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Police Talks.

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Bob (coming in, looking at Frank): "I'm sorry dude, I just had to!" as Gerard was looking at Lynn, normally, his first impression was that she told everybody about him.
Bob (stepping next to Lynn): "You understand right?"
Lynn: "Yeah...But YOU don't!"

One of the police officers looked at Lynn and said: "So you must be Lynn, I'm officer Parker."
Lynn nodded.
"We are going to need some details about what happened and it would be better if we had some privacy." said officer Parker.
Gerard was listening closely, it didn't look like they wanted him, they wanted...Lynn? He thought to himself. What could they possibly want from her? What could she have done?

"Meaning, we need you to leave us alone people, come on!" Parker added.

Jane, feeling really uncomfortable whispered to Gerard: "Sweetie, can you please drive me home?"
Gerard turned to Frank and said: "Frank, drive Jane home will you?"
Frank: "I'm not going to leave Lynn alone." Then turned to Bob and said: "Dude, drive Jane home."
Bob: "Who?"
Frank (pointing at Jane): "Jane?!!"
Bob: "Oh, ok uh, Jane, appearently, I'm driving you home, let's go." And they left.

As for Frank and Gerard, they had to step away so that the police could question Lynn.
Officer Parker: "So Lynn, we need you to describe to us, in details, exactly what happened and at what time."
Lynn simply replied: "I don't remember."
Officer Parker: "Now I know this is a bit hard for you to handle right now, so can you at least tell us how the suspect looks like so we can start looking for him?"
Lynn: "I don't remember him." She replied knowing that if she lead them to Mark, he will evetually lead them back to Gerard.
The other officer: "We need you to help us so we can help you!"
Lynn didn't answer.
"If you do not cooperate with us then we are going to have to consider this case closed until you are ready to say something again!" He added.
Lynn nodded thinking she finally got herself AND Gerard out of it.

Meanwhile, Gerard, being too far to hear what was being said, was still wondering if it was about the drug deal that he was dragged into.
A couple of minutes later, he finally decided to cut in their conversation and say what was on his mind since he couldn't stand watching them anymore, thinking that they where investigating about him and that they were going to take him away at the end, so he walked over to the officer and interrupted saying: "So this is all about me then why won't you just question me and get it over with!!"
Lynn looked at Gerard with eyes rounded as she shook her head and waved with her hands from behind the officers' back, gesturing him to leave it alone and stand back!
Unfortunately he didn't get it.
Still, officer Parker looked at him saying: "So you think you can help us?"
Gerard: "I think I'm the only one that can help you."
The officer: "Were you there when everything happened?"
Gerard: "Are you kidding me? I was watching every single move!"

Lynn covered her eyes knowing something bad is about to happen.

The officer: "Interesting, and yet you didn't do anything?"
Gerard: "Why would I do anything, you can say I kind of helped it happen too."

"You are going to have to excuse him officer, he doesn't know what we are talking about!" Lynn interrupted.
Gerard: "What? It's the dru.." ."SHUT UP!" she shouted preventing him from finishing his "drug deal" sentence.
The officers were both confused as one of them asked: "Does he or does he not know something about the attempt of rape?"

Gerard (confused) : "Rape?"
Lynn: "He doesn't" then she added faking a smile: he was just messing with you, you know, it's funny to do that to an officer nowadays."
Gerard, looking all confused: "wh..uh..What attempt of rape?"
Officer Parker: "Well abviously he does seem like he knows nothing about it, and this seemed to be nothing but a waste of time." He said.
The other officer (turning to Gerard's): "And son, don't try to deliberately confuse a policeman again, this can cost you a serious time in prison."
Gerard didn't even hear them as he was looking at Lynn...he finally got it.
Officer Parker (handing Lynn a card): "When you finally decide to cooperate give me a call"
Lynn took the card and walked them to the door, she stood there watching them disappear at the end of the hallway, she wanted to make sure they were seriously gone before Gerard would say anything foolish again.
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