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You Never Know

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She started thinking of her uncle, her friends, anything that could distract her, as she knew that what was about to happen to her was going to change her leaving a long lasting scar, take away her self-esteem and most importantly, rip off her purity. She had heard of cases like these but it never even crossed her mind that she'd end up being one of them!

She started to have flashbacks, to remember things, she remembered her last conversation with Karen, on the phone. She could hear her voice in her head saying what she had said earlier on the phone: "Snap out of it girl! You always know what to do!"

That's when she opened her eyes again, opened them wide staring at his, her fear was starting to fade away as she was thinking: I will not be abused! I am stronger than that! I will not let a simple crackhead ruin my life. She looked in his eyes deeper and deeper as hers got dry, all the fear and frustration was turning into anger, she knew she had to do something before he tears away her clothes.

As she felt her strenght coming back, she pulled her hands high to his shoulders, grabbed him by his shirt to finally hold on to it as she did her move, kicking him right in the balls, it felt good, she was so mad her kick was strong, he got weak as his knife fell off his hand screaming the pain out. She had to add another kick, that made him compelled to protect it with both hands.

This gave her the chance to run to the door, as she opened it, she could still see Frank and Bob at the end of the hall, about to disappear behind the wall where they had to make a turn so she yelled: "FRANK!!! HELP!! PLEASE HURRY!" Frank turned in shock saying loudly: "Lynn?"

They ran back to her and Frank said: "What is it? What's wrong Lynn?"
Lynn, breathing heavily: "P--please don't go!" She was so worn out she was about to faint.
Frank looked in and saw him on the floor, crawling, trying to reach out for something.
Bob said: "That guy's after the knife!!" rushing in, stepping on the knife so that he wouldn't be able to get it. Frank took Lynn aside as he tried to get some explanation of what went on. Unfortunately, Lynn's moment of being strong and a fighter didn't last so long as she couldn't speak, she tried to but words sounded too heavy for her to handle.

Bob leaned down to pick up the knife he was stepping on then headed to Frank and Lynn's way to show it to them, staring in amazement at how sharp and powerful it looked.

Lynn, struggling to say what was happening, finally managed to get the words out as she said: "H--he tried t--to"
Frank, holding her in his arms said: "He tried to what honey?"
Lynn, crying heavily: "Ab--use me!"
Frank: "That mother fucking asshole!!!"
Bob: "DAMN!"
They turned around to catch him before he flees, but it was too late, he was no longer there. Bob, reaching for his cellphone: "I'm calling 911"
Lynn: "No! No please! Don't!"
Bob: "Are you serious? We need to report him!"
Lynn started to cry even harder, she knew that if the police caught Mark, they will probably find out about that drug deal and it will fall out on Gerard and she would end up being the reason for the band break up and so on...She couldn't just let him act, she needed a moment to think and figure things out.

Frank, always holding her in his arms, turned to Bob and said: "I'll take care of it from here, you can go get the shit we were going to get."
Bob: "Dude, we need to report that pervert!"
Frank's tone got higher saying: "I said I'll take care of everything, and YOU don't tell anyone!" It was as if Frank understood her, he knew how to react in this situation. He added: "I need to be alone with her, you just keep what you just heard in your throat!"
Bob said: "Fine man. Whatever." as he threw the knife on the table and left.

Frank then walked Lynn to the couch, he sat down letting her lay down resting her head on his chest. She was still crying and shaking as she unconsciously and out of fear held his hand and said: "Don't leave me please."
Trying to comfort her, getting her hair off of her face and wiping off her tears with the other hand he said: "It's ok now, I'm here don't worry."
Lynn's trembling body started to calm, as her eyes started to dry and she fell asleep in his arms.

3 hours later, she opened her eyes, things were a bit blurry, her eyes were red and were hurting from too much crying, but he was still there, in the same place. She looked up to see him watching her. He looked calm as he smiled to her, his smile was so cute she couldn't help but smile back, she knew then she was safe.

As she sat back, he was still looking at her with his gentle look, as if he admired her somehow, he didn't say a word though.
Then they heard the door open, it was Gerard coming in, busy messing with his keys and some girl right behind him.
He eventually saw them there looking in his way, and he said: "Oh good, you're here, I wanted you to meet my wonderful date, Jane."
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