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At Ray And Mikey's Place.

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Meanwhile, Bob was hanging out at Ray and Mikey's suite, thinking of what had happened and what he was actually supposed to do, what was the right thing to do...Should he call the police? But Frank specifically told him not to, and why didn't Lynn want him to anyways? That guy tried to attack her and yet she lets go of it as if it didn't happen?

Ray: "It was right there!"
Bob: "What?"
Ray: "Dude did you just steal my brush?"
Bob mumbled: "It's probably lost somewhere in your hair."
Ray: "Give it back come on I don't have all day!"
Bob: "Hey, I don't even live here!"
Mikey walking in the room heard Ray saying: "Someone got my brush, and I want it back NOW!"
Mikey (under his breath): "Uh oh..."
Ray turned to Mikey frowning and said: "I heard that! What experiments of yours are you making now?"
Mikey: "wh what? I haven't seen..."

A sound of explosion coming from the kitchen interrupts him as Ray said: "You leave him alone for 5 minutes and he blows the damn place up!"

They went to the kitchen to see Ray's brush hanging from the roof looking all burnt down.
Ray: "Mikey? What the fuck?"
MIkey: "Wait, wait, I can explain!"
Ray: "Oh yeah?"

Bob: "Will you 2 stop fighting over something so silly?"
Ray: "Look who's talking, mr. superman is better than batman."
Bob: "I'm serious! There are things that are more important than a freakin' hairbrush"
Mikey (confused) : "Like what?"
Bob: "Like what?!! Well let's see, there is pauverty, racism, rape, crime?! Does any of these ever come across your minds?"
Ray leaning over to Mikey whispered: "So, you think he has fever?"
Mikey: "I don't know, let me check." said Mikey, trying to put his hand on Bob's forehead.

Bob (pushing Mikey away): "Get the fuck off of me! I'm serious!"
Ray: "Wow, something must be bothering you."

Abviously, Bob was still angry.

Mikey: "What's up with him?"
Ray: "Yeah, since when do you think of...deep...things like these? What the fuck is wrong?"

Bob (walking out of the kitchen): "Chuck it, I'm not allowed to say."
Ray (following Bob to the living room): "Just speak dude, what's the worst thing I can do?"
Bob: "So, if someone....did something...really bad..."
Ray: "Did you have that little accident in bed again?"
Bob: "FUCK NO! I was only 5 when it happened anyway!"
Ray: "Ok, ok, I was just checking!"
Bob: "Damn! That someone I'm talking about isn't even me!"
Ray: "Fine, so that someone did that bad thing as in...Breaking the law?"
Bob: "Well, you can put it this way. I'm supposed to report him right?"
Ray: "Are you fucking me?"
Bob getting angrier: "Do I look like I'm fucking you man? Just tell me! What the fuck am I supposed to do."
Ray: "Go fucking tell the police you idiot!"
Bob: "I should, shouldn't I."
Ray: "Stupid."

Another explosion comes from the kitchen...
Ray: "SHIT! We left him alone for more than 5 minutes again!" Ray headed to the kitchen mumbling: "Gerard is going to kill me if something happened to him!"

Bob, still in the living room, holds the phone, and dials..9...1..1...
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