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It was 8:30 already and Lynn had only fallen asleep an hour ago to be woken up by the sound of her cellphone ringing.

"GERARD!" She said unconsciously jumping out of bed reaching her phone.
"Hello?!!!" She answered excitedly, without even looking at the caller ID, longing to hear his voice.
"You are disappointing me more and more Lynn. Your interview starts now and you're still asleep!" Said Stan.
"Nooo..." She said in disappointment. She wanted it so badly to be Gerard yet it was her uncle lecturing her again.
"Lucky for you, I managed to reschedule it to 9:30 am. You better be ready, I'll have the chauffeur wait for you by then." Said Stan firmly.
"But uncle!!" She said disagreeing with the whole thing.
Stan: "No buts Lynn. Get yourself ready that's all I'm asking you. Now I have other things to do, I'll be calling back after the interview to see how things went, so...bye for now."

Pressing that little red button, Lynn's hopes and dreams were fading away.
She had to talk to someone, she had to just let it all out, Karen wouldn't talk to me would she? She thought to herself dialing her number...

"Hello, who is it?" Karen answered.
"Karen!!!" Said Lynn
Karen: "Oh, Lynn."
Lynn: "Listen, we need to talk, the whole thing was a just a simple misunderstanding."
"Uh huh...?" Said Karen waiting for some explanation.
Lynn added: "You see, things have been going bad with me lately, and...And well, there are a lot of things that you should know."
Karen: "Ok...And?"
Lynn: "I can't speak on the phone now, I have to get ready for this job interview, can you just stop by later?"
Karen: "Well, I'm going to have to check my schedule first."
Lynn getting irritated said: "KAREN!!"
Karen then laughed and said: "Sure, I'll see you around 9 pm?"
Lynn: "Ok, till then! Bye!"
Karen: "Bye bye."

Lynn was a bit reliefed things seemed to be cool between her and Karen. But then again, as she was picking out the clothes for the interview, she couldn't help but think of them, for a moment there, she thought she was going to be with her favourite people forever but now it's as if this whole thing is killing her, being so far from happening. She missed her chance with them, she will never ever see them again.

"Ugh, awful." She mumbled to herself, standing in front of the mirror in her black formal business suit. She hated it, more like she hated her life at that moment.
Heading to the car, she had her cellphone in hand, looking at it every 5 seconds, checking and wondering if she was ever going to receive this call, she stayed this way the whole way to the company. Getting out of the car, looking all the way up, she could see how huge this company was, then she looked around it to see people rushing their way in and out, all dressed the same, walked the same, acted the same, it was all organized, unlike what Lynn really is. She then got inside, feeling so weird and out of place, she noticed everyone was walking pass each other, too busy going through their papers to even notice the others. It was horrible she thought, she didn't want to turn out to be like them, an emotionless human being, a robot!

Her day passed slowly, she got bored being in such a tedious place, there was a lot of waiting, then getting this paper from here and delivering it there, filling out forms going from one floor to another before this interview of endless questions started. At the end of the day she was worn out, all she wanted was to just go back home and rest, and, this time, her wish came true as she went back home, going straight up to her room.

Lynn: "Hey! You're here! Is it 9 already?"
Karen was sitting on her bed waiting for her said: "I'm sorry Lynn, I just got a bit angry yesterday, I was afraid you'd start ignoring me and eventually forget about me since you are with the famous My Chemical Romance now."
Lynn smiled sitting next to her adding: "You don't have to worry about that anymore, My Chemical Romance are out of my life now."
Karen, surprised, said: "What? What are you talking about?"

Lynn had no choice but to tell her the whole story, with the boring details, just the way Karen loves it. They stayed all night talking, the clock hit 1 am and Lynn was still talking everything out to be finally interrupted by the sound of rocks hitting her bedroom window again.
Both, looking at each other, smiled and mumbled: "Brad!" as Karen walked over the window, keeping it closed, looking down at Brad, said to Lynn: "Brad has changed you know?"
Lynn: "Wait! Don't even try to convince me to go back to him! No matter how sad my life gets! I am not getting back with him, period!"
Karen: "No, I'm saying he's changed, his hair, it's like, longer now."
Lynn: "Whatever, just tell him to go away before my uncle wakes up again."

Karen opened to window as she took a better look at him and looked back at Lynn to say: "Uh, Lynn? I don't think that's Brad."
Lynn: "Stop delusioning Karen, just tell him to flock off before I call the police, police scares him."
Karen wasn't so sure yet, she took a closer look at the person standing on the street, struggling to figure out who he was as it was dark and the tree branches were getting in the way but she was finally able to notice that he didn't seem drunk like Brad usually is, as she was gazing into him more, her eyes got open wide as she turned back to Lynn and said excitedly: "LYNN! Call me obsessed but I swear I just saw someone looking like Frank!"
Lynn got off of the bed and headed to the window mumbling with irritation: "You don't want to make him leave, fine, I will."
Karen stopped her saying: "Lynn! Oh my god that's Frank! It's him! Frankie's at your bedroom window! How sweet!"
Lynn getting Karen out of her way said: "Karen stop it! He doesn't even know my address." She then walked to the window and yelled: "Brad get the fuck off before I call the police!"
"Lynn?" That person whispered from below.
"Wh-wait, could it be Frank?" Lynn said in a low tone. She was confused, Brad doesn't whisper, he usually yells it out flirting and being a usual jerk, but it couldn't possibly be Frank, what would bring him to her bedroom window at 1 am and Karen always confuses people with MCR members, being so absessed and all.
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