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Chapter 1

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drum roll please...

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The four boys all sat on the old grey couch, as they listened to the wind slam against the tall brick house. On the far right of the couch sat a boy, with a black and red trucker hat. It covered his eyes and most of his face. Bits of his strawberry blond hair stuck out of the sides of the hat, which made him look even more adorable than usual. He was fairly short and round, but looked the most friendly of the group.

Next to him, was another fairly short boy, with dark hair and dark brown eyes. His face was also mostly hiden by the hood of his overly large hoodie. He wore these often, and never felt the need to ever wear anything else.

The next boy, was about the same size as his dark haired friend. He had long brown hair, about down to his shoulders. He had glasses, which only eluminated his emerald green eyes.
And last but not least, on the end of the old couch, was a much taller boy with big hair. His friends were always convinced he would look better getting his hair cut, but he was quite satisfied with his big "afro".

They all sat watching the television go from cable, to a static blur. The weather was just as bad as they had expected and it was about to get worse. As they sat watching the static Tv, the lights began to flicker until the power was completely out.

"Shit." The boy with the hat said, as he continued sitting in the same spot as he was before the lights went out.

"Hey Pete, can you reach under the couch? I think theres a flashlight on your side."

Pete, the boy with the hoodie, reached under the couch and grabbed the flashlight his friend had been talking about.

"Yeah, you were right Patrick. It's right here." He flipped the switch and shinned it into Patrick's eyes.

"Ah! Get that out of my face!" He whinned.

Pete giggled and whirrled the light around the room.

"Gimme that!" The boy with the afro said as he ripped the flashlight out of his friends hands.

"No fair, Joe! I was using it." Pete replied, trying to grab it back.

"I'm the flashlight master now!" Joe yelled. He held the light up to his face.

"Luke, i am your father!" He began to laugh the best evil laugh he could muster, which wasn't much.

"That's the worst Darth Vader i've ever seen in the history of immitations." The boy with the glasses said.

"Oh, shut up Andy." Joe said, as he looked directly into the flashlight.

"Dude, your going to go blind if you keep doing that." Patrick explained.

Joe put down the flashlight and got up off the couch.

"Where're you going?" Andy asked, getting himself up.

"I have the munchies. I'm gonna get some chips." Joe replied, heading into the kitchen. Andy followed him.

Pete and Patrick sat on the couch, starring into the darkness.

Pete was the first to break the silence.

"Hey, what time is it?" He asked Patrick.

Patrick took a quick glimpse of his watch and replied "7:32."

Pete got up and stretched. "I gotta get home before it gets too late."

Before Pete could leave, Patrick grabbed his hand. "Wait, Pete. Don't you wanna wait til tomorrow? I don't think it's safe for you to go out in this kinda weather. Especially this late at night."

"Don't worry Pat." Pete replied.

"I'll take a short cut."

Before Patrick could object, Pete was up and out the door, not aware at what a bad decision that was.

Ok, reviews would be much appreciated. I worked extra hard on this story, and I want to know if it all paid off. Bon Voyage, Jerks.
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