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Home Sweet Home...Or Is It?

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Time passed, plane landed and Lynn was one of the first passengers to get off. She was really excited to see everybody again.
Karen was already there, waiting for her with arms open.
"How good it feels to be back home!" Said Lynn as she gave Karen a big hug.
"Shut up!" Karen said. "You were with My Chemical Romance! Don't complain!"
Lynn: "But it does feel like it's been forever!"
"I know! I missed you a lot! Miss MCR!" Said Karen humorously.
Lynn smiled as Karen pulled her by the hand leading her to the car.

"You are going to tell me every single thing that happened over there, but first, I'm going to tell you what you missed here, especially with Betty our new neighbor." Said Karen turning on her car. She spoke the whole way home as Lynn was thinking:
Ofcourse, Karen doesn't know what really happened there. And even though she's my best friend, I'm not going to tell her. Karen has trouble keeping secrets, especially big ones and if uncle Stan finds out about what happened he wouldn't let me go back there and I need to go back, I already promised Gerard, besides, I don't belong here anymore, I belong to a whole different world now, My Chemical Romance world, and inspite of everything that's happened, I still can't wait to go back, I like it a lot there.

"I mean, can you believe it?" Karen interrupted.
"Uh, no!" Said Lynn unaware of Karen's whole conversation.
"Yeah! Me neither! Ok, now it's your turn to tell me everything! Yay!" Said Karen, parking the car infront of Lynn's villa.
"Uh, ok, just let me say hi to my uncle first and I'll meet you back in my room ok?" Lynn said as Karen nodded with a big smile on her face then took her bag and headed to her room.

Lynn, slightly opening the office door, standing behind it, peeking in said: "Uncle?"
"Hello, Lynn. Come in." Stan said formally.
She came in and sat on the chair facing his desk, wondering what could be wrong with him sounding so different, this sure wasn't the way he used to greet her.
"I have something to tell you Lynn." Said Stan getting his glasses off to take a better look at her.
Lynn could feel it wasn't good news, it's as if something must go bad everytime, so she just stared, waiting for him to go on.
"I was just talking to Brian and..." Said Stan.
Lynn: "And?"
Stan: "He hasn't been pleased with what you've done so far, you are going so slowly with your work as if you had something better to do. He also exclamed his wonders about you wanting to take a break only after 3 days of working there."
Lynn: "Oh my god, what are you saying then?"
Stan: "Honey, I'm not going to always be there for you you know. Now Brian was only telling me this so that I would talk to you and make you concentrate more on your work."
Lynn: "Uh huh, ok..."
Stan added: "You are a big girl now, who needs to know what hard work is and I believe that this band is distracting you...You know what I mean Lynn."
Lynn, getting furious said: "No! What exactly do you mean?"
Stan: "I asked Brian to remove you from their team."
Lynn forced a smile and said: "Ok, is this one of your jokes uncle?"
Stan: "No, Lynn. You need to understand that positions like these come with hard work and you shouldn't take them for granted just because you have someone who will always take care of it, so even though I hated doing this, but you need to take your work seriously Lynn, that's why I asked him to fire you so that you would learn your lesson."
Lynn got so angry and irritated her face turned red as she stood up and said loudly: "I can't believe you! You think you know, but you know nothing!"
Stan, trying to calm her, said: "Lynn, this is for your own sake!"
There was no enough time for him to finish his last sentence as she had already stormed out of his office going to her room.

"What took you so long! Now tell me everything come on!" Said Karen when she saw Lynn coming in her room.
Lynn was trying to hold back her tears, she felt so frustrated. Now that she got to know the band, she will never be able to see them again.
"Lynn? What's wrong?" Said Karen looking closely at Lynn.
Lynn: "They don't understand!"
Karen, confused said: "Who doesn't understand? They don't understand what?"
Lynn sat on her bed, feeling warm tears in her eyes, she was about to tell Karen everything as her phone rang...

Lynn: "Hello?"
"Lynn! Hey!" Said a familiar voice.
"Gerard?" Said Lynn, as a tear finally rolled down her cheeks.
Gerard: "Yup I missed you already!"
"Gerard?" Lynn repeated with a low, sad tone.
Gerard, getting worried, said: "Sweetie? Are you ok?"
Lynn was speechless as tears were coming down, she couldn't hold them back anymore now that she heard his voice, she didn't know how to tell him she was never going to see him again.
"Are you crying sweetie?" Gerard said softly.

"OH MY GOD!! Is this Gerard? Gerard Way?" Karen interrupted trying to take the phone out of her hand.
Pushing Karen away, Lynn went to the other room to say: "I'm fired Gee, I'm out of your life now."
She was talking to him being the last time she hears his sweet voice, the last time she ever talks to her new close friend.
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