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Back at Gerard's place, Jane was looking shy and quiet. Gerard on the other hand, headed to the kitchen saying: "Anybody need any coffee? I'll be letting you get to know each other as I make me some."

Jane sat on the couch facing them, as he had his arm around Lynn.
Lynn wasn't quite in the mood for conversations.So Frank, trying to break the awkward silence and the weird exchange of looks, said: "So, Jane, how long have you two been together?"
Jane (smiling, trying to be nice): "Uhm, it's been almost a month now."
Frank (trying to say just about anything) : "Oh, that's uh, good, looks like it's getting serious huh."
Jane: "We're kind of taking it slow, but everything's ok so far." paused then added: "So are you two together?"
Frank (trying to lighten Lynn up) said humorously: "Well, you know...She wants me so badly we all know it...But I'm not sure, I'm still thinking about it."

Lynn smiled lightly as she poked him on the arm but Jane didn't really get it as she nodded and said: "Oh, you look like a really cute couple."

Frank didn't bother explaining it to her as Lynn didn't even listen in the first place, she was in deep thoughts, thoughts of what happened to her earlier."

Gerard (coming in with the coffee then sitting next to Jane): "So, what do you guys think of my sweet Jane?"
Frank: "She's a uh, nice.....girl."
Gerard: "I know, isn't she?" Then he looked at Lynn, waiting for her to say something, she was looking away. He called her name but she was so into it that she didn't hear him.
A minute later she evetually snapped out of it as Frank poked her. Lynn looked at them as if she had just gotten out of a coma looking around and then said: "What?"
Gerard repeated: "I said, what do you think of Jane?"
Jane whispered to Gerard: "You know it's ok sweetie they barely know me anyways."
Lynn (standing up and walking away): "I need to take a shower."

Gerard got angry, he didn't really know what was going on, so he followed her to the bedroom and said: "What's wrong with you?"
Lynn (getting some clothes out of the closet): "I just needed to take a shower that's all."
As she was heading to the bathroom with her clothes, he grabbed her by the arm and said: "Why are you acting this way? What the fuck did I do?" She turned to face him, that's when he looked at her and saw that sad empty look in her eyes, they were still a little red so he added: "Are...Are you ok?"
"I'm fine." She replied.
He placed both of his hands on her shoulders lowering his head to her eye level as he said: "What's wrong Lynn?"
Lynn looked down and said: "Your friend..."
Gerard: "What friend?"
Lynn added: "He was back..."
Gerard sounded irritated as he said: "What? I don't understand, would you please talk properly so I would get you?"

She wanted to tell him, but she started having flashbacks, she could still smell his sweaty hand on her mouth, she was so annoyed she couldn't add any more words and her hands got numb and weak again when she remembered the dirty words he said to her dropping her clothes on the floor.

It didn't take long till Frank followed them, he noticed that she was getting disturbed again so he wrapped his arms around her to calm her as he looked at Gerard and said: "Why in hell did you leave her alone?"
Gerard frowned as he said: "That is too fucking weird for me to get!"

Frank was about to explain as they heard the door knock and Gerard left to answer it as he walked Lynn back to the living room...And there he was, Bob, standing in front looking all worried and two police officers right behind him.
The drug deal immediatly hit Gerard's head as he mumbled to himself: "What the fuck?"
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