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The streets were dark and lifeless. The only sound was the restless wind crashing against the old, warn buildings. It was the kind of night to close your door and lock your window's. No one ever dared to step foot outside at this time of night. It was unheard of.

Taking chances was the furthest thing from anyone's mind. The only thing that mattered now was to keep them away.

It all started out with something small. Vampire's were rarely heard of, and were almost never seen. No one had expected it to ever be like this. Ever since they came, society lived in fear. In fear of the unknown. Of corse, being a vampire didn't nessesarily mean you were all of a sudden some evil being, but of corse, that was never brought to anyone's attention.

As time went on, the town shunned the vampires, which only increased the number of attacks. And that only made people more fearfull of what could happen. It was almost like the world changed over night, and the sun was suddenly always hiding behind the clouds.

Even if some changes were made, nothing would ever be the same. The vampire's would always be there. Be there to kill and destroy the lives of innocent people. Nothing could really be done. What was there to be done? A regular human being would not match up to the power of a vampire. It was completely pointless.

Nobody was considered safe anymore.
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