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Of Course Not

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Yea, didn't know what to write. It will get better than this, I promise

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Here you go!! feeandgee2 said I was killing her so I had to write this as soon as possible mwah Also, tell me whether I should put a 3some in here or write it as a oneshot

Sorry this is short, but I didn't have ANY ideas but I wanted to update anyway.


We were on the road again. I was driving and Frank was sitting beside me. In the second row was a sleeping Ray and finally in the third row was Mikey and Bob. Yes, Bob was coming with us. Apparently his mother is as dumb as a doorknob and lets her son go gallavanting across the country.

As I drove to the fairly nice hotel where we would be staying in during our time in Chicago I felt the urge to give Frank a kiss. It was very random, yes, but it had become so natural to the two of us during the past months. My mind eventually jumped into action and stopped me from leaning in. Frank seemed to have read my mind because soon he leaned so his lips were near my ear.

"I know baby, I want feel your pretty little lips on mine too," he whispered to me.

"I'm tryin' to drive darling," I reminded him a bit too loudly.

I didn't want any little problems to arise.

"Did you just call him 'darling'?" Bob called from the back of the van. Shoot, he had heard us!

", of course not," I laughed nervously, "I said 'dumbass'"

Bob responded little a laugh "Alright then, otherwise I would have thought you were a couple of pansies."

From the corner of my eye I could see Frank give me a sideway smile and return to his side of the van. This was going to be interesting.
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