, huh? LOL. Merry Christmas, everyone, thanks for reading!
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