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Drink Up

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They're at a bar. Fun stuff ensues

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Wow, I'm SO sorry that I haven't updated in a while. I've had absolutely no ideas for this story. Also, I have been busy with a Javey story on another site. If you guys want, I'll post it on here too. Plus I am waiting to be able to get my acoustic guitar which was promised to me. Anyway, I'm back.

The chapter entitled "Kissy" was redone. It doesn't effect the story but I put in a real sex scene. Before it was left up to the readers imagination and I felt like I cheated my readers. Anyways, check it out. I wrote it to show the way Frerard first-time sex plays out.

Enjoy this chapter!! Comments loved!

We were all sitting at a bar somewhere in Topeka, Kansas. Now I know you're wondering why we would go to such a state. Well, we were heading to California and we stopped for the night. I saw the dim glowing of the bar sign and the rest was history. Since this was such an unknown bar, we weren't carded, enabling us to get in even though all of us were underage. God help us if our parents ever found out.

Ray and I were sitting at the bar, our backs leaning against the bar itself. We were laughing to ourselves while watching Mikey, Frank, and Bob having a drinking contest. It is probably the most hilarious thing to watch light-weight, first time drinkers have more than one beer. This consisted of a red faced Mikey, Bob swaying ever so slightly in his chair, and Frank with a lopsided smile beginning to form.

"I bet you twenty bucks Mikey is gonna be the first one to get sick," Ray commented to me, taking a sip of his beer.

"Probably. Who's idea was this anyway?" I asked him, motioning to the almost-intoxicated sixteen year olds.

Ray smiled at the sight of Mikey going for his fifth beer before turning back to me "I'm pretty sure it was Bob's. That kid is such a character."

"That's a word for him," I muttered, watching as my baby giggled at the sight of Bob chugging a beer.

Ray looked at me "Alright, if he wasn't a homophobe, you have to admit he's not such a mad guy."

I thought over this briefly. So far, our two days with him had not been too bad. Bob acted older than he was with a streetwide attitude. He was actually kinda cool. Kinda. Of course, not being able to touch or kiss my lover has been a little brutal. Frank and me have had to cut down on the kissy stuff a lot since Bob almost caught me calling Frank 'darling'.

"Fine, I'll admit he's okay. But the homophobe thing still won't fly with me," I remarked.

"I didn't think it would," Ray responded before motioning to Frank, "You know, your boy is doing pretty well."

I looked to see Frank, sitting on his stool with his lopsided grin still remaining. Mikey and Bob looked worse than before. My brother was as red as a tomato and Bob looked like he was going to fall off his stool.

"Of course Frankie is doing well. He is my baby after all," I beamed with a smile.

Ray laughed, placing his empty beer on the bar "You think we should get those three some fresh air or something? I am not going to be cleaning up after them."

"Nah, I think the contest is going to be ending in a matter of minutes. Might as well watch," I said, leaning back to enjoy the show.

I was right.

Bob fell off his stool and stayed on the floor laughing. Mikey looked like he was going to puke and ran to the bathroom. Frank stood trimpumhantly at the table, his hands raised in the air.

"I win Gee! I'm a real live fucking winner," Frank called to me.

"Congrats Frankie," I grinned as Ray and I went over to the table.

Ray proceeded to pull the giggling Bob up from the floor. He braced Bob against himself.

"Can you cover the tab? I gotta bring him out," Ray asked me.

I agreed and went to the bar to find out how much it would be. Thankfully, the good thing was that since it was a light-weight drinking contest, the charge wasn't too high. Frank met me by the door, singing some sort of song.

"F is for friends who do stuff together. U is for you and me. N is for now and anytime at all here in the deep blue sea!" Frank sang as we walked out to the van.

"You know Frank, even though you're drunk you still have a pretty voice," I commented, throwing my arm around his shoulders, something which could be seen as only friendly.

Frank gave me a bigger grin "Awww, you're too sweet Geerard."

"Too bad Bob is here otherwise I'd see how well you could moan," I whispered to him before continueing to walk.

Frank had stopped dead in his tracks. I turned to look at him.

"Damn him and his orangey hair!" Frank huffed.
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