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The Hardest Part Is Letting Go Of Your Dreams.

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"How did this happen! I'm sure there's some misunderstanding, Brian wouldn't just fire someone." Said Gerard.
"No, my uncle asked him to." Said Lynn wiping off her tears. "I know I promised, but there's nothing I can do when it comes to my uncle's decisions." Then she added sarcastically: "He wants to teach me a lesson thinking I haven't worked properly."
Gerard added softly: "Calm down honey, I'll take care of everything."
Lynn: "There's nothing you can do Gee! It's over! When my uncle makes his decision, there's no coming back!"
Gerard: "Don't worry about me sweetie, I'll handle it, you go get some rest and I'll call you back later today ok?"
Lynn: "I suppose you can try, just...yeah...don't forget to call back, no matter what!"
Gerard: "Ofcourse sweetie I promise I will call today! But right now I'll need to go talk to Brian."
Lynn: "Ok, then. Bye, Gee."
Gerard: "Bye, talk to you later."

As she hung up, she was wishing she'd still be able to hear his voice again. Even though he said he'll call back, but in the end, she had to face it, knowing she is of no use for him anymore, why would he call her? She's just a regular girl who is now far away from him and he'll be too busy with his work, fans, interviews, video shoots, concerts and other, that she'll be out of his mind in no time. But then again, she thought to herself, he did say he was going to do something about it, he wouldn't lie would he?

"I'm so lost." She mumbled as she got back in to her room.
"What?" Said Karen in anger who was still waiting for her, sitting on her bed.
Lynn: "Nothing, I guess I just need some rest."
Karen: "I guess I should leave then."
Lynn stretched as she sat next to Karen on the bed and said: "I just need some sleep."
Karen, standing up and getting angrier, said: "Fine, you spend a couple of days with them and now you're ignoring your best friend. Nicely done, Lynn!"
Lynn: "Oh great! That's all I needed right now, for YOU to be mad at me."
Karen: "You didn't even call me back yesterday while you specifically said you will, I believe you forgot about me huh? Too busy with your new friends I suppose?"
Lynn, throwing her head back on the bed covering it with her pillow mumbled stressfully: "OH GOD! Not another problem please!"
Karen, confused yet still mad, added walking towards the door: "Wh-whatever Lynn! I'll leave you alone now bye."
Lynn: "Wait, Karen?" Door was slammed and Lynn, well she was too tired to follow her, tired as in physically AND emotionally, so she just lay in bed, thinking...
She couldn't tell her she didn't call her back because she was attacked by a monster called Mark, and Karen didn't give her the chance to explain why she left her to talk to Gerard on the phone in the other room.
Funny how a simple misunderstanding can lead to conflicts and endless problems.
Seconds later, closing her eyes, taking a deep breath, Lynn finally surrendered to sleep.

Hours passed, as Lynn finally opened her eyes, feeling so calm and comfortable again. She looked around to see it was dark and no sound was to be heard in the house, it was so quiet she could hear her own footsteps as she walked towards the switch to turn the lights on. Everybody was asleep. I must have been really tired to sleep through the whole day she thought to herself looking at her watch to see it was 1 am.
Looking to her right afterwards, outside, she was taken by the awesome view of the clear skies and magical sight of stars shining from above. She couldn't resist walking to the window where she sat, staring, feeling that peace coming back to her. This was just what she needed. This was why she got back here, to find herself again.

Minutes of looking outside, watching the empty streets and enjoying the serene night, Lynn remembered she was expecting a call from Gerard, so she reached her cellphone from the table near her, unlocked it excitedly, to be finally disappointed by the fact that there was no missed calls.
He hadn't called nor texted her. As if she knew it, it was too good to be true, why would he call her anyways? She wondered. He probably couldn't convince Brian to let her back so he just let go of it. Or he simply forgot about her. This shouldn't be so surprising she thought to herself. She was expecting it.

My Chemical Romance was a brief yet sweet experience for her now. All the hugs, kisses and sweet words are gone, it all became a part of the past. She is stuck here again. Saddness striked her, all the serenity and peace she was enjoying earlier were crushed by frustration and a feeling of annoyance. She was thwarted in attaining her goals.

This rush of confusing feelings made her just want to distract herself. Karen then came to her mind, how mad she was at her. Feeling bad about what happened, Lynn decided to try and figure out how she could make things better between them, after all, Karen has been her best friend since childhood.
Thoughts were later interrupted as the sound of rocks hitting the glass of her bedroom window caught her attention.
"Brad." She mumbled guessing "Again?" She added as she looked out trying to see the person behind this act...

Brad is Lynn's ex boyfriend. The cause of their break up was the fact that he acted like a pervert at times lacking of respect to her. She didn't love him, she barely liked him. It was abvious he liked teasing her with his sickening weirdness knowing that she now hates the sight of him, so since the break up, he would always call her, visit her unexpectedly, or just rock her window some nights to wake her up.

"Brad?" She said in a low tone, opening the window. "Go home!"
"HEY LYNN!" He shouted.
"Shhhhh!" She said, afraid of waking her uncle up.
"LYNN! O-Open the door so I can show you some GoOod time." He said loudly as he started laughing uncontrollably.
"You're drunk Brad! Go home!" She added closing the window.
Brad then saw lights turned on in Stan's room, "The old man is awake damn!" He mumbled walked back and forth with a bottle of whiskey in his hand. last time he saw him rocking Lynn's bedroom window, he got him arrested, and Brad sure wouldn't want that to happen again, he had no choice but to flee.

"Lynn?" Said Stan calmly as he came in to her room. "What are you doing awake at this time?"
Lynn was still mad at him for making Brian fire her as she replied: "Nothing. Can't I even stay awake at night now?"
Stan got the idea from her tone so he said: "I know why you're upset, but you will thank me for this later, trust me."
Lynn said angrily: "You don't understand, no one does. Only me and Gerard do, but it doesn't matter now right? I'm far away! All because of you!"
Stan, sounding strict and firm added: "Go back to sleep Lynn. You have an important job interview tomorrow, you need to be ready at 8:30 am to be exact."
She didn't say anything, only looked at him angrily
"You need to forget about your band. There is no way I'm letting you go back there, you need to move on." He said as he turned the lights off on his way out.

He got her so angry now, how could she sleep? There is no Gerard to hold her tight and tell her that everything will be fine. How dare he ask her to move on after taking her dream away like that? She turned the lights back on and sat by the window again, yet this time she was simply sad. She stayed there for a while, trying to accept the fact that she probably does have to move on...
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