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Everyone Will Have His Day.

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Lynn, trying to confuse him said: "What drug deal Mikey? What are you talking about?
Mikey: "Wait, didn't Gerard just say something about a drug deal he got himself into?
Lynn: "You must have been dreaming, we haven't said hello to each other yet."
Mikey (confused): "I did watch a movie where everybody was high right before I went to sleep yesterday."
Lynn: "Then that must be it. You watch the movie then you have dreams about it, completely normal. But hey, It's still too early so if you want to you can go back to sleep."
Mikey: "Yeah, I will." And he turned his back facing the wall and fell asleep again.

Gerard and Lynn went to the living room to start working on their case.
A couple of hours passed, Lynn busy typing on her laptop and Gerard going through papers, he could then hear the typing stopped. "Are you tired?" He asked.
Lynn: "No, we're done!"
Gerard: "What about the stuff we were about to sell to get the first 50%"
Lynn: "I put them for sale online the other day, and now they're all sold, so we're done!"
Gerard: "Just like that?"
Lynn (smiling): "Yeah, I'm starting to like my job!"
Gerard, sitting back, looking at the laptop, trying to figure out what it showed: "Ok, now all we need to do is transfer it all to Eliza's account."
Lynn, always smiling said: "Done."
"You're GOOD! come here!" he said hugging her! "Thank you so much! You are my angel!" He added.
Lynn stared at him for a while then she added: "I have to go pack some of my stuff now and get things set, I also need to talk to Brian first."
Gerard: "No, you don't have to go, everything ok now!"
Lynn: "What happened yesterday isn't so easy on me, I need to breath you know?"
Gerard, lighting a cigarette then blowing the smoke out said: "You'll be back right?"
Lynn, taking his cigarette away, said: "As long as you promise not to smoke again!"
He was annoyed first, then he said: "Fair enough, I'll stop. Since you replace its role of making me feel better."
She smiled as she put it off and said: "You turned out to be the Gerard I always thought you would be." Then left him in the living room to go get ready.

As she was setting things up and making her phonecalls in the other room, Gerard's phone rang...
Gerard: "Hello?"
Eliza: "Well well well, nicely done! I got it all."
Gerard: "Right, now leave us alone!"
Eliza: "There is something you missed though."
Gerard: "What?"
Eliza: "Remember, I said you'll regret insulting me."
He replied: "What?" Paused, then added: "What the fuck are you talking about?"
Unfortunately he couldn't know as she had already hung up. "What in hell could she be up to now?" He mumbled to himself.

Lynn, coming in from the bedroom said: "Were you talking to someone?"
Gerard, looking all pale and worried: "What? oh, no."
She looked closely at him and said: "Are you ok?"
Gerard: "Yeah."
Lynn: "Are you sure?"
Gerard: "Trust me, I'm ok." Why tell her and ruin her day again he thought to himself, besides, Eliza got her money back, there's nothing she can do anymore, or can she?

"Ok, I'm all set now, I bought my ticket and Brian agreed to give me the day off." Lynn said.
Gerard: "When is your flight?"
Lynn looked at her watch, took a couple of seconds to think then said: "Oh, I should be on my way to the airport like now."
Gerard, picking his keys up said: "Ok, come on, I'll drive you there."
Lynn, lifting up a small bag, said: "It's ok, Brian had a limo wait for me outside."
"Can I please take you there?" He insisted.
"Sure Gee." She said smiling "As long as I get there" She added, as he held her bag for her and went on their way.

As they got outside the hotel, Lynn looked around, fans and paparazzis were waiting. Gerard covered her wrapping his arm around her as they walked behind the bodyguards who were keeping some raging fans away. Passing through the crowd, she could hear questions and exclamations from reporters longing for My Chemical Romance info, she heard one say: "Is she your new girlfriend Gerard?" And another wondering: "We heard you were in a car crash is it true?" Fans were screaming phrases out for him as "I want to be your girlfriend Gee!" and "GERARD WAY I love you!" It was all so noisy and overfilled with people, she was happy she was able to simply make it to the car.

On the way to the airport, Gerard was kind of quiet, thinking of Eliza's phonecall, he wasn't really afraid of her, nor her gang, he was worried about Lynn's safety, he promised that he won't let anything happen to her again, and he meant it, he couldn't let her down he thought to himself looking at her, as she was looking out, hand outside the window trying to feel the wind.
"Hey, write me down your number please." He said.
She turned to him getting her hand inside then said: "What?"
"Write down your cellphone number so I could reach you while you're there." He repeated.
She got a paper and a pencil out of her handbag and wrote it as she said: "I'm only going to be away for one day though."
"I know." He added as he made the last turn before they got to the airport.

She got her bag, hugged him, as he kissed her on the forehead and said: "Have fun!"
"I will, and don't you try and smoke while I'm away!" She said.
Gerard: "I won't, promise."
She smiled, took one last look at him, and went on her way.
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