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week #7 - joy

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barking your shins in the dark as fate leads you haphazardly; everything, when you finally open your eyes

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Sun on his face, and a warm breeze that ruffles his clothing, faintly – pulls at the edges of his lashes, the long whip of hair that is settled under his head.

An unwakefulness – half in, half out, but none of the foggy frustration, the struggle to the surface.

He knows who the voice belongs to; it has filtered through him for over an hour, and yet has not stirred him.

With his eyes closed, Zuko sees:

(it is an impression of things, a vague sense of place and time based on sound and sense)

The green trees, the red rocks, the great white sky. A bubbling cloud of condensed energy, careful, curious, confused – /near/.

He is gradually coming around, but his mind has yet to catch up with the calm that fills his spirit – that his destiny is just beside him, he could reach out and touch it, could purify the scars in his soul so cleanly that nothing would remain but transience, transcendance: even his anger would fall away, dead leaves, compost; even his own past could be redeemed.

Zuko opens his eyes and the Avatar lets the words hang, suspended; and then his rage washes ragged through body and manifests itself, half-formed fire.

Aang, birdlike, flits away; what he leaves is a conversation they aren't ready for and a sense of unity that is many battles premature: the last cloudy dregs of, I could feel this way for the rest of my life.


Fate is a guide, if not a constant; we arrive at our crossroads, and it nudges – we move wrong, we meet with resistance; right, and all is at peace within us.

It will be hard, but his soul is light.


Many battles later, it has nothing to do with trust; Aang feels it, too.
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