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Ending Version 2

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"Don’t. Even. Think about it. You'll regret it. Trust me."

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Wait a minute. I jumped off of the bonnet again and looked at it. Smooth, sleek, shiny. Not for much longer it wasn't. I fished around in my pockets and pulled out a small pocket knife I kept with me at all times, you never know when you’re going to need one. I flipped up the knife and started scratching words into the bonnet of your car slowly. The more I wrote, the better I felt. I kept scratching, going faster and pressing harder until I finally ran out of room. I stepped back panting a little from my work and admired.









I smirked, even though I shouldn't be happy about what I'd just done. You'd come back and go nuts; you'll never forgive me after this. I sat back on the bonnet and lay upon it looking up at the midnight sky. It wasn't long before I could hear your boots crunching on the gravel in front of the car and then stop dead set in front of me. I tried my hardest not to laugh, thankfully it worked.

"Frank, look I'm sorry alright. I should have listened to you. I know you would have never done anything like this to hurt me on purpose. I should've had more faith in you. I’m sorry, I overreacted."

Oh. Shit. What the hell have I done...? I tilted my head forward to look at you. You looked genuinely sorry, making me feel even worse about screwing your car over. I could feel my stomach dropping to about my knees, perhaps further. You extended your hand out to me to pull me up, shake hands, or perhaps both. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and grabbed your hand and let you pull me up. I braced myself for an explosion. Impending doom. The end of...


There it is. I cowered and backed away around your car, kneeling down hiding behind the door. I felt something wet dripping down on me and I looked up to see what it was. Oh great, its raining, that’s all I need just now. You strode over quickly and stood in front of me. I curled up into a ball at your feet and started sobbing uncontrollably, so bad I wasn't far from hyperventilating. I heard you say something but I couldn't make out what you said. I lifted my head slightly looking up at your now towering figure over me.

"I said get up!"

I stood up quickly and tried to stop sobbing, not very successfully I might add. You grabbed my chin and forced my head up to look at you. Your eyes were alive and burning with fury, I tired to look away but I couldn't. You moved your hand back but remained staring, your eyes fixated on mine. I saw you raise your hand up, I didn't see the next part; but I sure as hell felt it right into my jaw. I staggered backwards holding onto my chin as my eyes started watering again.

"Is this a joke to you? Is this funny? Well guess what? I'm not fucking laughing!"

I started sobbing again as I saw you advancing on me again. I held my arms up over my head defensively, but much to my amazement you walked right past me and got into the car. Slowly and quietly as to not alarm you, I started creeping forwards stealthily. I was about to break into a run when I heard a loud click from behind me.

"Don’t. Even. Think about it. You'll regret it. Trust me."

I reeled around slowly and found myself staring down a loaded gun. I felt my heartbeat quicken as I tilted my head back slightly. Lighting flashed behind you making you look even more maniacal than you already did. The rain started pouring down harder. My heart was beating so hard I bet you could dance to the tune. I moved my hand up shakily to move the gun away but you jerked it back violent screaming at me. I found myself starting to cry again and by the looks of it, you were too. My knees collapsed and I fell straight on my back as I tried to back away from you. You laughed, sounding so sadistic and walked over me, sitting down and straddling my stomach. My vision was blurred from my own tears as I sobbed violently causing you to jerk up and down. You smirked at me, pushing the barrel of he gun into my stomach just under my rib cage. In one quick motion I sat up and tried to push you off of me, you fell backwards, but before doing so you tightened your grip on the trigger. As you always said, if this is what you want, then fire at will… I felt myself choke and fall back to the ground clutching at my stomach; I could feel my own blood warm on my hands. You gasped in either shock or triumph. I moaned in agony but was cut short as I went into a coughing fit, bringing up blood and splattering it on the asphalt. I felt you grab onto my shoulders and shake me back and forth.

“Oh my god, Fr - Frankie!!! I d – d - didn’t mean it! I only wanted to s – s - scare you a bit. I – I – I’m so sorry!”

I smiled weakly, feeling the blood slathered all over my lips and chin and closed my eyes. This caused you to only shake me harder. The rain poured down on us both, I could feel it pooling around my head completely soaking my hair. I laughed weakly and looked at you affectionately.

“Gerard… I’m dying… And I’m not even going to leave a good looking corpse behind…”

You laughed softly between sobs and leant over brushing the hair away from my face, gently kissing my forehead. The tears ran freely down your face, the sad thing is, they made you look so beautiful. A lot of people say that the time you look most beautiful was when you were crying. This was obviously true for you, my love.

“Frank… I don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re the most gorgeous person I’ve ever laid eyes upon, inside and out.”

I sniffed and lifted a hand up to pull you down further. You co-operated and leant down so we were face to face. I stretched up as far as I could and lay a bloody kiss upon your lips, wet with a mixture of your tears and my own. I let my body fall back as the urge to fall into unconsciousness grew stronger. You knew I was slipping and held onto me tighter. I knew you’d never let me fall, but this was a time you wouldn’t be able to stop me, no matter how tight you held me. You opened your mouth to say something, but I lay a finger across your lips to stop you.

“Don't stop if I fall and don't look back. Oh baby, don't stop… Bury me and…”

I was cut short as my muscles started to convulse and I was thrown into an eternal purgatory with a side of darkness.


“Fade to black…. Well don’t stop…”

Your arm fell uselessly to your side as your head lolled back with sickening flexibility. I screamed as I cried holding your lifeless body in my arms. It could have been minutes, it could have been hours but time passed before I averted my gaze from you to the gun beside me. I picked it up and stared at it for a second. It grinned evilly at me, taunting me. I sat crossed legged and dragged you into my lap, cradling your upper torso and head in my free arm as I moved the gun to the side of my head. I gazed at you lovingly and cocked the gun.

“Don’t worry, sugar. We won’t fight when we’re together up there…”

And pulled the trigger.
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