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Getting Close.

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"What's up with her?" said Mikey walking in.
Gerard: "Nothing, why are you back anyways?"
Mikey: "Oh, Ray wouldn't let me stay with him, he says he can't look after me anymore so I'll be crashing here."
Gerard: "There are only 2 beds here, I'll go talk to Ray"
Mikey: "Oh I wouldn't do that, he is too upset to let ANYONE in his room right now."
Lynn: "It's ok, he can sleep on the couch."
Mikey: "It looks comfortable and all, but don't you think it's too small."
Lynn (looking at the couch): "Right..."
Mikey: "Gerard's bed is bigger than yours so I'll just sleep next to him."
Gerard: "No, there is no way I'm sleeping next to YOU! Remember your finger in my eye last time we had to do this?"
Eventually, Mikey ended up sleeping on Lynn's bed as she crashed next to Gerard.

Night came in and Gerard was still laying there, eyes fully open, he was feeling so guilty for what happened to Lynn, if only he didn't leave her alone, or if he had at least taken her with him, then he started to think of the numerous times she got him out of trouble, how she was always there when he needed someone, she knew how to handle stuff, found a solution to everything, she seemed to be so perfect for him. He then looked at her as she was laying next to him, facing the other side, Mikey's. He could smell the scent of her hair, her perfume, he couldn't help but like her!

"Are you still awake?" He said softly.
She turned to face him and whispered: "Yeah, can't sleep."
Always whispering...:
Lynn: "I'm just thinking..."
Gerard: "I know, I'm sorry I left you alone."
Lynn: "This has been a really, really bad day, for both of us, but it's good to know we're still alive at the end of it."
Gerard: "I'm never going to let anything happen to you again, not over my dead body."
Lynn smiled and said: "Why this sudden care?"
Gerard: "Don't know, I guess I just realised what you mean to me."
Lynn: "I mean something to you?"
Gerard: "To be really honest and open about this, you think I can seriously move on without you?"
Lynn: "You've known me for like 3 days."
Gerard: "Everything that has happened to us in those couple of days were enough for us to get to know each other more than a couple with a 30 year old experience."
She smiled turning him her back to get more comfortable. Her smile then faded away as she remembered Mark again.
"I'm scared." She said.
He wrapped an arm around her saying: "Don't worry, I'm never leaving you again."
"But I'm leaving." She added.
Gerard: "What do you mean?
Lynn: "I need to take a break. So after we get everything over tomorrow, I'll be heading back home."
Gerard: "But, we need you...I need you."
Lynn: "It'll only be for one day, just so I can see my friends and uncle again."

"I swear I'll blow myself up this time if you guys don't let me get some sleep!" Said Mikey annoyed.
Gerard: "We wouldn't want him to do that."
Lynn: "Oh no."
Were their last words before falling asleep.

Morning came fast. Lynn was the first to wake up, she tried to get off of bed but she was blocked as Gerard still had his arm around her resting it on her belly. He looked so peaceful sleeping, she couldn't help but stare at him thinking how lucky she was to have someone like him beside her. He made her feel good about herself again, she didn't know how he did it, but she did like it.

"Good morning sunshine!" He said with eyes slightly open, looking at her.
Lynn: "Hey! You're up!"
Gerard, removing his hand to get her hair off of her face, said: "How wrong she was!"
Lynn: "Who?"
Gerard: "Eliza. She said you were ugly, truth is you look like an angel."
Lynn giggled and added: "You had to add her name to the sentence and ruin it!"
Gerard: "Ok, then, you simply look like an angel."
Lynn: "Better, see, doesn't it feel good to know she's not there?"
Gerard smiled. Then she added, getting off of bed: "Let's go, we got to get it over with before Brian gets here."
Gerard: "I can't wait to get this drug deal trouble over with, I still can't believe I got myself into it."

"What drug deal trouble?" Said Mikey in the other bed with eyes half open.
Gerard (mumbling): "Great, all we needed was big mouth to find out about it!"
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