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In The Way...Again.

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"I can't, I just can't do this anymore!" said Ray as he got to Gerard's room pulling Mikey after him, right before Lynn closed the door.

"Look at him! Just look!" he added.
Little cuts in his shirt, hair looking almost burnt and smokey and hands kind of dirty and black.
Mikey: "I swear I wasn't trying to invent anything this time!"
Ray (walking towards Gerard in anger): "First my hairdryer, then my radio, oh and not to mention some of my clothes and my brush, but now the cellphone? I mean come on! Next thing you know, he'll be trying to stick my tongue in a outlet to make a feakin' human light bulb out of me!"
Mikey (amazed): "That's a great idea! Ray you're a genius! You will be like, the first half human half light bulb ever!"
Ray: "Oh for the love of god!"
Gerard was still too busy thinking of what just happened to actually get in the conversation with them but Frank's laugh as he walked in the living room saying: "That is hilarious, keep it up Mikey!" got Mikey to smile proudly as for Ray, getting raged, said: "Oh yeah? Then why don't you keep him with you! We'll see who will be laughing then!"
Frank: "What? Mikey and me?"

"Mikey and I! Ignorant!" said a voice coming from the front door.
Appearently it was still open, and Eliza just invited herself in.
Gerard, looking at her in anger, mumbled: "As if the worst was yet to come!"

None of the band members really liked her, they always thought that there was something fishy about her, especially Frank, he never got along with her, not even when she was with Gerard, he was on constant fights with her.

"I need a word with Gerard here so if you would be kind and leave I would be really greatful." Eliza added.
Frank (faking a caugh): "B-h-itch!" and left. As the others were on their way out, Eliza called Lynn over and said: "Now that you know about everything, you can stay and listen to this 'chitchat' of ours."
Lynn: "What makes you think I know everything."
Eliza: "Just listen to me, both us you, tomorrow is the deadline, get it? Money must be transferred to my account before it hits 10 pm tomorrow or else, well, Lynn might have gotten away with it this time, but when there's more men like in Gerard's case, trust me, not even your friends out there will come out alive." Then she focused on Gerard saying: "That teaches you not to back out on me next time." Looking at Lynn afterwards, she added: "And that teaches you not to disrespect Eliza Cuts again."

Gerard got angry, so angry his hands started shaking as he lit a cigarette, she hasn't brought him but trouble since the day she came into his life. He was about to say something back, but Lynn already beat him to it: "So it was you behind all this? You had those men torture Gerard and got Mark back to attack me like a freakin' monster? And to what? To threaten us? That's sick!"
Eliza laughed as she added: "You're starting to get it little girl!"
Lynn smiled sarcastically and said: "I might look like a little girl to you, and you'll eventually get your money, but if you knew Gerard really well, you would know that Revenge is a MUST to him, and now that you got ME in your little game, that sweet revenge will come twice as harder."
Eliza (surprised): "Did I hear it well? I'm getting my money?
Lynn: "You think we would want to see your face in our asses wherever we go? It will all be in your account by tomorrow."
Eliza: "That's a pleasant thing to hear, but I really didn't like the 'my face in your asses' part, coming out from a girl who needs a license to be that ugly!"
Lynn grinned, she liked that insult game, she was actually pretty good at it so she stared at Eliza focusing on her face and said: "Wait a minute, is that your face? Or did your neck just throw up?"
Under all the tension and pressure, she even got Gerard to laugh. As for Eliza, she turned all red and headed to the door mumbling to Lynn: "You will regret this, mark my words!" She opened the door to storm out and bumped into Mikey who was on his way back there, overhearing what was last said by Lynn, thinking of innocently keeping the jokes up, he smiled to Eliza and said: "Hi! I'm a human being, what are you?" Lucky for him, she decided to rush her way out considering how embarrassed she already was.
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