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Sighing mentally, Harry turned to the next page of the useless text in front of him. Defense Against the Dark Arts class had become an utter waste of time. The only redeeming aspect of the class was that it provided him an hour and a half to give in to his hormones and fantasize about the witches he knew. His serendipitous gaze fell on Hermione for a moment, and he was struck again by how cute she was.

Hermione would never be the most beautiful girl in school like Cho, or even the Patil twins. Nor would she be as well endowed as some of the girls like Angelina or Lavender. She was not, however, by any means the ugly bookworm many Slytherins liked to call her. Like she showed the school last year, Hermione could become quite beautiful when she wanted too. Harry found he rather liked that she rarely took the time to fix herself up though. It made her seem special- different from the other giggly girls. She was also his best friend and while she didn’t really understand him, this summer had proved that, Hermione still knew him better than anyone else.

As if sensing his thoughts, or at least his stare, she looked up at him with that adorable probing expression of hers. That was one thing Hermione had over other girls. Her expressions were part of her. When she smiled- truly smiled- her entire face lit up and it was just amazing. Whether she was annoyed, determined, or even confused like she was becoming now, you could always tell with her. Harry knew she was trying to figure out why he was staring at her, but that was something he was rather confused about himself. Not wanting to have her guess his thoughts, Harry just smiled at her and slowly moved his eyes back down to his text where it belonged.

That lasted for all of two paragraphs before the pointlessness of the text became too much and he looked up once more. This time he caught sight of Parvati. There was no denying that she was easily the most beautiful girl in their year, along with her identical twin sister Padma. A part of him couldn’t help but imagine what might have happened last year had he not been so hung up on Cho.

After the Yule Ball Parvati had been perfectly happy ignoring him, and Harry figured things had been messed up permanently. This year however, she seemed to act completely normal around him. They’d talked a couple times during the meetings, and she had even come up and asked him for help outside of the meeting. Perhaps things weren’t all that bad between them after all. He nearly smiled at that thought, but caught a slight movement from Parvati and quickly ducked his head back to the text in front of him. Being caught looking at Hermione was one thing; she was his best friend after all. To be caught staring at Parvati though…

Deciding it was time to think about safer subjects Harry started coming up with another idea for tonight’s practice. Quidditch had continued to eat up most his free time, but the practices themselves were much more enjoyable and less annoying than before. All their plans and hard work had paid off, and Ron’s confidence had improved noticeably. There was still a great deal of work to do, but he and Angelina were sure the worse was behind them now.

Even outside of Quidditch things were going better for him. The next couple defense meetings went well, with nearly everyone hitting the moving targets at least a few times. Things were going so well in the classes that Harry actually looked forward to them.

Other things were changing because the meetings as well. During the day, he often found himself talking to the different members. Mostly it’d just be to give advice on how to improve, or hints on what they'd be doing in the next lesson. Surprisingly, he found it rather easy to talk to the girls, something he'd always thought was difficult before. Most the times they just talked about the defense meetings, Umbridge, or the upcoming Quidditch match against Slytherin, but occasionally it was something that actually interested Harry more than just the normal chitchat.

When Angelina first told him being looked at could be a turn on, he thought she'd been having a bit of fun with him. After a couple of the girls who noticed him looking went out of their way to give him a good look, he wasn't so sure anymore. Hanna and Susan in particular seemed to enjoy giving him an eyeful when they found him, Hermione, and Ron at the library studying. Though nowhere near the view Angelina gave him in the common room, it was still more than he’d ever seen before this year. The milky white cleavage hinted at just how well endowed Susan was, and that her smaller, but quite perky, blonde friend wasn’t wearing a bra. When Harry looked up into their faces he knew he’d been caught, but all they did was give him a sly wink and giggle at his blush. Ron, thankfully, was rather oblivious of the whole thing. Hermione had caught it and gave Harry a rather knowing look that caused him to blush even harder.

Snape, Umbridge and Malfoy were still being there normal selves. Between all his good moods, paying more attention to the different girls in class and his little epiphany in the Room of Requirement, it didn’t really matter to him anymore. He still found them annoying, but really, what must their lives be like that picking on a 15 year old guy was the highlight of their day?

Thinking about it like that, Harry actually found their attempts rather humorous and couldn't understand why he'd let it all bother him for so long. It's not like he wasn't used to being treated badly, and compared to the Dursleys, Malfoy was an amateur. The only good part of it was that once he realized how truly pathetic they were, his silent laughter seemed to infuriate them more than ever. Not caring was getting to them more than if he’d actually tried!

Now Malfoy he could slightly understand. For all his talk, Malfoy wasn't the top in any class, not even potions where Hermione and Susan took the top spots, and he couldn't come close to Harry’s skill in Quidditch. Being rude was pretty much the only thing he was known for and, considering Malfoy had barely changed insults since first year, he wasn't all that good at it.

Umbridge was a different story altogether. Though the Dursleys hated him, they rarely actually hurt him- at least not physically. Locking him up in the cupboard for a couple days with no food or water was a common past time, but to the Dursleys he wasn’t even worth the effort of hitting. No matter how much he may dislike his relatives, Snape and Malfoy; Umbridge was the only one he actually hated. He wasn't a vengeful person at heart, but one day he would get his revenge.

While fun, pissing them all off did carry a few dangers with it. Snape was in rare form and never missed a chance to take points away or give a detention. During the last few days alone Harry had lost no fewer than 30 points, almost single handedly dropping Gryffindor to last place, and three detentions with Umbridge. He was just glad that his fellow housemates stopped caring about his lost points long ago. Most of them, having seen Snape’s hatred of him, just considered all of Hermione’s points to even out whatever he may lose. As long as he helped the Quidditch team beat Slytherin, all would be forgiven.


Harry felt the blood surge to his head and heard a thumping noise in his ears. His detention passed in the same way as all the others. Another three hours of carving ‘I must not tell lies’ into the back of his hand. He knew he should’ve head directly back to Gryffindor tower to do homework after Umbridge’s detention, but quite honestly he just didn’t care. He might have been in a better mood this last week, but his anger at the unfairness of it all was still just beneath the surface and threatening to rear its ugly head once more. He needed to relax before he snapped again. He had enough problems as it was and didn’t need to add to them. After Reaching the Room of Requirement Harry found himself in his comfy version of Gryffindor common room. Grabbing a defense book from one of the shelves, he sat back and decided to check in on Tonks.

Harry blinked, looked again, and then blinked once more. He knew Tonks dressed slightly like a punk, but he’d never seen her in anything close to this before. Then again, he’d only known her for part of the summer and doubted she’d wear something like this around Mrs. Weasley. Tonks still looked stunning to him though, and not for the first time he wondered again about just who she really was.

The young Auror was dressed in thigh-high black leather boots, some torn black jeans that were so tight Harry figured she morphed into them and a small red top that was ripped to show off her toned midriff. Just below her navel was a tattoo of a Celtic cross that continued on past the edge of her extremely low-riding jeans. She still had her normal heart shaped face thankfully, but wore bright pink eye shadow that matched the color of her hair. One of her eyebrows, and if he was seeing things correctly, her tongue, were pierced with a small silver stud.

Her outfit wasn’t out of place though, as she was in a rather sizeable club filled with at least a hundred other punks or goths. There were quite a few of your average Joe’s there too, which surprised him. Talking with her was a small Asian girl that looked, at least to Harry, like she still belonged in school, not a punk club. She had long black hair that ended near just about her waist and, matching Tonks, wore a pair skin-tight black jeans and a deep red top that left little to the imagination.

There was a band playing and quite a few people were plastered together in front of the stage shouting and dancing away. After watching them for a few moments Harry sat back and began reading one of the books from the shelf, hoping to relax a bit before having to go back to Gryffindor tower.

It was a surprisingly interesting book and he picked up several ideas from it. A few he could've used before and, knowing the trouble he often found himself in, would probably need in the future. One of the most interesting sections was on how to be on the offensive even when defending. Another was dedicated to strategies when working with a partner. That particular one he definitely wanted to teach later on in the year.

When he took a break from reading Harry saw that Tonks was in front of the band dancing with her Asian friend, or what he supposed was dancing. It was a lot different than the Yule ball last year, that was for sure. His pink haired friend looked like she was having fun though and Harry could not help but admire their forms as they moved. It was rather amazing to see how they could move their bodies so much while staying in the same spot on the floor.

After a little while of watching, Harry decided to see what everyone else was doing and moved his concentration to the others. Fleur, rather surprisingly seemed to be working at Gringotts still and he stopped to watch her for a bit. He didn't understand exactly what she was actually doing, but she seemed to be casting several spells at a piece of parchment. What they did he didn't have a clue since there were no visible effects to the spells. It was rather interesting to see such a studious look on her face though.

Harry had watched Fleur some during his fourth year and he could honestly say he'd never seen her look like this before. Normally she just wore either her perfect, but rather fake smile, or a look of barely hid disdain and contempt. After a few minutes of casting different spells a visible glow surrounded the parchment she was working on. Writing appeared from the previously blank parchment, though it was in a language Harry didn’t even recognize.

What surprised him even more than the writing was the smile Fleur wore. She looked... truly happy and, if Harry was to guess, a bit prideful of her success. It was a sight that Harry never thought he'd see on her perfect face, but one that took his breath away.

Switching the window over to one of the Hogwarts girls Harry sat spellbound as he watched the sight before him.

Marietta and Cho were in bed together again, only this time they were kissing! They were kissing lightly, their lips barely touching, but Harry could almost see the underlying care and passion they felt. Eventually their passion took over and they crushed their mouths together, their sweet tongue’s thrusting into the others mouth. Marietta stopped after a few minutes though, her hands slowly pushing her lover away while giving a few lingering touches of the lips. She reached down and undid the zip at Cho’s wait, pulling off her skirt and threw it to the floor. Her blouse and bra were taken off next and Harry was enthralled by the way Marietta slowly laid butterfly kisses over her friend’s bare chest and stomach.

Once she made her way down to Cho’s panties, Marietta hooked her thumbs into the waistband and pushed them slowly, teasingly, over her hips. The Chinese beauty wiggled her hips slightly to help them off, unknowingly giving Harry an even better view of her amazing petite arse. Marietta grabbed Cho into a fierce kiss and pushed her backward into the bed, their lips never separating.

Slowly, ever so slowly, Marietta kissed and licked her way down her lover’s body. Avoiding the area between her legs, the reddish blond haired girl continued down Cho’s right leg before switching and making her way up the left one. Harry watched as Cho’s body arched when Marietta finally licked her nether lips.

Moving to get a better view Harry could see Marietta kissing and nibbling Cho’s lips, which were being spread out by her fingers. Watching his former crush gasp and twitch from the pleasure, Harry instantly decided that some of the other boys were full of it with their stories. He’d thought to catch Cho naked, perhaps even giving Marietta a kiss, but this… He never even imagined such things actually happened outside of the magazines. Merlin, if only he could feel it!

The next moment he panicked as everything disappeared. He tried to flail about only to find he could no longer feel his arms. As he began processing what was happening he realized he couldn’t feel anything, he couldn’t see anything. He had no arms, no legs. He tried to gasp for breath only to find he wasn’t breathing. Mentally he screamed, but nothing came out. He had no mouth, no body.

Like a storm the world of color and sound slammed back into Harry. He could hear Cho’s moans once more, could see the beautiful Chinese girl’s body up close before him and taste her wonderful nectar. It took him a moment to process that and he tried to shout as he realized he could taste Cho right then. His mouth didn’t obey, however. The panic from a few moments ago began to set back in. He could feel his body, could feel Cho below him, but couldn’t move himself. It was acting on it’s own.

Slowly, the panic abated though as the intense sensations continued to bombard him. As the panic disappeared Harry realized he was Marietta now, or rather that somehow he was a guest in her body. Ever since he flew against Cho during his third year, she’d been the star of his dreams in one situation or another. Now that it was happening, he gave in completely, no longer caring about the how or why, but just enjoying the experience.

Harry had a hard time believing what happened last night as he woke the next morning. Not only did he watch Cho and Marietta together, but somehow became Marietta; feeling what she felt, hearing, tasting, doing everything she did. The physical experience was great, but it was the emotional pleasure that truly blew Harry away. Instinctively he understood that it hadn’t been a dream as it’d been too real, too detailed and exact for him to ever dream.

He knew Hermione, and girls in general were more emotional than boys, but feeling Marietta’s emotions showed him just how little he actually understood. There were dozens of emotions swirling through the girl, with depths that he’d have never guessed. Harry liked Cho and thought she was beautiful, kind and funny. He admittedly had a crush on her, but it was nothing compared to Marietta felt. When Marietta whispered ‘I love you’ to her friend’s sleeping form, the emotions were beyond anything he’d ever felt before. A part of him, the part that wasn’t still in awe at everything he’d experienced, couldn’t help but be jealous of Marietta for feeling such love.

To say that Harry’s mind was pre-occupied that day was the understatement of the year. In fact, no fewer than half a dozen people asked if everything was all right. Hermione, of course, was the first to notice and seemed to keep an extra close eye on him throughout the day. What exactly could he tell her though? Somehow Harry didn’t think ‘I’m just a little preoccupied from my experience of becoming a women and making love to hottest girl in Hogwarts,’ would go over all that well.

The rest of the days before the Gryffindor Slytherin game passed by in relative normalcy after that. Angelina was not happy that he couldn’t attend the last two evening practices because he had detentions with Umbridge. Thankfully, Ron’s continued, albeit slow, improvement helped limit that anger. Harry could only pray that his friend would not screw up too badly during the game, or else he could forget about any sort of ‘reward’ from Angelina.


“OK, I've only just found out the final line-up for Slytherin,” said Angelina, consulting a piece of parchment. “Last year's Beaters, Derrick and Bole, have left, but it looks as though Montague's replaced them with the usual gorillas, rather than anyone who can fly particularly well. They're two blokes called Crabbe and Goyle, I don't know much about them –“

”I do,” Harry interrupted, gaining everyone’s attention. “They’re Malfoy’s goons. Not a single gram of intelligence, sneakiness or cunning between them- just pure thugs. True Slytherins to the bone.”

They all laughed at that and Angelina continued to give them her first pep talk, though Harry tuned most of it out as usual. He was slightly nervous now but knew it would disappear the moment he took to the air.

“It's time,” Angelina finally said as they heard the echoes of cheers and boos coming from the stadium as the Slytherin team took to the field. A few moments later they were on the field and Harry watched Montague and Angelina shake hands and trade customary insults. Madam Hooch called for them to break it up and, after they had each mounted their brooms, blew her whistle.

As Harry took off into the air the worries of the world were left on the ground. Laughing, he banked sharply and accelerated down to the ground, pushing his broom for more and more speed. Merely a meter above the ground Harry gripped his broomstick as tightly as he could and slammed the brakes, not even waiting to fully stop before taking the broom nearly vertical as quickly as he could. This was what he loved, this was where he belonged.

The game started out very tentatively, both teams seemingly wanted to test the quality of the other first. The damp air and fog, even though it wasn’t as bad as some weather they played in, still held up the game a bit, so passes were lower and shorter. It tended to compress the size of the pitch a bit, pulling the chasers into the crowded middle a little more than they would have liked.

That was until Slytherin took to their normal tactics and slammed both bludgers at Harry when he wasn’t anywhere near the quaffle, or going for the snitch. Not that it really mattered to him. Harry had long since been used to being hounded by the bludgers and easily maneuvered them back toward Fred and George, who pounded the bludgers towards where the Slytherin chasers were advancing the Quaffle further up the pitch.

It actually was turning out to be a pretty good game against Slytherin. Instead of going after everyone, the Slytherin’s cowardly and underhanded tactics were being geared mostly towards him this time. Harry figured he had Malfoy to thank for that bit of idiocy, and was quite fine with it. On a broom he was more than a match for any other player at Hogwarts. Besides, as long as they were focusing on him the rest of the team was free to play with only minimal interference.

Then they went after Angelina.

Harry saw it happening but he was too far away to do anything but watch. Angelina had just caught a pass from Katie when Crabbe took an obviously fake swing towards a bludger, his grip conveniently slipping. The bat sailed through the air and slammed directly into their dark skinned chaser. There was one long moment where she collapsed and nearly fell off her broom, but thankfully she somehow managed to hold on. She couldn’t control the broom though and ended up crashing to the ground, somersaulting several meters from the impact.

Harry wasn’t even aware that he was moving until he landed his Firebolt and jumped off to see how she was. Madam Hooch was already to her by then, and Harry could tell she was at least conscious, though hurting. The roar of rage from the crowd was drowned out completely as Harry slowly turned towards the Slytherins. The rest of the team seemed to take cue from him, and all turned to follow. The sneer on Malfoy’s face faded and turned to fear as his eyes flickered between Harry and the rest of the team.

“Mr. Potter!” a flushed Professor McGonagall called as she grabbed his arm, holding him from the Slytherins. “Mr. Potter that is far enough, there are better ways! Fighting will only give them the win, is that what you want?”

“No!” came the violent whisper from Angelina, who was being helped up by Madam Pomfrey.

Turning his head Harry could see she was serious. This was her first match as Captain; she wanted this win and they would win it for her. “Right. The rest of you as angry as me?” he asked, his voice deathly calm though his body was taunt with anger. Using dirty tactics on him was common; he was used to it and didn’t really care. But Angelina… They would pay dearly for that.

Shouts of “Yes!” and “Let’s shove that bat right up fat boys arse!” were the replies.

“Good. Hold on to your anger but don’t let it distract you from Quidditch. We’re not just playing to win anymore; we’re playing to destroy them!”

This met a series of cheers and Harry remounted his broom. “We know the plays, we know our opponents, and we can do this!”

“I do have one request for you,” Professor McGonagall called out, stopping them all. “Gryffindor's do not sink to their level of play. Treat the Slytherins as rivals, but remain professional. You are the pride of our house and represent all that Gryffindor is. Play well, play fair and..." Professor McGonagall said blushing slightly, "play to win!"

They all responded with another loud cheer and Harry took to the air feeling more invigorated than he had since they won the Quidditch cup third year.

Malfoy didn’t deserve to sit on a training broom, let alone something as nice as a Nimbus 2001. The only way he knew how to play Seeker was to follow Harry around until he found the snitch, and then elbow or sucker punch him while making a rush for it at the last second. He doubted it ever even occurred to Malfoy to look for the bloody thing himself. The day Harry lost to the likes of Draco Malfoy would be the day he hung up his broom for good, and he’d be damned if that was going to be today.

Only minutes after getting back into the air Harry angled his broom down into a steep dive just ahead of the Slytherin chaser with the quaffle. As soon as he passed the Slytherin he pulled up on his broom hard, ending the feint well above the ground. Hearing the shouts and curses from Malfoy and the chaser Harry couldn’t help but grin. Malfoy, realizing it was a feint had pulled up as well, right into his Slytherin teammate. Looking back he realized it worked even better than he had planned. Harry had only planned to cause a bit of mischief, but the Chaser must’ve dropped the quaffle in order to prevent from crashing because it was now in Alicia’s hands and heading back towards the Slytherin rings.

A bit later, having no luck finding the Snitch, Harry happened to glance down and see all three of the Slytherin chasers heading towards the Gryffindor rings in a tight formation. Grinning, he decided to see if Malfoy was really as stupid as Harry thought he was. He made a bit of a show of looking around before tearing off into another feint across the field aiming well above where Ron would soon be facing the Slytherins. Acting as if the Snitch had just changed directions, Harry broke into a steep dive for a few seconds until he was about even with Ron. Pulling up, Harry saw exactly what he expected. Malfoy, having been paying attention only to Harry, slammed into one of his own chasers, knocking him partially off his broom and ruining their entire play.

“Bloody Hell mate, that was brilliant!” yelled Ron over the laughter, cheers, and a few boos from the crowd.

The rest of the game went similarly. Harry, having rarely found reason to really push his Firebolt to its limits during a game before, was having the time of his life. He’d mostly giving up looking for the snitch in favor of terrorizing the Slytherin players. Feint after feint he played on Malfoy, sometimes just too the middle of no-where, other times he’d aim for the Slytherin players in the hopes of disrupting their plays. Malfoy, slow on the uptake as he was, did learn after a while and had long since stopped following Harry too closely.

The other members of Gryffindor’s team had been busy as well. Fred and George kept up fairly constant pressure with the bludgers, causing a few minor injuries, but mostly interrupted plays. Though Alicia and Katie were missing one of their number, they played like they were possessed. Already the pair had scored more than three hundred points between them. Even Ron, the weakest player on their team, was holding his own and stopping more than half the attempts, something Harry was quite proud of. The result of all this was that the Slytherin players were completely demoralized and in their anger, they made far more mistakes that the Gryffindors caused.

As time went on the Slytherin’s mistakes were only compounded by their fatigue. With how often, hard and long the Gryffindor team had practiced lately, they found themselves only slightly winded. After all, more than three intense hours of Quidditch practice a day had been quite common for the last couple weeks, and this time the team had their anger pushing them on.

Surprising everyone, after almost four hours of play since Angelina had been sent to the Hospital Wing, a timeout was called as she returned to the air.

“Madam Pomfrey let you out?” he asked incredulously as he descended a bit to meet her and the others. Madam Pomfrey would never have let him out so quickly.

“Professor Dumbledore spoke with her. Apparently he thought I’d convince you to end the game and let the rest of the fans go.”

Looking around Harry realized the stands were a lot emptier than they had been this morning, with about half the fans having already left. Glancing towards the Gryffindor stands Harry caught sight of Hermione in her usual spot, she hadn’t left. Sending a small wave her way he returned to the conversation at hand.

“…rest of you,” Angelina was saying, “but I say we keep playing. If Harry caught the snitch now, we’d win by 680 points, but how many teams have ever beating their opponents by a thousand?”

“A thousand? But that’ll take hours!” Ron complained, though Fred and George seemed to share the sentiment.

“Only another hour or two, but just think about it… We’d be securing our place with this victory!” she said with a familiar gleam in her eye that caused Harry to realize she wasn’t talking about the school’s Quidditch Cup, but rather her position as Captain and future in the sport. A part of him couldn’t help but agree with Ron and the others. The excitement, energy, and anger from earlier had worn off and, at over five hours since the match began, they were all feeling the fatigue. Still… if it helped Angelina, he could go for a bit longer.

“Come on, mate. Don’t you want to prove to Malfoy and the rest of the Slytherins that, for all their money and influence, they’re no better than you?” Harry asked, knowing exactly what to say to get through to the three Weasleys.


Harry threw the wet and slightly bloody towel into the laundry basket for the elves to take care of later. Letting out a slow hiss he flexed his sore muscles one way then another to see if the pain would leave any time soon. Seven hours. For over seven hours he had flown the hardest and best he could, pushing his Firebolt, and himself, to the limits. Wincing as he picked up his clothes Harry glanced down towards his bloody hand. The scars on his right hand, almost always sore from Umbridge’s punishments, had broken open and begun bleeding only a couple hours into the game. He’d been able to push it out of his mind with the anger from the Slytherin’s attack on Angelina, but now that the game was finished, he was feeling the pain.

Walking into the large washroom, he looked at the mirror and was shocked to see Angelina in the reflection behind him. “Angelina!” Harry called out in surprise.

“The others have left already,” she said in an even tone as she walked closer to him, her face strangely closed and emotionless. “Fred and George to get something more serious for the party and the others up to the Tower.”

“Uh… I was just enjoying a spray under the water,” Harry tried to explain, not really sure what to make of her acting like that.

“We beat them by more than a thousand, 1310 to 260!” Angelina suddenly shouted as she tugged him into her. “First time in Hogwarts history and we did it! Can you believe that?” Harry didn’t have time to be act as she suddenly pulled him into a kiss.

The first time Angelina kissed him, he’d been shocked and it hadn’t been until she deepened the kiss that he even reacted. He mentally berated himself for loosing precious seconds of such an opportunity for weeks now. This time Harry kissed her back eagerly, wanting to make the best out of every second she gave him.

Carefully they both began to respond more to the brief kisses. Each time they lasted longer and longer until Angelina decided enough was enough and invaded his mouth her with tongue. She felt him reciprocate and brought her own tongue back as she suckled his, enjoying the low moan of pleasure he gave. She was a little surprised when, only a few moments later Harry mirrored her own actions.

The kiss continued for a long time, breaking off briefly for air before continue once more, each time with an even greater fervor. She changed techniques several times and he responded in kind, adapting to her quickly so he didn’t waste this amazing opportunity. Part of him figured he wouldn’t get another chance like this for a long time and wanted to make the best of it.

Angelina could tell he was still inexperienced. Where other boys had just been rough and clumsily though, Harry seemed eager to learn and, apparently, a very fast study. As she opened her eyes, she saw that his were just beginning to open, a look of awe held within them. Her eyes widened as she heard the soft whisper of ‘Angelina’ come from his lips in an almost reverent tone. Was his impression of her that good?

She wanted him happy, sure, but she was using him to get ahead in Quidditch! He had to know that, didn’t he? Yes, she wasn’t playing him. She’d been upfront and obvious with everything. He had to know. Was Harry so used to being used that he was touched to such an extent just because she did something in return for him?

Angelina glanced at his face again, at the calm, dreamy expression it held and the soft, caring, look he gave her. How could this happen? Was his life so full of pain that a simple little kiss could make such an impact on him? It was too much for her to think of right then so she kissed him again instead. If he wanted to be that grateful, she’d at least give him a real reason to be.

The last kiss had been soft and caring, starting slowly and growing in intensity. This kiss was completely different. It was forceful and demanding and he responded in kind. Her moan of pleasure only egged him on further as he fueled the kiss with all the passion he had. Emotions he’d never knew before flooded through his body but he ignored them, concentrating his entire being on the incredible pleasure of the kiss.

There was nothing else except the feeling of her tongue swirling around his, of her large breasts pressing into his chest through their shirts, of her hands moving down his back. Harry pulled back slightly as he felt her hands on his arse, but she pulled him closer and kissed him again.

Harry’s eyes widened as a minute later Angelina took his right hand and pulled it to her body, placing it directly onto her breast. He blushed but wasn’t going to argue if this goddess wanted his touch. Angelina shivered as she felt the gentleness of his hand against her breast. Placing her hand on the back of his, she carefully showed him how to knead and explore her breast, paying particular attention to her sensitive nipples. “Yes, just like that,” she moaned softly as he brought his left hand around to explore her other breast. Even inexperienced, his gentle nature made him perfect for such a sensitive task.

Deciding he was doing just fine on his own now, Angelina bent down slightly and took his mouth in hers once more. Tugging at his shirt, she slid her hands underneath it and began exploring his chest. Mirroring her own movements, she felt Harry do the same. The feel of his surprisingly soft hands on her bare chest was intoxicating and with a bit of a start, Angelina realized she hadn’t been in a similar situation since her ex-boyfriend graduated nearly four months before. Far too long in her opinion.

Nearly fifteen minutes of intense snogging followed before Angelina reluctantly separated herself. “We need to get going,” she told him, as she began to fix her clothes up. “They’ll start wondering what’s taking us so long.”

Failing miserable to hide his disappointment, Harry just nodded. He must have looked pretty pathetic because Angelina just laughed at him before giving him another quick kiss. “Don’t look too put out, there are still a lot of practices left and I’m not through with you just yet,” she said, surprising them both with her words.


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